Sandman GTI MK7 PP DCC Lighting Pkg - The Journey begins!

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Links to key build items below. Check them out!

My dealer called Saturday to let me know that the plant accepted my order today! In the Southeast USA region, I am #1 on the list for a 2015 VW GTI MK7 with PP, DCC and Lighting package. No info on build date but likely 2-3 months from what I have read. I asked if USA had the ability to track builds like I have read about Europe and Canada doing. They said USA can not do this. One step closer - Yea!


Adding an easier way to locate subjects of interest.
This is my first VW so most of what I know I have learned from the forum or read in car magazines.
In my thread I try to add details about my mods and share good and bad points so your mod install will go smoothly.

If you are a performance mod only person, you might not like my thread. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.
Take care Ya'll!

Table of Contents.

1. Current Truck. Page 1, post #13

2. Wrong Car Made! Page 1, post #26

3. New GTI arrived at dealership. Page 2 post #43

4. Pick up day! Page 2, post #52

5. WeatherTech. Page 2, post #54

6. Volvo Plate Holder. Page 2, post #58 Page 3, post #61 and #66
First -
Second -

7. Strut Puck Warning Tag info. Page 3, post #65

8. Front Engine cover. Page 3, post #67

9. DeautoLED lights. Page 3, post #68 and #70

10. Forum Sticker Info. Page 3, post #88

11. Window Tint CXP. Page 4, post #93

12. Why buy PP, DCC, LP? Page 4, post #100

13. Hatch warning triangle holder. Page 4, post #111

14. New puppies! Page 4, post #119

15. Personal Tags. Page 5, post #124

16. 5s phone hook up to the GTI. Page 5, post #127

17. New car pickup check list. My example. Page 5, post #128

18. Paddle Shift Extensions. Page 5, post #129

20. Fender/bumper gap paint issue. White. Page 5, post #132 and #205

21. Lamin-X hood and headlight film cover. Page 5, post 135.

22. Maxton Hatch Spoiler.

23. Sillguard - Door Sill Protectors. 4 Door VW GTI

24. Good Deed for the Day.

25. Eibach Pro Kit 1 inch lowering springs. Page 14, post #401, #405

26. Interior Cleaner Testing. Post #406

27. Offer to buy my car! Post #414

28. Wheel Locks for OZ Leggera Wheels. Post #425

29. Sonax Polymer Net Shield. Post #437

30. Badgeskin Visor Warning Sticker Cover. Post 443

31. ECS Jack Pad Install. Post 460 and 541

32. Leyo Radio/AC Control knob covers.

33. Roof Wrap!

34. Pre Filter - Cabin air. UPDATE - link below to 1st dirty filter change.

35. Eibach Front and Rear Sway Bars - 034 Motorsports End Links!

36. Supaloy Front Lower Control Arms.

37. Clubsport S Muffler.

38. ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Battery Cover and Box.

39. CTS DSG Aluminum Finned Oil Filter Housing

40. 034 Motor Sports Carbon Fiber Fuse Cover lid.

41. New Laminex Film Apply.

42. New All Season Tires - Bridgestone RE980AS Ultra High Performance.

48. NEW Bridgestone RE980 AS Ultra High Performance Tires

49. Grit Guard Washboard - Addition.

50. Car was items - Mitten and Rubber Gloves

51. Wolfsburg Badge Placement

58. Front End Link replacement - 034 to ECS Tuning

59. SRS TECH Fog light surround modification!!!!! A great one!!!!

60. Chemical Guys Under Carriage Cleaner

61. New Front End Links - ECS Tuning

62. New Front Brake Disc - Girodisc

63. Endless Brake Pads

64. Rear Footwell Deautoled lighting kit - Red.

65. Deautoled license plate lights - UPDATE.

Largest post ever. Check it out. :cool::cool::cool:
67. Visit to new Mechanics and work performed. Items covered if interested.

List or subjects in this post.

1. New 034 front mounts with upgraded part added by 034.
2. New 034 rear mounts.
3. Tyrol Sport Dead set kit
4. Checking my brake work.
5. 60,000 mile service.
6. BFI engine mount kit - Stage 1. All three.
7. Unitronic Stage 1+ ECU Tune
8. Unitronic Stage 1 DSG Tune
9. Alignment at Murfreesboro Auto Repair. Murfreesboro, TN.
10. Front lower corner OE lip replacements.

68. Oil Change - Extraction tool and fancy funnel.:cool:

69. New Windshield Banner

70. Sound insulation pads:p

71. Clubsport S DSG Shifter.:D
Rest of the DSG info. Install of Clubsport.

72. New Truck - 2019 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 :cool:

DSG Stick Change Out - Need some info.

My Clubsport S Muffler install INFO

Purchased from CARS245!
Muffler part - 5G6253609DD
Clamp - 1K0253141AA. VW OE part.

Verify part numbers, so you order the right parts. Muffler has a picture on CARS245. If you need to talk to them, send email. Do not use message system on site. They never replied on any I sent thru it. But emails they did.

To start off I want to tell my fellow Forum Members who shared the part numbers and ordering info on muffler and other needed parts, without your help I would not have this part on my car. Below is a link to the first post on a thread that has most of the needed info. A lot to go thru but nothing I have not searched through a few times.

Clubsport S Muffler Thread
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Awesome, can't wait to see that PP, I mean your package, err.. umm car man.



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Had good laugh on those. I started saving for a new car about 4 years ago when I paid my wife's car off. It has been a long wait and search. Over that time I have liked the Genesis Coupe 3.8, new V6 Accord, Ford Focus Titanium, Ford ST, Ford Fusion Titanium, Ford Mustang and VW CC. I really liked the Executive CC. If it had the new GTI engine and paddle shift, I might just buy it. It is a much better looking car and when I see one at red lights I sit and stare, while it goes by. However, when I drove the MK6 it fit like a glove and looks great from the drivers seat. Everything I read about the MK7 tells me it will be even better than the MK6 I drove. Add in PP and DCC it should be a dream to drive and still get 34mpg. :)
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Details on order:
4 door - just to old for 2 door.
White - I have had silver and need a change. No dark colors, had them. If the red was like the Ford candy apple red, then that would be the choice.
DSG - I need my wife to be able to drive if needed. No I am not teaching her a manual.
PP - more brakes, better stopping and LSD is a good safety item as well if car gets in situation and I need better grip.
DCC - this is for wife comfort, when she rides with me on longer trips.
Lighting Package - might as well look good, plus always good to see well.
Mud flaps - I know others dislike, but I always have mud flaps and one car I had was saved when someone spilled white paint on highway and I drove over it. It was a black car. Plus, I think they help the car look more grounded and being a hatch back, I think mud flaps fit it.
I think hatch backs have a natural rally car look.
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I ordered a two-door PPS about two weeks ago and was told they wouldn't even start building until January. If you are getting DELIVERY in January, that is great!


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IIRC, Hes one of the first PP ordered in the US

It's my understanding (as in, according to the account director I worked with locally) that none will even hit the assembly line until January, 2015... as with mine. That could be incorrect, but it would explain a lot of the "... XYZ dealership can't order the PP because it's not in the system..."

Just because the car is first on order doesn't mean it'll be built before VAG is even able to produce the car. I'm sure we'll find out once OP starts posting pictures early next month. ;)

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I have learned a lot of patience with this car. I am not guaranteeing a January delivery. In early October PP was available for order but DCC was not, so my order was not accepted for 2 more weeks when DCC opened up. My dealer said it would take around 3 months to schedule, build, ship and deliver. The estimate was January. As I work in manufacturing I know time lines could slip and maybe it would be February!
I guess this will give me time to learn how to post my pics. I can get them resized at work but have not been able to save back on phone. Tried to log in and post on work computer but could not get in, requested new log on and password. Guess being older I lack the skill.
Anyway, if you need me I will be waiting over here in the corner!

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New Year GTI Baby?

My dealer sent a Christmas wish email today. Sent one back and said I hoped it would be a 2015 GTI New Year! She replied back that she had checked on my GTI MK7 White Autobahn DSG PP DCC with Lighting Package. Said it looked like a January GTI baby!
Maybe there is hope. Will wait and see! It's not here until dealer sends me picture of it sitting on lot.


Ready to race!
My dealer sent a Christmas wish email today. Sent one back and said I hoped it would be a 2015 GTI New Year! She replied back that she had checked on my GTI MK7 White Autobahn DSG PP DCC with Lighting Package. Said it looked like a January GTI baby!
Maybe there is hope. Will wait and see! It's not here until dealer sends me picture of it sitting on lot.


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1st mod ordered!

I have not had an update since the Dec 20th post above. I think it will be between January 15th and 30th. Word from my Sales Rep sounded that way, and from another Forum post, that person ordered two weeks after me and had a Jan 30th delivery date. I think they had PP in order but not sure about DCC. If any issues with order, I might be later. Will have to wait and see. Good in a way as we have temps in the teens now and would rather look at and test drive my car at dealer when it is a little warmer. Might have to make them take it insides so I can take time and inspect.

I do have an update, this week I ordered my Weathertech mats. Front and rear seats, also ordered the mat for the hatch area. Black like the rest of the interior. Yes they are $$ but look and will fit great. I have a Husky brand version of this mat in my truck and it has saved spilled drinks many times. They can hold a lot of fluid until you can stop and lift out to drain.:)
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