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  • BravoMike: Hmm.... ex HAM radio devotee (I think). Glad that you found my paper useful - always good to hear!!
    Here is a picture of the tread and looks like there is plenty of grooving for water evacuation.
    I didn't know that they are being discontinued, I hope not!

    They are great tires for my purpose, meaning that they are a compromise 200TW tire. I haven't driven in heavy rain yet, but have read that they perform well in the wet. They are fairly tame on road noise, but since they have stiff sidewalks, you can feel every nook and cranny in the road. 95% of the time, my DCC is in sport mode so I'm sure the ride would be better in normal or comfort mode. These tires have tons of grip and turn in is very responsive. Where ever you point the wheel, the car goes there.

    I would recommend them if you are looking for a responsive tire with lots of grip. Keep in mind that I don't drive my car much, so 200TW doesn't matter too much and I know I will have to replace them sooner than other summer performance tires.
    How do you like your RE-11's?
    I have thought about them.
    They are on the way out, replaced by a new tire.
    I can only find them on Tirerack site.
    How are they for a summer tire?
    How do they do in heavy rain? This would be my only concern.
    The RE-71 replacement is more of a true racing tire.
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