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  • Hi, are you still doing the harness for the Golf 7, I mean replacing the rear lamps from the USA to EU with the fog lamp on the left side (I live in Poland). My car is a Golf 7.5 R as in the picture. After asking on this portal, everyone points to you :).I searched this forum and found a lot of information and pictures on how to do it, but I really don't know which option will be the most appropriate.
    Hey bud, I have a question on a harness you made that I own. The harness connects euro mk7.5 tailights to a NA mk7 vehicle. Is there any way it can connect euro mk7.5 tailights to a NA mk7.5 vehicle?
    Hello, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the VW golf facelift, i need to swap my fog lamp from right to left to satisfy the European ITV
    Hey, I’m looking for euro taillights for USA mk8 GTI - any suggestions will be appreciated!
    I would need a NA adpmap of Module09, and pics of all vehicle connectors. I have access to a MK8 GTI in Germany.
    I’m back in mid-April; I’ll send it then. Thanks!
    Hey Zero, a buddy sent me, said you can get me a harness for euro taillights : 5G0-998-207-GH-MAG-GRP-5G0-945-207-G-MAG-5G0-945-208-G-MAG-5G0-945-307-P-MAG-5G0-945-308-P-MAG
    Car is a 2018 7.5 gti if you can help !
    thank you!
    i purchased a pair of mk7.5 gti oem led tail lights for my mk7 gti But the harness ends are different. Everyone is pointing to you as the man with the answers. What harness do I need and what coding? Thank you for your time ps these are North America leds not Euro
    Hey Zero!

    Looking to retrofit 7.5 tails on the 7. I got the lights and I've been told you're the person to come to about getting a harness!

    Thanks for the help! ^~^
    Hi, Zero!

    I am looking for a harness and coding for the NA MK7.5 LED tails in my '16 Golf R. Please message me if you can help.

    I got a MK7 GTI with LP and its a RHD car.
    do you know if osram made RHD version?

    how are the lights holding up for you?

    Hey Zero,

    I'm looking to buy your adapter harness. I have purchased the 5G1052200C set for my MK7 GTI.


    Hi, I read that you can make a harness for the NAR taillight to behave like the Euro Tails ?
    How much for harness and how much to ship to Quebec, Canada ?

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