Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Russia’s military soldiers send a surprising message to Wagner Group | Watch (

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'Millions' of Russians ordered to take shelter after Ukrainians hack TV and radio | Watch ( What happens in a real alarm?

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More of Russia's soldiers have died in Ukraine — a war Putin thought would be over in days — than in all its wars since World War II combined, new analysis finds (

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The US is increasingly backing one of Russia's few remaining allies, seizing on cracks in the relationship after the invasion of Ukraine (

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Hundreds of Russian Soldiers Killed as Battles Intensify: Zelensky ( I’d be interested in seeing a somewhat realist estimate of Ukrainian losses as well.

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Finland has started building a 124-mile fence on its border with Russia. It's going to be covered in barbed wire and span 'riskier areas' between the countries, Finland says. (

Netanyahu bows to U.S. pressure to distance Israel from Putin (

A Ukrainian drone operator being followed by a film crew feared his life could end at 'any moment.' He was killed the day before the documentary aired. (

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Russia's ruble has crashed 20% as Ukraine war costs pile up and energy revenue sinks (

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Hungarian PM's party backs ratification of Finland, Sweden NATO entry (

NATO Inches Closer to Russia's Border (

Ukraine reportedly 'strikes major Russian air base in fresh strike' (


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As would I. I see a lot of various casualty numbers and hard to trust anything with confidence, not that it matters. I never see anything for Ukraine, understandably.
Yeah, the numbers for the Russians are probably close with so many countries looking into them. the same countries are, most likely, looking at Ukrainian numbers too, but they aren't publishing those. While not nearly as high as the Russian numbers, I suspect that they are quite staggering.


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I read UA is up near 60k.

I read RU is up near 200k

Seeing the keystone cops getting slaughtered at Vuhledar I wouldn’t be shocked if this numbers are true.

Who assaults through a fucking mine field under observation and in artillery range. 🤦‍♂️


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Hungary's president urges lawmakers to ratify Finland, Sweden NATO entry (

Russian Group With Ukraine Ties Say They Took Control of a Russian Village (

G20 in Disarray After Russia and China Reject Consensus on Ukraine (

Russia Unveils New Nuclear Strategy (

Russia Loses 130 Armored Vehicles In Biggest Tank Battle of Russo-Ukrainian War (

A Russian man fleeing Putin's draft was stuck for 5 months in a South Korean airport, terrified of being sent to war (

Antony Blinken Meets With Russian Foreign Minister at G-20 Meeting (

UK navy seizes anti-tank missiles being smuggled out of Iran, adding to a mountain of weapons intercepted by the US and its partners at sea (

Russia may run of out money next year and needs foreign investors due to 'serious' pressure from sanctions, oligarch warns (

Russian mercenary boss publishes video showing fighters inside Ukraine's Bakhmut (

Russian soldiers dying in large groups, pleading to Putin for help | Watch (

Russia Losses in Ukraine Pass New Deadly Milestone: Kyiv (

Putin Ally Issues Chilling Warning After Bryansk 'Terrorist Attack' (

US to send more ammo, folding armored bridges to Ukraine (

China Will Attack U.S. Soil If Tensions Boil Over: Army Secretary | Watch (

In epic tank battle, Ukraine outmaneuvers and decimates Russian forces (

Putin Sees Sanctions Pressure Piling Up As US, Allies Request UAE To Stop 'Re-Exports' To Russia (

Russia Preparing Key Occupied City for 'Siege': Ukrainian Mayor (

Two Americans arrested on charges of selling tech to Russia (

Russian Billionaire Warns Putin's Running Out of Money (

Russia won't be first to test nuclear device - deputy FM (

American vet who claims he defected to Russia in Ukraine served just 2 years in the US Army, left as PFC (

Bakhmut on the brink as Ukraine signals retreat (

Battle for Bakhmut Is About to Become More Difficult: U.K. (

Russia used drones to attack civilians, including a child, waiting for aid in a line outside a school, Ukrainian officials allege (

Concerned over possible China sanctions over Ukraine war, US reaches out to allies for support (


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Literally always.

Russian soldiers lives have never been something Russia rulers have cared about.

It’s been shocking to see all the TTPs and doctrine I trained to fight against in the 90s never changed. I thought our OPFOR was always cliche in their tactics… now I know it was all exactly like reality.

They haven’t event changed over the last year of getting their dicks kicked. 🤦‍♂️


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Putin demonstrated no interest in ending war in Ukraine: US' Antony Blinken (

Ukraine 'Saboteurs' Take Hostages Inside Russia: Reports (

Ukraine may have just used long-range weapons for the first time in the war (

Bryansk 'Terrorist Attack'—What We Know As Putin Claims Ukrainian Incursion (

Russia repeated a battle tactic that failed miserably in Bucha and once again lost tanks critical to the war ( as discussed earlier – they just don’t learn – which is a good thing.

Vladimir Putin keeps making the same basic mistakes (

Crowd erupts in laughter at Russia's top diplomat after he claimed the Ukraine war 'was launched against us' (

In Ukraine, the United States Is In Over Its Head ( Opinions are like assholes…

US sending bridge-launchers to Ukraine for spring fight (

Putin has a secret brood of children being raised in luxury comparable to Russian tsars, report claims (

Germany seeks to buy mothballed Swiss Leopard 2 tanks (

Vladimir Putin has secretly made millions from a brand of cheap vodka named after himself, report says (

Ukraine orders evacuation of city it recaptured (

Ukrainian commander says there are more Russians attacking the city of Bakhmut than there is ammo to kill them ( I guess that is one way to do it…

Russia Claims U.S. Lied About Meeting Between Diplomats (

Putin’s war has lost Russia up to one million young men (

Bakhmut May Fall Amid Possible Ukraine Retreat (

US Reportedly Readies $400M Ukraine Military Aid As Putin Vows To 'Crush' Terrorist Attack (

Putin doesn’t just want Ukraine — he craves a new Russian Empire and must be stopped now (

Vladimir Putin: Latest conflict could be sign that 'Russians will begin to wake up', official claims (

Far-right Russian militants claim responsibility for attack in Bryansk region (

Under the radar, Germany trains Ukrainians on advanced air defence weapon (

Putin's Russia Will Be 'Broke By 2024' Due To Western Sanctions, Vlad's Billionaire Pal Warns (

Russian lawmakers' group chat exposes scheme to assassinate Volodymyr Zelenskyy: report (

General Staff: Russia has lost 151,370 troops in Ukraine since start of full-scale war (

Wagner Boss Trots Out Terrified Ukrainians to Deliver Grim Message (

General Staff: Ukraine shoots down Russian aircraft, helicopter, 7 drones (

Lavrov says Russia will turn to Asia for energy trade and ‘no longer rely’ on West | Watch (

Conscripts Who Complained to Putin Wiped Out in Battle (

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Ukraine is running low on ammo. Europe faces pressure to produce more. (

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Putin calls special meeting as key ally makes threats over fighter jet deliveries to Ukraine (

Russia must be punished for Ukraine war, U.S., Quad allies say (

CNN reports Russian hit on vital bridge to Bakhmut as Wagner leader claims city is 'practically surrounded' (

Russia is showing off advanced military tech around the world while its troops in Ukraine struggle with obsolete Soviet-era weapons (

US sanctions Russian officials over dissident Kara-Murza’s detention (

The West must prepare for the imminent collapse of Putin’s Russia (

Russia set to mothball ruptured Nord Stream pipelines in a sign that Moscow has given up on Europe as a key buyer (

Russia's oil and gas revenue reportedly tanked in February as price caps and sanctions ate into export earnings (

Top Ukrainian intelligence official: Russia will run out of ‘military tools’ by spring (

Putin amends law to ensure state defence orders are properly met ( The draconian version of the Defense Production Act

Nearly 10,000 Russian soldiers surrender via 'I want to live' hotline since its creation (