Rear Suspension Noise


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SheffVill, OH
I see some folks have had issues with a knocking sound from the rear that could be attributed to the OEM dampers and possibly some other cause. I just developed this knocking sound yesterday, but I had my shocks swapped to B8s last November along with new OEM shock mounts and a Whiteline sway bar kit (already had the MSS springs for about two years). I put my car on a lift yesterday and could not find anything that was outright faulty. The only weirdness was from the endlinks both pointing in the same direction with the suspension drooping. I did record a clip on my drive home and you can hear the knocking at about 9, 16, 20, and 24 seconds. Would anyone be able to help with possible causes before I take it into the mechanic? It sounds like it is coming from the right rear of the vehicle and I suspect the shock mount, but I don't really have the experience to say for sure.

I am also looking into getting a sub-frame locking kit to help remove that as a source and I did buy the Audi damper, but I haven't installed it, yet.