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Still crying over my clutch. Does this cost sound crazy?


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Seattle, WA
I have an APR stage one tune right now. Thinking stage two maybe but always just daily driving. That’s only 410 foot pounds if I go high torque. The South Bend stage two endurance is rated for 465. Do you think I need more than that?
16 Golf R manual. Currently running APR's Stage 2, high torque file.(testpipes)
Southbend Stage 2 Endurance kit
APR's 3" downpipe
APR's Carbon fiber intake system
APR's Cast Inlet Elbow
APR's Intercooler with Hoses
H&R Front Sway Bar 27"mm
H&R Rear Sway Bar 24"
Superpro Front & Rear Bushings with control arm replacement.
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its not necessary to bleed the brakes when bleeding the clutch. Just a simple case of topping up the fluid then bleed clutch line as norm, if however the fluid is old and needs to be replaced anyhow, then yes might as well go ahead and flush/bleed the whole system.