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  • NO grill change----I liked the low red stripe and didn't have an issue with the so-called line offset...On my lights both HALOs are on when the headlights are on (low and high beam) - one Halo dims when that side blinker is working....I did the VAGCOM hack for a selectable DAYLIGHT RUNNING light option. I also ungraded the H7 high-beam to a bulb that, today, is no longer available---85W Osram Ultra High Output (2100 lumen, H9 burner on H7 base) The fellow I purchased the lamp from claims that the Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs are the only "good" replacement
    (Dainel Stren Lighting Consultancy)
    Thank you so much for replying! My last question did you need to get the lighting package grill so that your line would match or did it all work out well regardless? Also if I may do you have any pictures of the lights running at night?
    YES- I put a set of ED's HID's onto the auto after the first month of ownership...I was in the same boat as you---I wasn;t trilled with the
    Hey, quick question for you.

    I noticed that you have a GTI-S in your signature but you’ve got the xenon style headlights. Did you do an aftermarket upgrade? If so how has it been working for you and what kit did you use? I’m actually thinking of doing it myself, I have the S. But the only thing I wanted was the lighting package. Unfortunately that meant getting the performance lack also, which I didn’t want.

    Thanks for any info!
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