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Just bought the 'starter edition obdeleven' from amazon and can't locate the esc off button in the apps. Do i need the PRO to do this ? Checked the engine, trans, and brake sections to no avail. HELP !
Hey Zero, a buddy sent me, said you can get me a harness for euro taillights : 5G0-998-207-GH-MAG-GRP-5G0-945-207-G-MAG-5G0-945-208-G-MAG-5G0-945-307-P-MAG-5G0-945-308-P-MAG
Car is a 2018 7.5 gti if you can help !
thank you!
I installed a DV on my car earlier and lost one of the screws in the engine bay 🤦🏻‍♂️ so I’m running it with 2 screws only. Is it bad to run it like this while I’m waiting for the new screw I ordered to arrive?
I thought about going to autozone or oreillys they might have the screw there but I don’t know the exact size of it. Hoping not to encounter any boost leak or any type of issues with it in the future
Envie-me seu endereço de e-mail e eu lhe enviarei o arquivo Flash. O fórum não fará upload deste tipo de arquivo.