Sandman GTI MK7 PP DCC Lighting Pkg - The Journey begins!


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I got Bosch. Good blades.

I just got the Bosch ones also. Car is 2 years old and it hasn't rained here for over 6 months and I accidentally hit the stalk and activated the wipers and the blade was just shredded. The heat and sun in Phoenix are hard on wiper blades.


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We have a lifetime warranty and can get you a brand new one. Just email

I can say from experience that is very rare and normally just a bad connection.


Good to know.
Not sure how you showed up here but while you stopped in my license Deautoled bulb is giving me an error again. On my second one in 4 years. I need one that will last long rather than my sending it back for replacement.


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Up till now I have replaced my GTI wiper blades yearly with OE. Having tried Bosch on my Ranger found ECS sells them as an option so made a switch. Good looking, easy install. Some might not like white logo on front.
I recently replaced my OEM wipers with PIAA Silicone wipers. They are supposed to last 2-4 times longer. We shall see.


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We have a lifetime warranty and can get you a brand new one. Just email

I can say from experience that is very rare and normally just a bad connection.

Thanks for the reply. In this case its definitely not a bad connection to the car, I've tried many re-plugs and metered out connections, tried the module on an external power supply, some tweaking of the contacts but no dice. I will reach out to support


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Purchased some wheel hangers for GTI. One set was correct but the other was not (small). Guess I did not pay attention. Not sure what they fit, but if they fit something you have, I will ship free. But only take if you can use not for resale. Aluminum.

Shaft diameter 12.75mm
Thread diameter 12.05mm
Knurl diameter 13.05mm


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Had to do some maintenance. After 5 years, the carbon fiber insert had started to come off. Still in good shape, I ceramic coated them and looked for new tape. This was hard as the tape has to be strong and not thick and not thin. I ordered a few types but never found one that would work. I finally just ordered the same ones and was going to use the new set. The new set this time also came with spare precut tape, extra! Placed on my old set and installed so not I have back up. These inserts look good and add thickness to the shifter. I could have glued but then the leather underneath would be shot. The ones I have fit my DSG Autobahn if interested. Others types are made for a Golf so locating a good pair is hard. These are true carbon fiber. Low cost.

US $17.59 12% Off | AT 2pcs Real Carbon For VW Volkswagen Golf 7 Mk7 GTI GTE VII 2013-2019 Car Gear Shift Knob Head Sides Sticker Cover Trim


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Wing mirror cap maintenance.
Two years ago I installed some gloss black Aliexpress covers. Last year I polished them but felt it was time for new. I ordered a new black set but later found a set I had wanted to try. They are Tungsten. Not shinny chrome but a little black tint to it. Will give it a try. Have not tried the new black ones yet. Tungsten tight but went on.

US $62.30 30% Off | Side Case Door Wing Cap For VW Golf 7 R mk7 7.5 gti Tungsten steel black Side Mirror Cover

US $18.95 21% Off | 2 pieces for VW Golf 7 MK7 7.5 GTD R GTI Touran L E-GOLF Side Wing Mirror Cover Caps Bright Black RearView Mirror Case Cover

Old cover far right. Tungsten on left. New gloss black middle.


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Mirror caps.
Preparing tungsten mirror caps above I applied three coats of ceramic. First coat Crystal Serum Light and then two coats of Exo. After install I cleaned up with Bead Maker but it reacted weird and left a tarnished metal look. Thought coating on caps was paint but sure has a metal coating look. So I switched to No Rinse an it shined up.

Drove to town and from driver seat they look cool. They reflect city lights well. Gives a Miami Vice feel when driving home. At night they have a darker look. Man that sounds stupid. It’s night so of course they are darker.


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