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  • Hello Don hope this msg finds you well, not sure if you remember me but a few months ago you helped me on ROSSTECH forum with my retrofit PDC installed on gti mk7 US model. I took your advise and purchased a VCP from enigmatool in the UK to parameterize my module. I was able to reflash and no longer get the dreaded NO PARK PILOT AVAILABLE on start up it works great. Just wanted to say thank you again.
    CIAO mi servirebbero i valori y ti questo tuo vecchio post grazie.( Se vuoi giocare con la curva di attenuazione per il "lato oscuro", allora ho incluso una serie di valori per i numeri "Y" nel mio articolo. Ma sì, se si cambia la curva "Y", è necessario mantenere l'interruttore rotante sulla posizione automatica per soddisfare la perdita del segnale di promemoria.
    hmm....... alas my translator doesn't convert your message into understandable English
    Hello Don,
    Can you share the wiring diagram of the MK7 center console buttons? I bought a ESP OFF + Driving mode buttons (AliExpress) to fit in my 2019 Alltrack but I can't find any instructions and pinout for those buttons.
    Thanks a lot!
    You are a real champion! Thank you VERY much for helping me! Those 2 schematics are lifesavers! The ESP OFF button I bought from AliExpress came with no instructions and pinout was only 1-2-3-6 so only the driving modes button would work.
    My Alltrack 2019 only have the driving mode button for now. Now I need to remove the pins from the new AliExpress harness and install a wire in my existing center console buttons harness to pin 9 only. This should give me the ESP OFF functionnality if I read those schematics right. Am I right?
    Actually I think I'm wrong... I need to connect pin 9 (center switch module) to the T17d connector pin 5 (TIUL Coupling Point). I can't see this connector (T17d) on your schematics... do you have it by any chance? Thanks again!!!
    so- I'm desperately trying to understand how your new headlight fittings manage the DRL activities (i.e. DRL, Parking light, DRL-wink, and SSPL). What type of lamps do the new headlights use for the DRLs?
    Hi DV52, I'm wondering I need your help. I recently posted this article but haven't received any info yet to help me. I upgraded front bumper to Golf R bumper,removed the fogs from my highline. So far I have managed to disable to foglights following your extremely helpful post here Now when I turn on the parking lights it coming up with "Check left daytime running light/side light" & "Check right daytime running light/side light" error. Errors don't occur when lights are off or in Auto mode. ROW version Ed's Replica Xexon headlights fitted but no coding was done to accommodate these. What I did was to disable the removed foglights was go into the 12NL LB45 & 13NL RB5 channels and turned everything to not active. These fixed foglight issue but created the DRL faults. Any ideas how to remove this fault now ?
    Hi Don!

    I had a headlight question I was hoping you could give some insight on. I had my entire driver side headlight replaced, modules and all, and it was a non-vw body shop. They said i have to go to the dealership to get my headlights leveled because they couldn't which was no surprise to me. I take it to the dealership and they said they cant figure out whats wrong with the headlight, but i told them that the modules just need to be unlocked for use because its protected being brand new.

    As you can see in the picture the projector is tilted bottom right, and im getting no errors in vcds and it looks like the headlight is coded. I did notice some things had voltage in vcds and others did not in the new headlight. Is there anything i can do with vcds to perhaps fix this? Maybe i need a more competent dealer.

    Thank you in advance!
    Vijay: You should have an adaptation channel in the BCM called "ENG141645-MAS00214-HW_Verbau-Brake pad wear" - set this to "not installed".

    Hi Don,

    I have a MK7.5 GTI and recently changed my front brakes. I am trying to disable the brake pad wear sensor. I tried out the coding that was suggested via the Instruments and BCM and cant seem to find the option. Would you know where else i can look for this option?

    Also, was keen to hear your thoughts on how to code the front headlight indicator lights to have the "pace car" effect.

    Thank you.

    Hi DV52,

    I'm having trouble figuring out the new security code for adjusting the fuel gauge (apparently it's been changed since 2016 cars) and was wondering if you might be able to help me? (I was referred to you by Mk7User)

    So far I've tried:


    and none of them seem to work (except 25327 but then you get stuck in a loop). I have a 2017 GTI that I bought in mid december 2016.

    Thanks in advance!

    new OBDeleven user
    Hey. Me again. I have coded everything I want with the lights except one thing. When i pull the light switch in AUTO mode for the fogs to come on, the main headlights comes on too even if its sunny. any way to code it to that I can get the fogs on on AUTO mode without the headlights coming on too? (and they still would come on when dark....)
    Hi DV52, I would like your help. My Fender sub was stolen from my GOLF 2015 and I was able to get a new one. However I don't have to wiring diagrams to proceed with the new installation. I just found the following where you mentioned something about a wiring diagram but nothing is posted (the file is not in your post). Can you help me to get this information?

    Thanks again
    Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for a PDF that I ran across. It is the one that is a "how to" map the adaptation channels for VCDS. I found this PDF to be very helpful an now have all of my channels mapped out.
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