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  • Hi Zero,

    Been trying to look for info on how to replace my LP headlights on a mk7 GTI for OSRAMs. Do you have any instructions or guide for that swap?

    Thank you!
    Hey man, i was told you make harnesses for LED euro tail lights. What do you charged for the harness shipped to 91367? Thanks!
    Hi ZERO815,

    I have a NA MK7 GTI w/LP, I did a bit of research and I understand you replaced your LP Headlights with OSRAMs, how exactly did you do that?

    Thanks in advance,


    I was told to contact you, I have a NA MK7.5 GTI, I bought Euro MK7 tail lights thinking they would work. Do you happen to have a harness that would work with this?
    Hello Mr. Zero815!

    I have heard about your tail light harnesses and was wondering if I could get pricing as I'm interested in buying a harness to retrofit Euro Mk7.5 tails to my US Mk7. Also, I want to get Euro Mk7.5 tails off of E-Acca and have seen the kit listed as part # "5G1052200C." Can you please confirm this and let me know about your prices? Thanks so much!

    Hi Zero815,
    I’ve seen your name all over for MK7.5 Dynamic tail light harness’s. I’d love to purchase a harness for my MK7.5 NAR.
    Hi Zero815. I send you a message via PM. Also wanted to get in touch with you regarding purchasing a harness for the euro dynamic tail lights for my NAR 2019 GTI SE.
    Hope to hear from you soon :)
    Hello Mr. ZERO815. I have a 2018 Golf MK7.5 Highline with the standard north American rear tail lights. I have been wanting to replace the outer lights with the lowline (non GTI/R) eurospec lights with the amber turn signals and separated brake/turn lights. I have OBDeleven, some pin terminal tools, and a brain, but I cannot find any decent instructions on how to do this anywhere. I understand you may supply harnesses and coding to effect this? If so, I am very happy to do business with you. Best - Steve.
    Hello, I was referred to you for some MK7.5 Tail Light coding help from MK7 Facebook Group. I just installed a set of OEM MK7.5 Tails on my MK7 GTI U.S. Spec, 2015 using harness that came with them from USP motorsports.

    The provided instructions only tell you which channels to change from stock instead of an entire chart showing each setting. (I emailed them asking for and haven't heard back yet). I tried their instructions and ended up with flickering ambers when lights were on. I tried revertin to stock and putting back on and had the same issue. I tried the OBDeleven app which said it was for the USP harness and same thing.

    I then found a coding chart for Eds Reps which i tried because their harness looks exactly like the USP one and ended up with everything working properly except the amber signals do not have dynamic scroll, they only flash inner and outer together at once.

    Would you be able to help me in case USP can't?

    Much appreciated! Thanks - Kelly
    Hi, I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I am in the United kindom and I have a 2017 GOLF MK 7 that has LED tailights, I want to upgrade them to the 7.5 dynamic rear lights that have the sweeping indicators. I can't find anyone in the UK that makes a harness to enable me to do this. I have read nearly every page of a thread on here where guys in the USA have been looking to do this to their GOLF's. I read that you make such an harness and I wondered if your harness would work with a right hand drive GOLF of if you could make one? This might be a long shot in asking you but I am stuck at the moment and really want to do the install as soon as I can. Kind regards Ray
    Hi Zero,

    It's possible to have harnesses for a Golf mk7 GTI 2016 with OEM LEDS (Europe)? I'm interested for your harnesses.

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for your message. Your impression is right. I make harnesses from time to time. They are different from what you can get elsewhere. I designed them for easiest install and uninstall. Please see the link to my instructions.


    The coding I provide is as close as possible to the OE factory coding but adapted to our NAR cars. The harness is capable for up to two fog lights.


    From reading the posts under the mk7.5 tail lights thread, I got the impression that you might be making harnesses, excuse me if I'm wrong.

    I have a 2017 NA mk7 'R and was planning to buy the tail lights from e-acca. Was wondering how I could get my hands on the harness.

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