Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Russia plans provocation on Ukraine-Belarus border, will send propagandist Solovyov there (

Anti-Russia guerrillas in Belarus take on 'two-headed enemy' (

Putin Dealt Double Blow as Two of His Closest Allies Turn on Him ( at least somebody can read the handwriting on the wall.

Head of Crimea Says 'Prepare for War' as Ukraine Seeks to Reclaim Territory (

Ukraine detains officials over destruction of famous plane at start of war (

Ukraine says Bakhmut battle pins down Russia's best units (

Russians launch another information attack about Bakhmut (

Ukrainian defenders kill 870 occupiers and destroy aircraft (

Putin thinks 'Ukraine matters more to him' than to the West and that he'll eventually win his disastrous war, CIA chief warns (

Russian forces fire on occupied Oleshky in Kherson Oblast in order to discredit Ukraine's Armed Forces (

Russian forces kill two Ukrainians with artillery in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (

‘Nervous’ Putin Faces Mutiny: Doomed Troops Refuse To Be ‘Sent To Slaughter’ — As Battle For Power Splits Russian Forces (

US says intelligence shows Russia stirring unrest in Moldova (

Nord Stream mystery: the tanker Minerva Julie spent 7 days idling near the attack site (

Ukraine rebounds from Russian barrage, restores power supply ( and some of the power in PR is still out from Maria

Russia Suffers Massive Loss of Weapons, Vehicles in a Day: Ukraine (

Ukraine Reveals Timetable for Counteroffensive (

'Nervous' Vladimir Putin Cuts Off Communication With Mercenary Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin In Latest Power Play (


Virginia, USA

Russian offensive on Vuhledar currently out of question – defence forces (

Russians say defence line in Crimea is being built "unconventionally" (

Incitement to desertion: Former Ukraine's President to be tried in absentia (

Wagner Says Russian Fighters Near Central Bakhmut 'Killing Zone' (

Russia runs out of armament stockpiles – Ukraine's Secretary of National Security (

Russia Admits the Truth on Deporting Ukrainian Children (

Wagner mercenaries boss reveals recruitment drive due to Bakhmut (

Air-raid warning announced in Kyiv and half of Ukraine due missile carrier launch (

Zelenskyy imposes sanctions against 120 individuals and 287 legal entities (

Over 1,000 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine on 10 March (

Ukraine war latest: Ukraine holds onto Bakhmut as the country mourns legendary soldier killed near the ruined city (

Ukrainian gunships rain rockets on Russian targets near Bakhmut (

Double Strike: Ukraine Video Shows Russian Armor Hit by Missile and Drone (

Russia's 'Shortcomings' Clearly Seen in Ukraine, Moscow Politician Admits (

US to help Moldova fight Russia's destabilization efforts (

US warns Russian-linked actors seeking to 'foment manufactured insurrection' in European country (

Offensive Guard assault brigades are almost ready, reserves being made (

Moscow Patriarchate to leave all premises of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (

Two strikes in Mariupol might have hit Russian clusters of personnel (

Russia cautions regional allies against US ties, cites Western-backed coup in Georgia (

Hundreds of cars confiscated from drunk drivers to be supplied to Ukraine's military and hospitals (

Wagner Boss Prigozhin Announces Bid for Ukraine Presidency (

Kraken Defence Intelligence unit says 2 observation towers in Russia destroyed (

Outskirts of Bakhmut littered with corpses of Russians, and collaborators are fleeing to Russia – Ukrainian official (

Belarus sees sabotage from within as citizens protest aid to Russia amid war in Ukraine: report (

Finnish authorities back out on PM's suggestion that Finland could give Ukraine fighter jets (

Border Guards unit eliminates a group of Wagner fighters in Bakhmut (

Decades and billions of dollars. When will Ukrainian fields and cities be cleared of mines? (

Russian officials having passports seized due to flight concerns (

Russian officials having passports seized due to flight concerns (

Russia 'Running Out' of Decades Old Weapons Stockpile: Ukraine Official (

A dramatic helmet-cam video shows Ukrainian troops storming a Russian trench and capturing 2 prisoners of war (

Power restored in Kyiv but 5% of residents still without heating after Russian attack (

Private Military Groups Will 'Contribute to Chaos' in Russia: Ex-General (

General Staff: Ukraine repels more than 100 Russian attacks over past 24 hours (

Expert warns Russia won’t hold Bakhmut after the winter thaw (

Estonian ex-president calls on Western countries to provide fighter jets to Ukraine (

General Staff: Russia conducts multiple unsuccessful attacks on eastern front (

Fire reported at Russian propaganda channel in Moscow (

UK estimates that Bakhmut, which has become a death zone, is already divided between Russia and Ukraine (


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Our anniversary, my dear. From the Devil's Kitchen

US, allies scramble to meet Ukraine’s needs for ammunition ahead of Russian offensive (

Russia's Elite Spared Death in Ukraine at Expense of Minorities: U.K. (

Ukraine's Armed Forces repel 90 Russian attack over past day – General Staff (

Mandatory evacuation from Kupiansk district (Kharkiv Oblast) is underway (

Biden says the U.S. and Ukraine are united. Cracks are starting to show. (

Russian forces fire rockets at Ochakiv (

US authorities seized smuggled artifacts that were stolen from Ukraine – and returned them where they belong (

Russian State Media Urges This Could 'Solve Any Issue' on Frontlines (

ISW: Putin unable to immediately fix control over Russia's information sphere (

Wagner Group Has Ambitious Plans Beyond Bakhmut (

Putin Now Concerned About His Own Safety, Former Ambassador Says (

Man who "went to fight on the side of Ukraine" is jailed for three years in Belgorod (

Russian wives and mothers call on Putin to stop sending mobilized men ‘to the slaughter’ (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Hundreds killed in fighting for Bakhmut (

Zelenskyy discussed Ukraine's security needs with Czech Republic's new president (

Russian official hits back after analysts assert that she confirmed Kremlin infighting (

Belarusian border guards complain that Ukrainian counterparts intimidate them (

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief discusses strengthening Ukraine's air defence with US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman (

Russians lose two dozen soldiers while storming border crossings in Donetsk Oblast (

Switzerland disposes of operational anti-aircraft missiles that would be useful to Ukraine (

Mikhail Vinogradov: Russia’s Bite No Longer Matches its Bark in Ukraine (

Ukraine Readies Counteroffensive as Russia Inches Forward in Bakhmut (

Russian advance stalls in Ukraine’s Bakhmut, think tank says (

Simplest Explanation Of Why Modern Tanks Don't Give A Hoot About Incoming Missiles (

Russia plagued by Kremlin infighting; Wagner mercenaries struggle in Bakhmut: Ukraine live updates (

Russia state TV issues terrifying warning to citizens after getting hacked (

Ukraine, Russia say hundreds of enemy troops killed in battle for Bakhmut (

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed dozens of Wagner’s assault groups in one night (

General Staff: Russia has lost 159,090 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24, 2022 (

New explosions near Mariupol, Russian planes on alert (

Zelenskyy on sanctions against Russian betting firms: Major gambling scams stopped (

ISW: No confirmed advances by Russian forces in Bakhmut (

Kremlin Admits Putin Losing Control of Russia's War Narrative — ISW (

Police: Russia launches 48 attacks against civilians in Donetsk Oblast over the past day (


Virginia, USA

Russia considers raising conscription age to enlist more people within next 2 years (

'This War Made Him a Monster.' Ukrainian Women Fear the Return of Their Partners (

150 Wagner Group fighters hospitalised in Russian-occupied Luhansk Oblast (

Poland revamping military, more than doubling its army to counter Russian threat: report (

Bomb disposal experts and civilian injured by Russian munitions in Kherson Oblast: one killed (

Lockheed Martin Corp. to Lay Off 176 Workers in Southern Maryland (

If Russia Loses Ukraine War, This Is How Putin Will React (

When it comes to peace talks, the problem is Russia, not Ukraine (

Bloodshed in Bakhmut: Russia Suffers Potentially Deadliest Day Yet in Ukraine (

ICC to seek arrest warrants against Russians over alleged war crimes -source (

Ukraine-Russia news – latest: Putin and Wagner group reach ‘boiling point’ in Bakhmut rivalry (

Russians Express Anger at Mass Grave Plans: 'We Don't Want to Be Buried' (

How Russian Forces in Ukraine Are Learning to Fight: U.S. Veteran Trainer (

Vladimir Putin accused of being behind the mysterious deaths of 39 Russian elites (

New Statements From Russia’s Foreign Ministry Point to Infighting Amongst Kremlin Leadership | Watch (

Russia will need decades to restore its military potential – Secretary of Ukraine's Security and Defence Council (

This Is How Russian TV Reacted to 'Navalny' Oscar Win (

Ukraine's Armed Forces hit Russian command post, air defence system and cluster of military personnel (

Kremlin critic Kara-Murza goes on trial for treason (

Moscow Patriarchate refuses to vacate premises of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (

Forests being cut down in Moscow to deploy air defence systems – The Insider (

Hero Matsiievskyi executed for saying "Glory to Ukraine!" was Moldovan citizen (

Russian soldier caught in Kharkiv Oblast hiding in abandoned buildings (


Virginia, USA

Moscow fumes as Ukraine considers changing Russia’s official name (

Russia's war hawks say attrition has backfired in Ukraine: 'We have no rounds' (

At Least 39 Russian Oligarchs, Scientists & Generals Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances After Criticizing Putin's War In Ukraine (

US warns Orban on stance over Russian invasion (

All 500 original members of a Ukrainian battalion were killed or wounded in fighting with Russia, commander says (

Putin’s warlord ally reappears after claims he was ‘poisoned’ (

US turns to new ways to punish Russian oligarchs for the war (

Ukrainian pilots are calling the US Air Force for tips on using US-made missiles and bombs (

Desperate Putin empties museums of obsolete tanks to use in war (

Why Putin may be trying to 'weaken' a 'paramilitary mercenary' group he hired to fight in Ukraine: report (

Pentagon Seeks Ways To Buy Massive Amounts Of Munitions For Conflict With China Under Biden’s Defense Budget (

Russian State TV Chief Says Country Will 'Defeat the Entire Western World' (

Serbian minister calls for sanctions against Russia (

Vladimir Putin may be forced out of power as Russian diplomat reveals he 'can be replaced' (

Russian forces slightly loosen their grip on Donetsk front – Armed Forces (

Second attempt to assassinate Russian deputy puppet head of Nova Kakhovka (

Russia has been forced to issue old ammunition that was previously declared unfit for use, says UK intel, deepening its struggles in Ukraine (

Putin tells aircraft factory workers in Buryatia how he was tricked (

Fact check: Video shows military equipment being shipped to Texas, not Ukraine ( The bois in the other thread posting crap again?

Russian fighter jet collides with US Air Force drone over Black Sea (

Hundreds of Ukrainian Troops May Be Trapped in Bakhmut Tunnels (

Vladimir Putin may be forced out of power as Russian diplomat reveals he 'can be replaced' (

Russia Abandoning Outskirts of Kherson Months After Losing City: Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Russian agent tasked with assassinating Ukraine's Defence Minister and Defence Intelligence Chief sentenced to 12 years in prison (

The Danger of Russia Becoming President of the U.N. Security Council (

Putin's 'Poisoned' Chechen Warlord Kadyrov Resurfaces, Asks For Permission To 'Boast A Bit' (

Russia’s next civil war has already begun (

Hungary scraps parliamentary session as Sweden and Finland await NATO vote (

Military draft notices distribution officially announced in Russia's Voronezh (

Incrementalism Is Throttling US Support for Ukraine | Hudson

Russia is so cut off from the international financial system that the Kremlin thinks Western sanctions have 'insured' the country against the banking crisis (

Ukrainian Defence Minister announces formation of "naval coalition": 3 countries have already joined (

Analysts calculate how much Ukrainian territory Russia captured in one month of offensive (

Ukrainian defenders kill almost 1,000 Russian soldiers in past 24 hours (

‘They don’t respect us’: Backlash in Bali as Russians flee war (

Unidentified object found next to one of the Nord Stream pipelines (

Special Operations Forces show how they attack Russian marines in trenches (

Russians want to mobilise 500 Horlivka residents to replenish their losses (

A Russian trainspotter who became obsessed with taking photographs of Putin's 'ghost train' now lives in exile: report (

Russia's oil revenues fall sharply as the West's price cap starts to bite, IEA says (


Virginia, USA

Russians unsuccessfully try to surround Bakhmut and advance – Commander of Ukraine's Ground Forces (

UK turns Russophobia argument on Moscow, claims greatest threat to Russian society is war in Ukraine (

Russia is confiscating its officials' passports to stop them fleeing the country or defecting, UK intel says (

US comments on Zelenskyy's decision to stay in Bakhmut (

Putin's crony Ramzan Kadyrov, 46, forced to deny he is terminally ill (

Strange activity and number of Russian ships in Black Sea (

Governor of occupied Crimea wants to deprive of citizenship all those who don't stand up when Russian anthem is played (

Unrest around Russian borders shows when empires crumble, they become murderous (

KGB Spy Close To Vladimir Putin Claims Russian Tyrant Is Using Body Doubles — And He Has Proof (

UN commission fails to find evidence of Russia's genocide in Ukraine (

Russia Says It Is Not a Threat to Finland (

Vladimir Putin: US issued fresh warning not to ignore his nuclear threats, 'it is certainly not impossible' (

Russia Loses 12 Tanks, 11 Armored Vehicles and 1,040 Troops in a Day: Kyiv (

Deadly explosions and inferno rip through Russian FSB building (

Russian spy building 'explodes' sparking large fire in city near Ukraine border (
Ramzan Kadyrov might be sick and some even say he was poisoned (

Putin Is ‘Bleeding Out’ the Russian Military In Ukraine (

Battle for Bakhmut grinds down Wagner’s mercenaries and cuts their notorious leader down to size (

Report: Putin's top officials called for 'aggressive' attack on US jet (


Virginia, USA

Ukraine's Security Service detains two people who leaked information on positions of Ukrainan troops near Bakhmut to Russians (

Russia vows to respond ‘proportionately’ to US ‘provocations’ (

"Death Net" of Ukrainian Armed Forces: General Staff reports on successful tactics of eliminating occupiers (

Vladimir Putin's 'chef' says his mercenaries 'will take Bakhmut anyway' despite Kremlin's 'envy' (

Entire Russian spy network dismantled in Poland (

Vladimir Putin: China's Xi Jinping could have another motive for meeting Russian President (

Belarus Weekly: Lukashenko visits Iran, Russian aircraft explosion spurs mass arrests across Belarus (

Russian forces rig household objects with explosives as they retreat (

Kremlin says Ukrainian authorities' decision on Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate justifies "special operation" (

Where In The World Is Vladimir Putin’s Secret Love Child? New Claims Russia’s FPS Has Sheltered 18-Year-Old, Who Has Vanished Off The Face Of The Earth (

Mass grave of Wagnerites found in Russia (

Russian losses in Ukraine reach 1,500 soldiers a day, mainly in Bakhmut – NATO official (

Assad says ‘No’ to Erdogan encounter as word spreads diplomats' Moscow meeting on Syria won’t go ahead (

Russians in Bakhmut use all their forces, ongoing battles from three sides of city – Commander of Ukrainian Ground Forces (

Americans launch second drone towards Black Sea (

Putin Spooks Busted: 9 Russian Spies Arrested After Foiled Plot To Blow Up Airport (

Ukraine's National Defence Secretary on eviction of UOC-MP from Lavra Monastery: There will be no violence, but we will fulfill decisions (

Russian politician who did not stand for national anthem is drafted to fight in Ukraine (

NATO Ally Placing HIMARS Right on Putin's Front Door (

Kremlin Says 'War Against NATO' in Ukraine Is for 'Future Generations' (

Finland Leaves Sweden Behind in Race to NATO Membership (

Russia May Be Preparing for 'Forced Evacuation' of Crimea (

Russian Leaders Facing Difficult Choice Due to 'Depleted' Forces: U.K. (

Russians cannot break through Ukraine's defence on Kupiansk and Lyman fronts – General Staff report (

Putin will be ‘haunt[ed] for the rest of his life’ by warrant, former ambassador says | Watch (

Who Is Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova? Russia Official Accused of War Crime (

After Putin's arrest warrant, Xi's visit to Moscow is not an easy task – Ukrainian Security Council Secretary (

Putin's Allies' Fears Come True (

Russian State TV Slams 'Chinese Interests' Ahead Of Xi Jinping Visit | Watch (


Virginia, USA

The Last Three Accused ICC War Criminals Before Putin Are Still Fugitives (

Ukraine is preparing to turn the tide of the war says brigadier general (

Putin's Forces 'Guaranteed to Lose' Ukraine War: Former Russian Commander (

100,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russian invasion - report (

China foreign minister urges solution to Ukraine war in rare call (

Wagner Boss Likely Fabricated Report of Putin Plotting Against Him: ISW (

Q&A: What the ICC arrest warrants mean for Russia’s Putin (

Russia Losing Troops So Fast, They May 'Collapse' by Year's End: Ex-General (

Heads of Belarusian media outlet sentenced to 12 years at closed trial (

Putin should be tried along with others responsible for Ukraine barbarity -Polish govt (

Putin's Arrest Warrant Threatens to Upend His Most Important Relationship (

After Putin's arrest warrant, Xi's visit to Moscow is not an easy task – Ukrainian Security Council Secretary (

Opinion: Why the US is beating Russia in the Black Sea without firing a shot (

EXCLUSIVE-Russians flood Kazakhstan with sanction-busting requests - sources (

Russia says it will destroy fighter jets sent to Ukraine (

Polish security service breaks up alleged Russian spy ring targeting weapons-shipment rail routes (

NATO's Stoltenberg hails Turkish move on Finland membership, sees Sweden joining soon (

Slovak ambassador to U.S. on decision to send Ukraine fighter jets | Watch (

Historical responsibility starts here – Zelenskyy on Putin's arrest warrant (

Ukraine's troops fight off 'massive' Russian attacks in Bakhmut with World War I-era machine guns and sniper traps (

UN report says Belarus rights abuses may amount to 'crime against humanity' (

Wagner Offensive in Bakhmut 'Nearing Culmination': ISW (

New report reveals Putin’s only tank factory can’t replace his losses (

Russians try to disguise mass mobilisation in Luhansk Oblast as training – General Staff (

Special Forces destroy 10 Russian tanks in one night (

Putin’s War Has Caused a Huge Plastic Surgery Boom in Ukraine (

Siberia is up for grabs as Putin becomes China's vassal (

Foreign Ministry said worried by worsening Russian tone over Israel actions in Syria (

Ukraine – Save the Children calls for full investigation into crimes against children (

Almost 900 more Russians killed in Ukraine in last 24 hours (

Bars in Moscow suspected of financing Ukraine's Armed Forces (

James Horncastle: How the Battle for Bakhmut Has Exposed Russia’s Fault Lines (

Russians look for "partisans and saboteurs" in Luhansk Oblast (

Putin Signs Law Punishing Mercenaries' Critics With Jail (

Putin seen limping during unannounced visit to Crimea (

Russia's new offensive in Ukraine has likely fizzled out after only a month, Western intel says (

'Hugely significant': CNN reporter reacts to Putin arrest warrant | Watch (

Putin intensifies punishment for "fake news" about the war and the Russian occupiers (

US allies on alert for Russian attacks after drone downed | Watch (

NATO Edges Closer to Expansion as Finland Wins Over Holdouts (

Russia's "omnipotence" - Crazy Kremlin propaganda: How to brainwash | – behind a paywall, but you can use Google translate and get the gist of the article from the first couple of paragraphs

Russians try to surround Avdiivka, lose nearly two companies of soldiers (

United States confirms use of Chinese ammunition in Ukraine (

Ukrainian Church Metropolitan addresses clergy of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra: All who reject Moscow's power will continue their service (

Defence forces repel attacks in northern part of Bakhmut – General Staff report (

Russian State TV Figures React to Putin's Arrest Warrant (

Estonian Defense Minister: 'It's still an artillery fight,' and Tallinn will help Kyiv get at least 1 million rounds (

Russia and China’s new alliance is beginning to echo December 1941 (

Turkey and Hungary to green-light Finland’s NATO membership | Watch (

Kremlin Already Searching for Putin's Replacement: Intelligence Official (


Virginia, USA

Russia, Wagner Group Offenses in Bakhmut 'Lowest' Since January: U.K. (

Arrest Warrant From ICC Pierces Putin’s Aura of Impunity (

Putin Makes Surprise Visit to Occupied Ukraine (

A Ukrainian soldier wondered if the Russians advancing on Bakhmut are on drugs: 'Otherwise, how can they go to certain death?' (

Russian soldiers try to avoid going to war after their losses near Vuhledar – General Staff report (

Vladimir Putin’s latest appearance sparks speculation over health concerns once again (

Ukraine's border guards repel 4 Russian assaults in Bakhmut and kill occupiers (

Putin's macabre tour of occupied Ukraine: Russian leader visits besieged regions of Crimea and Mariupol (

South Africa aware of legal obligations regarding Putin visit (

Russia's Investigative Committee reacts to German Justice Minister's statement on Putin's arrest (

See what some Chinese citizens are saying about Xi’s visit with Putin | Watch (

Wagner Chief's Warning Shows Fear Russia About To 'Lose the Initiative'—ISW (

Putin visits command centre in Rostov on Don | Watch (

Vladimir Putin ‘seen driving’ around Russian-occupied city in Ukraine (

Vladimir Putin Slammed by Igor Girkin Over Crimea Visit: 'Cretinism Blooms' (

Polish Ambassador to France: Poland will be forced to enter war if Ukraine fails to defend itself (

Putin once again brings up "diplomatic settlement" ahead of Xi Jinping's visit (

Podolyak on China's "peace plan": Doesn't make sense and contains contradictions (

Wagner announces 42 recruitment centers in push for more soldiers (

Russia's Melitopol Move 'Acknowledgement' It Won't Achieve Key Aim: U.K. (

Putin Has a New Ukraine Problem: His Mercenaries and Military Hate Each Other (

Niinistö: Sweden security OK if Finland joins NATO first (

Is the United States Creating a ‘Legion of Doom’? (

Putin Compared to Hitler for Mariupol Visit After ICC Warrant ( reason for the repeat cartoon


Virginia, USA

Putin Reveals Why He Didn't Launch Full Invasion of Ukraine in 2014 (

Gordon Chang: China Is the ‘Fuel’ Behind Putin’s War in Ukraine (

Retired lt. gen. breaks down video of Putin’s Ukraine visit | Watch (

Russia and China want to disrupt the world order, NSC spokesperson says (

Russians attack Bakhmut by inertia, suffering heavy losses (

'It's personal for him': What Putin saw in Mariupol (

Kirby: [Putin] knows his military is underperforming... he's trying to shore up his domestic base | Watch (

Belarusian KGB claims they killed foreigner planning terrorist act (

China Says Putin Has 'Immunity' From War Crimes Prosecution (

Putin's 12: The Russian Oligarchs Summoned to Kremlin (

Putin's Staff Ordered to Stop Using iPhones (

Elderly Russian Woman's Attack on State TV 'Brainwashing' Viewed 1M Times (

Putin was told Mariupol was a 'paradise' during his night-time visit. Daylight photos show how it really looks. (

Ben & Jerry's Faces Boycott Calls Over Founder's Stance on Ukraine Weapons (

Putin 'Knows He's in the Corner' in Ukraine, Ex-NATO Spy Chief Says (

The ‘evil empire’ is morphing into a new Sino-Russian empire (

Zelensky Has an Answer for DeSantis (

Russia's Medvedev: ICC's decision on Putin will have horrible consequences for law (

Putin's Visit to Occupied Ukraine Shows All Is Not Well (

Putin and Xi dine on fish soup, venison and pavlova dessert as Chinese leader visits Russia (

Russia Threatens to Blow Up ICC With Hypersonic Missile (

How Russians Reacted to Warrant for Putin's Arrest (

The Turbulent Reason Why Romania Is Buying Abrams Tanks From America (

Russia seizes Volkswagen factory in legal battle with Deripaska’s car maker (

Putin's tour of Mariupol is like a murderer returning to the scene of a crime, Ukrainian official says (

Norway delivers Leopard tanks to Ukraine (

Collaborator who oversaw torture in Kherson Oblast confirmed dead (

Wagner Group founder afraid of Ukrainian offensive in Bakhmut, asks Russian Defence Minister for help (

Putin's 'Desperate' Mariupol Visit Was His 'Last Stand': Governor (

Czech President: Ukraine has only one attempt to conduct huge counteroffensive (

Vladimir Putin becoming 'more toxic' as search for his successor is 'already underway' (

US Warns Putin-Linked Mercenary Group Planning To Kill Chad President Amid Africa's Fear Of 'Cold War' (

Russia's offensive in Donbas reaches culmination, Ukraine may regain initiative (

Putin reportedly heckled during visit to key Ukrainian city | Watch (

Intelligence: Explosion in Crimea destroys Russian Kalibr missiles (

Ukraine says Russia cruise missiles blown up in transit in Crimea (

Ian Bremmer: Russia will lose on the global stage even if Ukraine gets its territory back | Watch (

Poland's Entry Into Ukraine Conflict Will Mean Start Of 'Third World War By NATO,' Says Russian Lawmaker (