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  • They both mate up to stock and include adaptors. I recommend the catback for sound and the downpipe for power.
    Arin, im on a budget and looking to upgrade my exhaust. i wanted to know if the apr cat-back would matchup to my stock downpipe or is there an adapter needed? and same thing if i only got the downpipe instead of the cat-back.

    Also, which do you suggest (cat-back or downpipe) for a noticable difference in sound?
    Arin, with the stage II you recommend the down-pipe for it to function properly. I live in CA and from the description it sounds like it removes the CAT. This would make the car fail smog correct? does that mean to stay legal in CA I can only go Stage I? what if i did CAT back exhaust?
    Hey thanks Arin. I knew about the VW ones doing the work. I was hoping for some place closer. Thanks for the links though!
    Hey Arin, do you know of any APR dealers in the suburbs of Chicago. I live in the 60051 zip. The closest one I've found on APR's site is MidCity and that's a bit of a haul. I'm looking for more of a local shop. The only one I've found is Unitrontic and I don't know that I trust the guy who runs the joint, let alone unitronic as every VW owner seems to swear by APR and a few by GIAC. Thanks in advance.
    I honestly do not know as I have never tested the borla system. Sound will increase though the downpipe removed the Turbo muffler and restrictive catalytic converter.
    I have the borla cat-back system, how much would the APR downpipe actually do? sound wise mostly, i'm more worried about sound than performance :p
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