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  • Hey Arin,,

    Do you think that the upcoming mk6 GTI will be using the same software "chips" that are available currently for the mk5? with the same pricing?

    Would the extra 10hp from a few internal changes make a different?

    oh btw we will be getting the 210hp version in the middle east.
    Hi Arin,

    i sent an email for APR to get a quote for the HPFP and i found it a bit weird to get a lower price from one of your distributors...APR gave me a quote for $989.10 + $65 for shipping and JKM (UK) gave me a quote for $988 shipped....i thought i would get a better quote from APR
    just to clearify if i want:
    Stock and 91 oct
    i can add the fault code erase and the anti-theft for the $599 or do i have to get 2 more from that list?

    or is the fault code, anti-theft, and security lockout just additional ones?
    hey i emailed my areas APR dealer about what they charge for installation on some products and when it came to the reflash, they said it was gonna be 85 dollars to install the chip... is this about regular or does this sound expensive...
    Yes and No. It'll work, but it will be way less than ideal. You'll smoke under WOT, have probably bad gas mileage, bad cold starts, and a few other minor things. Funny thing is, even if tuned for those injectors, you'd still have many of those less than ideal side effects. I'd trade them for S3 injectors.
    I have decided to go with eurojet k04 turbo kit and I am aware that the kit comes with rs4 injectors. I saw you posted that the apr k04 file is ment to run with the s3 injectors. now my question is if i decide to go with apr k04 file would it cause any problems?
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