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  • Hey, did you figure out the reason why your dinan was throwing codes? I’m having the same two codes with a NPM
    no never solved it. It happened only on the highest boost map, 'Race mode', which was 93 octane. Ran fine in their Sport Plus map, iirc 91 octane.
    Dinan replaced the device under their 1 year warranty but the replacement did the same.
    I now run JB4 and have not had issues, even on their 93 map

    I have them with stock springs. Doing this required paying up for a spring perch, brought the price to $500 + shipping.

    The plates are silent in so far as no clunks or other unusual sound. They do amplfy road noise and bump nvh, but no noise of their own.

    For me, the only real disappointment is my stock springs prohibit full range of adjustment. Passenger side spring will hit the tower at roughly 4/5th of adjustment range. Driver side 3/5ths. I may be able to find some more if I can remove and rotate the lower spring perch on my struts, especially the driver side. Coilover springs would have more range, especially 2.5 id.

    Our car's access at the top of tower is poor. Adjusting caster may require removing the top mount fasteners in order to get to the caster screws. At full caster, a mirror is needed to see the reference lines for adjusting camber.

    Most of the issues are due to car constraints, not the plates. The plates are great and seem to be well made.
    Can you provide some feedback on the vorshlag camber plates? I have some that came with my coils but these look much nicer, and I like the caster adjustment. Mine are solid and have a fair bit of nvh increase but its livable. Any feedback would be nice, and appreciated, thank you!
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