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2016 TR GTI S 6MT

After much delay, the time has finally come to create my build thread. I bought my car back in June '17 with a little over 14K miles on it and I am the second owner; my car currently has 90,000+ miles. The original owner traded it in for a Mustang GT but before doing so, he installed a AWE Track cbe and a COBB intake. Currently, the engine has been built and properly broken in and shortly after that was finished, I had to upgrade my LPFP for a 3rd time and went with a Stage 4 pump from Precision Raceworks. Back on 12/13/2021, I had my remote dyno tuning session with Ed and my car made 584 whp and 516 wtq. Now that it's been dialed in on the dyno, time to dial it in further on the street but that's not going to happen now because I now have a G30-900 turbo kit that I will be installing soon. As of 07/12/2022, my car is in the shop getting the transmission built because I pretty much destroyed it on a 60 - 130 pull. I removed my transmission and sent it up to NY to FFE Racing ( who built me a dog gear set for 1st - 6th gears because I am replacing my standard 6MT with a sequential shifter from SQS Racing ( and in order to shift through the gears at full throttle without using the clutch and keeping your foot down on the gas pedal, you need a sequential shifter paired with a dog gear set. FFE Racing has finished my transmission and they shipped it back on July 8th so hopefully I should get it back sometime this week. Once everything is back together and the new turbo kit is installed, I have to go through the tuning process again. The only downfall of having dog gears is that you can't daily drive with them or drive on the street because it will wear them out faster. They are built for full throttle racing so I am going have to rent a trailer for my car to bring it to the dyno shop just to get it dialed in enough to where I can then haul it to the dragstrip for further tuning and testing it out. Building my car to be a 1/4 mile track car and everything will be documented in here, which is why I am starting this thread. Now for my mod list...

Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads (Rear)
ST-40 BBK 355mm Rotors w/Stoptech SS Brake Lines (Front)
Stoptech Slotted Sport Rotors w/USP SS Brake Lines (Rear)
Stoptech Sport Pads (Front)

AEM 5 Bar w/APR Boost Tap (intake manifold)
APR Oil Catch Can
Bosch 4 Bar (charge pipe)
Braille Green-Lite G30 Battery
COBB Access Port with protune from Ed Susman (EQT) (custom MPI tune for E85)
CTS Intercooler (Direct Fit)
DBV2 Journal Bearing V2 Turbo w/Turbo Muffler Delete
DBV2 Turbo Inlet Pipe
ECS & EQT Charge Pipes
Euro Intake Manifold
IE Gen 3 CAI
NGK Racing Plugs (Heat Range 9)
SuperPro Engine Mount Kit
Trackslag Downpipe

Aerofabb Competition Series Rear Diffuser
Aerofabb Rear Spoiler
Aerofabb Side Splitters
Black GTI Fender Emblems
Debagged Rear
ECS Rear Diffuser
Ed’s Replicas Headlights with Morimoto Elite 5500K HID’s
Ed’s Replicas MK 7.5 Taillights (Dynamic Turns)
EmK Lighting Smoked Dynamic Turn Signals (side mirrors)
Gloss Black Front & Rear Emblems
Gloss Black Mirror Caps
Plastics 4 Performance Lexan Polycarbonate 7 Window Kit
Rear Wiper Delete

Motul Competition Gear Oil 75W140 (transmission fluid)
Motul RBF 600 (brake fluid)
Motul Sport 5w50 (summer oil) and 5w40 (winter oil)

Precision Raceworks Fuel Lines
Precision Raceworks MPI 1300cc
Precision Raceworks Stage 4 LPFP
Torqbyte PM4

H&R 24mm Rear Sway Bar w/SuperPro End Links
Koni Yellows
SuperPro Adjustable Front End Links
SuperPro LCAs
Verkline Spherical Adjustable Rear Trailing Arm Kit
VWR Springs

F = Toyo Proxes R888R (235/40/ZR18) R = Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (235/40/ZR18) – summer tires
Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 (235/40/ZR18) – winter tires

Boomba Racing Weighted Shift Knob
Built Transmission by FFE Racing with Dog Gears Set, Steel Shifting Forks with Bronze Sliders, and a Wavetrac Differential
Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter
iABED Billet RMS
SPEC Mini Twin Drag Clutch w/Lightweight Steel Flywheel (Single Mass)
Spulen High-Flow Bleeder Block
Torque Solution Shifter Cable Mount Bushings
USP Motorsports SS Clutch Line

Apex Stud Kit
Enkei Racing RS05RR 18x8.5 ET45 (Matte Dark Gun-metallic) – summer wheels
VMR V801 18x8.5 ET45 (Sunken Treasure) – winter wheels

Engine was built with the following parts at 81,840 miles:
ARP Head Stud Kit
ARP Moly Fastener Assembly Lube (2 packets)
DM Forged I-Beam Rods
Elring Liquid Gasket (AFD 2018)
Ferrea Super Alloy Intake & Exhaust Valves
Ferrea Valve Spring & Retainer Kit
Forge Silicone Coolant Hose Kit (Red)
IE Performance Valve Guides
MAHLE Calico Coated Race Rod Bearings
MAHLE 82.5mm Pistons (ceramic coated) with 21mm wrist pins
OEM Cam Timing Chain, Rails, and Tensioner
OEM Head Gasket
OEM Main Bearings
OEM Oil Cooler Gasket
OEM Oil Pan Gasket
OEM Thrust Bearings
OEM Timing Cover Gasket
OEM Valve Cover Sealant
OEM (TRW) Valve Keepers 6mm Triple Groove
OEM (Elring) Valve Stem Seals 6mm

In possession but not yet installed:
Belak Industries Series 2 Wheels (Fronts = 15x9 three piece, single beadlock w/ARP beadlock hardware; Rear = 15x3.5 one piece skinnies)
DBV2 G30-900 Turbo Kit
Galano Intake Manifold
Racetech RT4119 Series Race Seat

Purchased but not yet received:
Premium Deutsch Carbon Level 2 Vented Hood
Premium Deutsch Carbon Level 3 Rear Hatch
SQS Racing Sequential Shifter (SQS-CFE model) w/Shift Cut Knob
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Autocross Champion
Virginia & NC
2016 TR GTI S 6MT
Bought some new summer wheels this past Thursday. Picked up the Enkei RS05RR wheels in a Matte Dark Gun-Metallic color but they are currently out of stock so it will take 2 - 3 weeks for them to come in. So now my VMR wheels will be my winter wheels and the Enkei's my summer wheels.

Next will be some Belak wheels with slicks for the dragstrip.

Enkei Racing RS05RR wheels
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