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  • Where at in Tennessee? Folks live in Dayton, so i have to head that direction occasionally.
    Since you happen to be everywhere around this forum figure i'd just ask a direct question over making another post. So i'm looking at lightweight wheels and there are quite a few options but also a lot of unknown weights on wheels. Do you know where people get all these numbers if it isn't clearly stated my manufacturer and also how important is Center Bore? For example these TSW Nurburgrings have a center bore of 72.1 vs stock of 57.1 (also exact weight is an unknown)
    Sorry if i'm a bother.
    Hey Sandman, couple of quick questions:
    1) Saw on one forum you were asking about chrome VW emblems with red shadow/outline/ Did you ever find them anywhere? All i've been able to find online have been matte vs gloss black with red outlines.
    2) I live in Nashville, not too far from where it sounds like you live. Do you know any shops in or around Nashville that are reliable? I'm not that handy on my own, interested in seeing if there is a shop I could trust to do some mods for me when needed.
    Thanks man enjoying the ride.
    Yeah I'll let you know. Should be by the new year. Just in time for winter :):)
    :cool:I do not own a GTI yet but I am trying to get one of the first USA PP cars. As one hopeful GTI said, I am sitting over in the corner impatiently waiting! Since 2010 I have been saving for a new car. After years of thinking about it I settled on the GTI for it's all around performance and the ability to get 34mpg. I currently drive an 18 year old Ford F150 I bought new in 1996. Will post more as I continue on the journey. Only 4-5 more months. Thanks for everyone's posts, I have learned a lot about the GTI family.
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