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Why waste time typing words when all you want is pics and vids?

Just kidding! Keep scrolling.

Current mod list:

Tomioka IHX475 turbo w/IS20 wastegate
Eurodyne custom ECU/DSG tunes running full E85 (28psi to redline @~14 degrees timing)
MAP 200cell catted and resonated downpipe; stock resonator and muffler
IE intercooler
Stock intake, dremel mod, -snowgrate, AFE dry filter
Unitronic TIP
EQT charge pipe and TMD
Bosch 4bar PUT sensor, OEM MAP sensor
NGK Ruthenium spark plugs, OEM coils
Precision Raceworks 925cc MPI
Precision Raceworks Stage 3 450 LPFP
Powerflex hybrid dogbone puck, stock mounts
6xAustins; 4 with Michelin AS3+ and 2 with Nitto NT-05
BMS v2 black exhaust tips (v1 in storage)
Black mirror caps with OEM Euro aspherical mirrors
Braille G30 Lithium battery
no spare; low profile sub box w/ Rockford Fosgate 12" sub
stock suspension
Lots of Badgeskins
BL Revision PCV (worthless)
Audi rear subframe harmonic damper
Precision Raceworks SAI delete plate + intake SAI port filter
You'll notice there are no CTS or ECS parts. Never will be.
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Autocross Champion didn't already have a build thread. So near 15k posts and no build thread.

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