How to retro-fit the traction control (ESC) button to a Mk7 Golf


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From the "Research section" in the first post:-

There are only two types of ABS/ESC units for the MK7 Golf, one for manual handbrakes, & one for electronic handbrakes, & this “OEM mod” works for both ABS/ESC units. The existing row of three blanks, with or without one or two buttons, down the left side of the gearstick is one whole unit! This unit is the same for left & right hand drive cars, & Manual or DSG gearboxes.

The ESC OFF button operates by sending a momentary 12V power supply to the ABS/ESC controller which trips the traction control off or on. All the button requires is any switched (powered on with ignition only) 12V supply coming into the switch & a connecting wire from the switch to the ABS/ESC controller.

At the factory this is wired as a 12V supply coming from Fuse 34 (7.5A), in a Black/Yellow wire, into the ESC switch (pin 10). Then a Purple/Green wire from the ESC switch (pin 9) into the ABS/ESC controller (pin 39).

However, halfway along this wire to the ABS/ESC controller there is a connector in the loom (connector T17d, using pin5), at what VW call the “TIUL Coupling Point”.

Your car might have the wire from the ABS unit to the TIUL Coupling point already installed, thus only requiring you to wire inside the cabin & not having to go through the firewall into the engine bay.

Before ordering any parts I suggest that you remove the trim covering the TIUL Coupling point & look at the black connector on the middle row nearest the bodywork. This should be connector “T17d”. Press the top tab & separate the connector in two. Now the side with the cables facing you is the side which goes to the switch. The part of the connector still in the holder having the cables facing away from you is the main car loom & goes to the ABS unit. This main loom MUST have a purple/green wire going into the bottom row of pins, & the fifth from the right (PIN 5). If you have this all is OK, if you don’t have this you will have to wire into the pin on the ABS unit. If you have to do this there is no need for you to wire via the TIUL coupling point which you

TIUL Coupling Point
This is a junction for up to six electrical connectors (arranged in three rows of two) in the main wiring loom, & is situated in the same place in both left & right hand drive cars. This being behind the plastic trim panel under the glove box, & next to the passenger door hinges on a UK car. Or for Europe/USA it is between the driver’s door hinges & the footrest (behind the bonnet release handle).