Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Mortality rate among wounded Russian soldiers rises, officers being evacuated to Russia (

Ukraine brings back to Russia all severely wounded prisoners who could be transported (

Nobody Is Safe From 'Mobster-Style' U.S. Attacks: Lavrov (

A growing list of countries say they will arrest Putin if he goes there, enforcing an international warrant accusing him of war crimes (

Igor Girkin Outlines Huge Problem Russian Soldiers Face ( interesting opinion – although one needs to take his viewpoint with a huge grain of salt

Russia gives up on further offensive and focuses on deterring defence forces ( or not

Ukrainian top brass stirs the pot with talk of Bakhmut counterattack (

Putin ally proposing banning ICC in Russia (

Ukraine Posts Video of Burning Ship As Russia Finally Admits Its Loss (

New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia (

Russians raid occupied Chaplynka in Kherson Oblast – Ukraine's General Staff (

No May barbecues in Crimea this year, demoralisation begun – Crimean Tatar leader (

Russian Ex-Diplomat on How West Can Isolate, Topple Putin (

Russian forces attempt to encircle Avdiivka, but are running out of steam (

Hear from Putin opposition politician who says she was poisoned in Russia | Watch (

US sanctions Belarus' election officials, president's plane (

Russia Turns To 'Much Less-Experienced' Ally As Its Own Military Flounders, UK Claims (

Russia's Bakhmut Offensive Hit With More Problems: U.K. (

Erdogan urges Putin to immediately stop war in Ukraine (

Russia reduces number of its warships in Black Sea (

Ukraine's Ministry of Defence urges Ukrainians to refrain from asking about possible counteroffensive (

Russia puts Putin’s ex-speechwriter on wanted list over Ukraine (

Massive rotation of Russians in Nova Kakhovka made people believe they left the city – official (

This NATO Ally is Building Strongest Army After Ukraine: Military Analyst (

Put America first: Support Ukraine (

Russian Charged With 'Badmouthing' Military After Private Call Wire-Tapped (

Russia to produce and modernise 1,600 tanks, Putin threatens ( They will be ready in the year 2525 and will be near clones of a T-54

Ukraine war throws wrench in massive Russian arms deal after they miss delivery, India says ( See link above 😊

Vladimir Putin Sends 10 'Nuclear Aircrafts' To Belarus As War In Ukraine Continues To Escalate (

Putin announces deal to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus (

Russia expert has theory on why Putin made newest nuclear threat | Watch (

Zelensky explains why Ukraine can't start counteroffensive against Russian forces (

Prigozhin declared that 5,000 Wagner prisoners had already been released (

Scholz describes condition for ending war in Ukraine (

Russian warships were near Nord Stream gas pipelines few days before explosions (

Zelenskyy: This week, Ukraine has become more robust, and the enemy has become even more hopeless (

The Guardian: Russian spies detained in Slovenia allegedly worked for Russia’s foreign intelligence (

Ukraine's defenders destroy Russian helicopter Mi-24 and artillery unit – General Staff (


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"You can put us in jail!" Russians soldiers fed up with war filmed threatening rebellion (

Polish commander of International Legion unit killed in action (

Russian Brigade Destroyed and Reconstituted Up to 8 Times After Losses: ISW (

Ukrainian farmers use hands to dig out landmines meant to destroy tanks | Watch (

Russia’s nuclear arsenal: How big is it and who controls it? (

Group of authors: Russia’s disinformation goes nuclear (

Zelensky: Ukraine didn't receive peace mediation proposal from China (

Zelenskyy says he wants to talk to Xi Jinping, but didn't receive return offer (

Ukraine's military carries out 17 attacks on Russian positions, destroys Russian Mi-24 helicopter (

Dmitry Glukhovsky: When Governments Make Immoral Laws, it Is Our Duty to Disobey Them (

Russia wants to look for countries that refuse to cooperate with court in Hague (

Russia Will Put Nuclear Weapons In Belarus—First Time Since Fall Of Soviet Union (

New Ukraine Footage Shows Russia’s Best T-90M Tanks Can’t Survive (

Putin blames US for Nord Stream explosions (

Can Russia Win in Ukraine Without Major Help from China? (

Putin wanted ‘total cleansing’ of Ukraine with ‘house-to-house terror,’ leaked spy docs reveal (

ISW: Ukraine's counteroffensive causes 'anxiety' in Russian information space (

Joe Biden Not Going Far Enough on Ukraine Stance: Ex-General (

Dan Bongino: Russia, China ‘laughing’ at Biden being ‘distracted’ by Syria conflict (

Germany’s Leopard 2 Tank: An Ace-in-the-Hole for Ukraine? (

US senators urge Biden to provide evidence of Russian war crimes to ICC (

UK Intelligence: Russia returns to defensive plan after unconvincing offensive attempts (

U.S. Charges Russian Spy Who Tried To Infiltrate War Crime Court (

US charges Russian national who pretended to be Brazilian with espionage (

US officials pledged to hold Russia accountable for war crimes in Ukraine. Congress wants receipts. (

Russia Loses 15 Tanks, 15 APVs and 8 Artillery Systems in a Day: Kyiv (

Explosion rings out in Russia's Tula Oblast, people injured (

Germany expected to expel over 30 Russian diplomats (

Blast causes crater in center of Russian town, two hurt - Russian media (

Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus: Ukraine's Foreign Ministry demands to convene UN Security Council and send signal to Lukashenko (

Second group of Ukrainian artillerists completes training on AS-90 self-propelled howitzers in Britain (

Russia starts receiving regular supplies of Shahed kamikaze drones – UK Intelligence (

Russian State TV Host Says Country Would Not Exist Without Nuclear Bombs (

Russia's Military Industry 'Hopelessly Outmatched' By the West: ISW (

Russian attacks injure 25 civilians in 24 hours (

With plan for tactical nukes in Belarus, Putin is scaring the world to distract from his problems (

Putin hits back at claims by 'jealous people' that Russia is becoming dependent on China, days after meeting with Xi Jinping (

Russia's Forces Making 'No Progress' in Key Offensive: Former Commander (

China may yet persuade Putin to end his war in Ukraine (

With no guardrails, Putin’s war needs ‘a golden bridge to retreat’ (

North Macedonia to transfer 12 combat helicopters to Ukraine (

Russia’s mistakes in Ukraine have destroyed its military forces (

Zakaria identifies key part of Xi-Putin meeting that could change the world | Watch (

Trump promises to end war in Ukraine in 24 hours ( I’m just including links – not endorsing them

Russian Occupiers torture Ukrainians who refuse Russian passports in Kherson Oblast (

Hungary supports ceasefire, but does not agree with Russia claiming occupied territories (
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France calls for cancellation of agreement on deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus (

‘He’s Satan’: Russian Elites Call Putin Every Name in the Book on Leaked Call (

How Finland's Armored Leopard 2 Mine-Clearing Tanks Differ From Germany's (

Russia's game of nuclear chess is worrisome, American officials say (

Number of Russian troops in Belarus has declined (

Putin's war turned this quiet Polish airport into a global military hub where passenger jets touch down alongside Patriot missiles (

Preparations for ‘de-occupation’: Annexed Crimea not forgotten by Ukraine (

Ukraine Touts Success in Bakhmut Amid Russian Onslaught (

Putin 'Humiliated' China's Xi With Nuclear Decision: Former Ambassador (

How the world is responding to Putin’s threat of nukes in Belarus (

France transfers 183 tons of energy equipment to Ukraine (

Russian Commander's Car Blown Up by Resistance Fighters in Mariupol—Mayor (

Weapons firm says it can't meet soaring demand for artillery shells because a TikTok data center is eating all the electricity (

Russia threatens US with "unique weapon" capable of destroying it ( more posturing from the bully

HESS: Xi’s visit to Russia was a failure for Putin (

Recruitment to Offensive Guard is nearing completion, with over 16,000 applications received (

Leader of Russian Volunteer Corps Placed on Russia's Wanted List (

Ukraine-Russia war: Russian occupied cities 'rocked by powerful explosions' (

One of Ilovaisk tragedy organisers, Russian commander Lisitsky dies (

Explosions rock occupied Melitopol (

Russia Behind Manhattan District Attorney Bomb Threats During Trump Hush Money Probe (

Russian State TV Claims U.S. Goading Kremlin to Start Nuclear War (

Trump Sends Warning to Russia, China and Iran, Says They 'WILL' Respect Us (

Why Ukraine Counteroffensive Push Could See Putin Accept Defeat—ISW (

Russian Billionaire Slams Putin in Leaked Audio: 'He Is Satan' (

Commander of Russian Eastern Military District is dissatisfied with enormous losses (

Putin has made so many nuclear threats since he invaded Ukraine that people are increasingly shrugging them off (

Rep. Andy Barr claims China has provided lethal assistance to Russia | Watch (

Ron DeSantis’ foreign policy: Go big and stay home (

Kyiv doctor killed in Russian airstrike shows war’s fallout far from front (

White House: No reason to change strategic stance after Putin says he'll move nuclear weapons. Ukraine live updates. (

Russian town shocked by case of child's Ukraine drawing (

China has been caught sending weapons and armor to Russia (

Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine's Armed Forces decorates soldier who repelled Russian assault in close combat (

"Don't add fuel to the fire" – China expects US to facilitate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine (

Exposed: Putin Supporters Mercilessly Mock Russian President As 'Dwarf' & 'Satan' In Leaked Phone Call (

Moscow 'could have nuclear super torpedoes in the Pacific Ocean by 2024' (

Putin Will be Taken Out Before Any War Crimes Trial—Russia Analyst (


Virginia, USA

Russians angry at downing of Ukrainian drone over their homes (

Inside Vladimir Putin’s Terrifying Electrocution Torture Chambers Human Rights Watchdog Fears Are Just ‘Tip of Iceberg’ (

Xi Jinping’s plan to annex Russian territory is there for all to see (

Vladimir Putin Critic Elvira Vikhareva 'Poisoned' With Cancer-Causing 'Heavy Metal Salts' After Opposing Russian Tyrant (

German Leopard 2 tanks have reached Ukraine (

First Challenger tanks already in Ukraine: Ukraine's Defence Minister and air assault troops try out combat gifts (

Putin and Xi’s plot to control the internet will leave the West in the dust (

‘We too mean business’: Russian civilian reacts to Putin’s latest nuclear strategy | Watch (

'It's a cult-like mentality': Historian Ian Garner on the militarization of Russian society (

Smoke over Bakhmut, soldiers in trenches: army drone | Watch (

Treatment of Ukraine Fencing Athletes in China Sparks Backlash (

China Responds to Putin's Threat to Break Nuclear Weapons Pledge (

Ukraine Releases Video of Deadly Bakhmut Strike on 'Wagner Group Fighters' (

Ukraine Videos Shows Deadly ‘Excalibur’ Strike on Russian Fuel Trucks (

What Putin’s Latest Nuke Announcement Really Means (

Ukraine forces can ‘break through’ Russian defences in counter-attacks, say military experts (

Russia Says It Has Nuclear Power To ‘Destroy Any Enemy,’ Including US, If Its Existence Is Threatened (


Virginia, USA

Russia 'Panicking' Over Bakhmut Delays, Ukraine Adviser Says (

China and Russia are locked in a death spiral (

Russians engage experienced Wagnerites in attack on Avdiivka – ISW (

Bear Grylls Accused of Trying to Poison Ukrainian President with Chocolate Bar (

Russian soldiers say they were sent into battle with 'blocking' units behind them to stop them from retreating (

Russia Caught Red-Handed Making Fake Video of Ukrainian Attack on Woman and Child (

India Ready for 'Any Contingency' Against China, Says Head of Army (

Mayor of Russian Arctic Town to Serve on the Frontline in Ukraine (

Just say NO and Veto Putin From Taking Over U.N. Security Council (

Russia's newest army corps lost many of its tanks in an offensive because it simply copied tactics that failed in the past, UK intel says (

Xi and Putin share a deep resentment of the US, but China's new dominance over Russia could eventually shatter the alliance (

Ukrainian president marks liberation in border region | Watch (

Even Putin’s allies are turning against him (

Russia warns Armenia against siding with ICC after Putin arrest warrant: 'serious consequences' (

Ukraine Launches U.S. 'Small Diameter' Bomb With Longer Range Than HIMARS (

Pentagon Chief Won’t Deny Ceding Airspace to Russia After Drone Confrontation Over Black Sea (

Scandal rocks Moscow elite as Putin cronies allegedly insult him (

Former Ukraine General Predicts Russia Will Launch Major Summer Offensive ( Wait – wasn’t that supposed to be last spring, no, last summer, no , last fall, no, last winter, this spring?

Former Ukraine General Predicts Russia Will Launch Major Summer Offensive (

Vladimir Putin Vows To Position 'Nuclear Super Torpedo Submarines' In Pacific Ocean By End Of The Year (

European boxing champion Maksym Galinichev killed fighting for Ukraine (

Top Russian Commander Fired After Failed Vuhledar Assault—Reports (

How Russia Has Used Depleted Uranium Shells (

Putin security chief vows to destroy the West with hypersonic nukes if it attempts to defeat Russia | Daily Mail Online

Notorious Russian Colonel Who Oversaw Slaughter Of Hundreds Of Ukrainian Troops Is Found Dead (

Explosions rock locomotive depot in occupied Melitopol, city cut off grid (

Ukraine returns non-working air defence system to ally – Zelenskyy (

This little country will help deliver a major blow to Putin's war (

The Only Realistic Answer to Putin (

Explosion thunders in Crimean settlement with military airbase (

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is ushering in an economic crisis for Putin: report (

Russian State Media Attacks Putin's War for First Time (

Russian TV Guest Angrily Shut Down After Arguing West Is More Powerful (

Zelensky admits he may have to 'compromise' if Russia takes Bakhmut (

Sweden summons Russian envoy over 'retaliation' remark (

Russia says unfortunately it is impossible to achieve its goals in Ukraine through diplomatic channels ( First true statement. Impossible to achieve their goals via diplomacy since their goals are to restore the Soviet empire.

Russian Official Warns of Plot to Overthrow Belarusian Government (

Report: Female Russian medics are being forced into sexual slavery (

Putin admits sanctions harm Russian economy (

Czech Republic Air Force Airmen Complete H-1 Aircraft Training with U.S. Marine Corps (

Russian Ally Warns Putin: Don’t Visit—or You’ll Get Arrested (

Russia's Wagner chief says battle for Bakhmut has damaged his forces (

Kremlin Stoops to New Low in Batshit Case Against Anti-War Single Dad (

Russian soldiers crowd civilian hospitals on temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories (

Sweden becomes 'legitimate target' by joining NATO, Russian envoy says (

‘I Pray to God’: Desperate Relatives of Russian PoWs Decry Lack of Official Help (

Russia says Ukraine using long-range US artillery (

Russia shifts focus on Bakhmut issue: Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister explains why Russia deploys psychological operations (

Kremlin says it is not Russia's place to advise China's Xi on whether to go to Ukraine (

ISW counts how much of Bakhmut Russians captured (

Moscow counts 750,000 Ukrainian refugee children in Russia (

Russia Places Pussy Riot Co-Founder Nadya Tolokonnikova on Wanted List (

Russian Plane Stuck in Canada Racks Up Over $300,000 in Parking Fees (

Guardian: Russia pushing for 'forever war,' says Peskov (

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy invites Chinese leader Xi Jinping to visit after Russia visit (

Kremlin predicts long hybrid war, so Russians should "unite around Putin" (

Ukraine's Defence Minister explains importance of Bakhmut's defence and announces huge Russian losses (

How US trainers helped Ukraine reinvent its doctrine (

Russia Deployed Network of Secret Agents in Ukraine Before Invasion: Report (


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Late to the party. I love the threat to nuke any county that detains Putin. They didn't think that one all the way through.


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Opinion: Russia’s nuclear blackmail is a spectacular success for Putin (

‘It’s a slaughter-fest for the Russians’: Top US general on Bakhmut battle | Watch (

Russia plans to conscript over half million people this year (

Zelenskyy fears Ukrainians will lose the will to fight and push him to negotiate with Moscow if Bakhmut falls (

Fugitive Russian father draws Kremlin censure, support from Wagner boss (

A new age of spying gives Kyiv the upper hand (

Top Russian Commander Fired After Failed Vuhledar Assault—Reports (

Russian special services used teenagers to "mine" facilities in Ukraine – Security Service of Ukraine (

Putin assures Russians they lived longer than usual in 2022 (

New Ukraine War Footage Shows Massive ‘Cannon’ Attacking Russian Forces (

Russia is forcing Western companies exiting its market to make a donation to the country — and it's making it harder for them to leave (

Ukraine strikes deep in Russian-held territory | Watch (

Ukraine could just be a skirmish in Xi and Putin’s new world order (

Russian dad whose teen drew anti-war picture flees jail and exposes cracks in Putin’s crackdown on dissent (

Ukraine hits Russian-held city deep behind front as talk of counteroffensive grows (

Did Putin Lie About Sending Nuclear Weapons to Belarus? (

Russia's corporate profits dropped 21.3% in Jan, business climate worsened (

Wagner Group Fighters Make Major Bakhmut Breakthrough—ISW (

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Accuses Russian Soldiers Of Sexually Abusing Ukrainian Children (

She's on Moscow's most wanted list. Hear what she thinks of Putin and his war in Ukraine | Watch (

Official: Russia trying to undermine trust in Ukraine's decisions about Bakhmut (

Ukrainian troops say Russia's Wagner fighters would rather die in Bakhmut than retreat and face punishment (

Poland is now the new Great Power of Europe (

Bakhmut has turned into a Russian ‘slaughter-fest’ (

'It's not a pretty picture': Russia's support is growing in the developing world (

Milley: US has long way to go to build munitions stockpile (

Car taking away icon from Kyiv monastery is stopped by police (

Ukraine strikes deep in Russian-held territory | Watch (

Putin's War May Spill Over Borders If Finland Joins NATO, Warns Hungarian Politician: 'Bloodthirsty Atmosphere Of War Reigns…' (

Russian Court Orders WSJ Reporter to Be Held in Custody (

Hackers think they’ve found Russian commander who ‘bombed 700 people’ (

Ukraine appears to be trying to capitalize on cracks in China and Russia's alliance after a nuclear snub from Putin (

Entire Ukrainian city levelled in Russian assault (

Far-right and socialist MPs walk out of Austrian Parliament during Zelenskyy’s speech ( Shameful

Ukrainian commander says battle for Bakhmut might be a turning point in the war and Ukraine is capable of holding the city (

Putin Turns on His Former Ally as He Brands Hungary 'Unfriendly Nation' (

Putin can’t handle the truth: Why American journalist Evan Gershkovich, who was abducted for revealing Russia's economic collapse, must be freed (


Virginia, USA

Putin can’t handle the truth: Why American journalist Evan Gershkovich, who was abducted for revealing Russia's economic collapse, must be freed (

Finland says Russia spy operations weakened in Nordic nation (

Wagner Boss Prigozhin Sends a Very Weird Audio Message to The Daily Beast (

'Check the torture cellar': Russian mercenary boss leaves U.S. reporter disturbing message about a 'corpse' (

Ukraine considers Russia’s assumption of UN Security Council presidency in April a »bad joke» (

Russia Adopts New Global Strategy to Curtail Western 'Dominance' (

Slovenian Prime Minister signs declaration of support for Ukraine's accession to NATO ( Not going to happen, but a good step in the right direction to show solidarity.

Vladimir Putin's new official foreign policy doctrine targets US (

Vladimir Putin Aims To Use Captured WSJ Reporter Suspected Of ‘Spying’ As Leverage For A ‘Trade’ (

Russia Shoots Down Key Ally's Plea for Peace Talks (

Ugandan President's son is ready to defend Moscow from "imperialists": he will send soldiers (

Opinion: Ukrainians Need Abrams Tanks to Stop Russians from Planting Deadly Landmines (

Russia-Ukraine live updates: Russia to enlist 147,000 soldiers in April (

Kim Jong Un May Supply Weapons To Putin In Exchange For Food As North Korea's Crisis Worsens: US (

Putin Ally Warns 'Immediate...Use Of Russian Nuclear Weapons' If US Deploys Nukes In Ukraine (

Russia claims it has no plans for new mobilisation: it allegedly has enough volunteers (

‘Absurdity to a new level’ as Russia takes charge of UN security council (

Zelensky commemorates horrific Bucha massacre: "The devil on the ground" (

Meet the group arguing Russia should not be in the UN (

Ukrainian hackers’ hoax unmasks Russian pilots accused of Mariupol theatre bombing (