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  • Arin, looking to get my new MKVI flashed and I live in so cal, Orange County to be exact. Can you recommend anywhere in my area? I am looking for someone who's going to do a real quality job, let me know if yo have any recommendations. Thank!!
    Both locations are pretty good. I'd call them up and talk to the shop owners and pick the one you feel is the best. :)

    where would you recommend getting the stage 1 done in Utah? I think there is more than one dealer, and since the pricing is the same, I would like it done by someone with a lot of experience.
    I am purchasing my very first Gti ever. It will be manuel most likely ... But i was thinking about going straight too stage two with the carbino intake ecu chip and cat back exhaust . But before i did so i thought i would ask some questions .

    1.Have you guys done long term testing on your products, I ask this because I'm in High school and this car has to last me all the way through college .

    2. Is there a warranty on your products, If yes how long?

    3. With the setup i am looking to buy what do you think my hp/tq outputs will be .

    thank you for your reply in advance,
    hey Arin, I'm from NM and the closest APR dealer in Colorado. I'm thinking of pulling the ECU for my 2010 GTI and sending it to Bama.... If I overnight it to you guys will you overnight it back? Also, do I just put a check in the mail with the ECU or pay via credit card when you guys are done programming the ECU???
    How much will you be charging , and is there a install fee with you guys. I would like to know so I can budget the money out of the next month.
    Have a good one
    Hey Arin ,
    How are you ?
    I was wondering if you guys are going to be running a special for the ecu program at waterfest ?
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