What is the most stealth hitch?


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I've had the Ecohitch installed for a couple a years now, no complaints. It has a stealth look, all that is visible is the receiver. And I was able to install it myself with some cursing and a prayer!

After browsing the comments, just want to note the crash bar is not removed, at least not with the Ecohitch. You had to remove the foam padding, so the hitch mount could mate up with the rear bumper, but I don't see how this will compromise safety.
I was able to retain my foam on my GTI with the EcoHitch.


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Is this the hitch you installed?

They say it only fits the 2018/2019 year R because of rear fascia changes, but in an installation video I found on YouTube, their box was labelled as fitting 2016 to 2019 R models!

i’ve got a 2016…
I had StealthHitch install it and they said it fit but just had to trim the lower diffuser plastic a little different that on the ‘18-‘19 R’s. I have had it on the car now for three years without any issues. My favorite part is that when I remove the receiver you cant tell it has a hitch at all.