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  • Just bought a cherry 2011 Golf 2-Door – and I couldn't be happier.

    I'd like to add an armrest for the console but the dealer wants $335. eBay has just the leather cover from China for $84.29. shipping included (

    Another member of this forum wrote that you had experience with this item, so...

    Here are my questions:
    Does anyone have experience with this part?
    Can I trust it to fit my stock console box?
    Is installation something a non-gearhead can handle?
    Hi. I saw that you used to have the black/chrome badge on the front of your GTI and you have since replaced it. So you know where I can get one or maybe the vinyl inserts?

    Whats up man! First off, I LOVE your gti. Extremely clean look. Props to you, sir. I was wondering if you would happen to know where I could still find those Black/Chrome RB Styling VW badges you have? I cant seem to find them on their website. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    hi man you have an amazing car!!!
    recently i bought mine golf gti and the first that i want to do is to paint the rear diffuser gloss black can you explaing me how you got it off ? i have to get off all the rear bumper or something ?
    thank you
    cheers form greece :)

    There isn't any VW after-market stuff in Saudi Arabia, too.

    If your upgrades are all from the US and UK, can you send me the links for who you use.

    I'm a British born Indian from the UK and I have been living in Saudi Arabia for about 2 years.

    I used to have a VW in the UK and modifying it there was very easy, there are so man options.

    But here in Saudi Arabia I am having a lot of difficulty. I cannot speak Arabic and many of the stores only tune American cars. The VW scene here is practically non existent.

    I am genuinely interested in the APR Tuning event that you are arranging and would be very interested in upgrading a few other bits of my car (air intake, exhaust, intercooler etc.)

    Thank you and regards,

    Hi man, i moved to dubai recently and got a 2door Gti 2012. im thinking of getting milltek catback non-res, what do u think? checked ur thread the other day and wow ur car is amazing mashalla. i know u have a great experience in upgrades and im still new to this so i thought i'll ask for ur opinion. :)
    Hi there. How have you got your golf so low with 18's on. Look at my thread in the GTD section it's called my GTD. I'll be getting it lowered this month and I just don't think it will go low because of the offset of the wheels :/
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    heyy can you email me a link of where you purchased your 6k fog lights thanx my email is
    Haha I know I will. BTW I'm not arab, I'm Pakistani but lived in Oman my whole life and still don't know arabic lol.
    Will do...I might go the route Plac did and get a Magnaflow resonator welded right into the mid-pipe.
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