Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Finland cleared its final hurdle to joining NATO, bringing a geopolitical nightmare for Putin close to reality (

Russia has lost hard-to-replace systems that help its forces find and destroy Ukrainian artillery, and Western intel says there aren't many left (

In Arrest of US Reporter, Russia Doubles Down on Isolation From West (

Putin ‘clinging to fantasy’ amid ‘failure’ in Ukraine (

Finland's NATO membership: What's next? (

Hundreds of suspected Russian spies were umasked before Russia arrested a U.S. reporter (

Defence Minister of Ukraine tells what is missing for effective counteroffensive (

Europe Close to Deciding on Peacekeeping Troops in Ukraine—Viktor Orbán (

Leaked IT contractor files detail Kremlin's stockpile of cyber-weapons (

Russian Soldier Faces 10 Years in Prison for Failing to Stop Ukraine Strike (

Russia clashes with US over tactical nukes for Belarus (

Putin's Mercenary Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin Expected To Challenge Russian Tyrant In Next Year's Presidential Election (

50 Russian soldiers desert in occupied Luhansk Oblast – General Staff (

Russian ‘invasion was wrong’: Views from China on war in Ukraine (

Putin ‘clinging to fantasy’ amid ‘failure’ in Ukraine (

Russian soldiers accommodated in seized homes in Luhansk Oblast – General Staff (

Kyiv Monastery of Caves abbott searched, Security Service of Ukraine serves suspicion notice on him (

Wagner Raised Its Flag In Central Bakhmut But Victory Looks Less Likely By The Day (

Top General Warns of ‘Concerning’ Chinese Activities Along Border With India (

Putin makes efforts to form anti-Western coalition in UN (

Ukrainian Soldiers Reportedly Find Severed Russian Ear Hanging From Tree As Death Toll Rises In Ongoing Conflict (

The West is an 'existential' threat to the Russia, says Sergei Lavrov | Watch ( but they like all the western stuff, I can’t think of one Russian item that the west wants – except maybe a Trabant…. 😊

Russia's winter offensive in Donbas failed – UK Intelligence (

Hear US official's warning for Americans in Russia | Watch (

More than 600 Russian soldiers were killed on last day of March (

Is Ukraine's Army Now the Best in the World? Major Countries Compared (

Russia Will Struggle to Replace 'Zoopark' Radars Obliterated in Strikes: UK (

Ukrainian Armed Forces hit 2 anti-aircraft missile systems, Russian forces use ballistic missiles – General Staff report (

Russia protests over ‘provocative actions’ by US forces in Syria (

Her dad is a Russian Air Force pilot, she’s an anti-Putin activist (

Russia Defeat Unlikely This Year Despite Tactical Failures—U.S. General (

Some Russians are worrying about an absolutely massive Ukrainian drone attack (

Ukraine’s new drone just destroyed $50 million worth of air defense systems (

Russia's Shoigu promises increased munitions supplies in visit to Ukraine headquarters (

"Pious people are calling from Moscow": Security Service of Ukraine discloses evidence on Kyiv Monastery of Caves Abbot (

Zelenskyy thanks Switzerland: It’s important when neutral countries take a stance (

Russia will never recover from this devastating collapse (

Top Ukraine cleric accused of glorifying Russian invasion appears in court (

Russian occupation forces restrict freedom of movement for residents of Zaporizhzhia Oblast who don’t have Russian passports (

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief releases video showing UK-made howitzers in action in Ukraine (

German defense minister: NATO countries to send total of 160 tanks to Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Russia-Ukraine war: Will there be a spring counteroffensive? (

Belarusian volunteer, former soldier of Tornado battalion, killed on front line (

Kim Jong-un's sister accuses Ukraine of wanting nuclear weapons (

Russian TV Pundits Push to 'Liberate' Finland as Country Joins NATO (

New acting abbot of Kyiv's Caves Monastery: the brethren are praying for Zelenskyy, and Metropolitan Pavlo's curses will come back to haunt him (

Ukrainian court puts Orthodox church leader under house arrest (

Ukraine Rips Belarus Bid for Russia Truce: 'Most Heinous Offer Ever Made' (

Turns Out Russia Is Overselling Its 'Unstoppable' Hypersonic Missile (

Russians strike Sumy Oblast with mortars, automatic grenade launchers and self-propelled guns (

Burkovsky, Zolkina: How Ukraine and the West can stop Putin’s nuclear blackmail (

Russia Misses Key Deadline Ahead of Ukraine Counteroffensive (

Russia's arrest of Evan Gershkovich is the first time the country has accused an American journalist of spying since the Cold War. The Wall Street Journal calls the targeting of their reporter 'a vicious affront to a free press.' (

Explosions rock locomotive depot in Russia-occupied Melitopol (

Russian offensive falters as Ukraine eyes counterattack (

Finland to formally join NATO in coming days | Watch (

Kim Jong-un's sister accuses Ukraine of "megalomania" in thinking it can defeat Russia ( Bullies unite

Russians attack centre of Kostiantynivka, killing 6 and wounding 8 (

Artyom Shraibman: Hosting Russian Nuclear Weapons Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences for Belarus (

"We are heading towards military defeat": ex-leader of Russian militants in Donetsk creates "club of angry patriots" (

Finnish fence on Russian border to cost hundreds of millions of euros | Watch (

Putin sends Lukashenko "encouraging" telegram (

Putin’s New Ukraine General Has Failed In Epic Fashion (

Russians damage critical infrastructure facility in Kherson Oblast (

Ukraine updates: Diplomat condemns German peace appeal (

Ukraine gears up for counteroffensive with influx of Western weapons (

Russia is undergoing 'reverse industrialization' as limited resources force a retreat from high tech industries, Finland's central bank says (

Russia Testing Unmanned Vehicles Loaded With Anti-Tank Missiles (

Russian Military Beset by Alcohol-Related Deaths – U.K. Intelligence (

War-crimes warrant for Putin could complicate Ukraine peace (

Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu could succeed Putin as leader of Russia (

Jail, poison or exile? The price of opposing Putin (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Lavrov tells U.S. not to politicise case of detained reporter (

Blinken Demands Russia Free US Reporter in Rare Lavrov Call (

Russian blogger killed in explosion after 'woman handed him statue' (

Ukraine's Defence Ministry says Armed Forces consider military expediency when making decision about Bakhmut (

Everything we know about the Ukrainian drone downed south of Moscow (

It’s Neo-Cold War: Whether over Taiwan or Ukraine, US seems to be reactive while opponents appear proactive (

‘Extremely high’ number of Russian soldiers thought to be dying due to alcohol abuse - MoD (

Czech Defence Minister says her country will supply more military aid to Ukraine (

Ukrainian official offers plan for a Crimea without Russia (

Zelenskyy: Only Ukraine's victory will put an end to Russian terror, there is no other way to stop it (

WSJ reporter tweeted writing about Russia was 'watching people you know get locked away for years' (

Russia's President Vladimir Putin could be a 'dead man walking,' a former CIA counterintelligence chief told an interviewer (

Russian Ambassador to Belarus says nuclear weapons will be deployed to Belarus's westernmost regions (

Ukrainian blogger finds a child deported from Ukraine via Russian videochat (

Commander of Ukraine's Defence Forces explains what to use to down Shahed drones (

Putin effigy hanging on Avdiivka post sign in Donetsk region | Watch (

Russian media: St Petersburg woman detained on suspicion of murdering propagandist (


Virginia, USA

Russia is trying to cover up the decline of a once elite unit that was rendered 'combat ineffective,' UK intel says (

Russian Defence Ministry restores reputation of brigade synonymous with failures in Ukraine (

Russia Is Running An 'Information Operation' To Revive Leaders' Reputations, UK Says (

Wagner Group leader announces takeover of Bakhmut (

Ukraine says its forces fight on in Bakhmut, mocks Russian claim to have captured city (

Ukraine just downed an expensive Russian bomber over Bakhmut (

Russia is confiscating passports from its elites, fearing they will defect over its invasion of Ukraine, report says (

'The sword of Damocles': China condemns Russian nukes along Belarus-NATO border (

Russian fighter jets are reportedly ambushing Ukrainian pilots in sneak attacks. Fending them off would require F-16s, pilot says, which the US previously said 'won't help them.' (

Putin’s Disaster: The Russian Military Is Destroying Itself in Ukraine (

Russian Ally Testing Troops as Putin Prepares Nuclear Weapons Move (

Woman who 'handed pro-Kremlin blogger statue that exploded' detained in Russia (

Why The St Petersburg Bombing Is A Big Deal For Russia ( Seems like a nice fellow “We will defeat everyone, we will kill everyone, we will rob everyone. Everything will be as we like."

Watch: Russian military blogger handed statue moments before cafe explosion | Watch ( Why is the guy backing away from the statue before it explodes?

Tatarsky's murder may be warning to Prigozhin for criticising Kremlin ( Wait, so who killed Tatarsky? Anti-war protestors or Putinites?

Inside the Assassination of Pro-Putin Blogger in Russian Bar (

Air Defenses Being Installed Near Putin's Sochi Home, Oppositionists Claim (

The Cost of Propaganda—Why Putin Cannot Make Peace, Even If He Wanted | Opinion (

Zelenskyy on counteroffensive: Russians still have time to leave, otherwise we will destroy them (

A Flying Wedge to Use Between Russia and China | Opinion (

Why two alleged deep-cover Russian spies are the most unusual yet (


Autocross Champion
Crazy how badly Putin wants Crimea. What a fucking idiot.
Not crazy, Crimea provides Russia a warm water port and it's where all their ship building and maintenance facilities. Same reason they're involved in Syria, to have a presence in the med.

After USSR collapsed, their navy has fallen into disrepair. Their mistake is how they've tried to build post soviet alliances. They've done so through force, threat, and subterfuge. There's no reason they couldn't have had a good relationship with Ukraine, other than they couldn't get over the loss of USSR and the control they used to exert over the region.


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‘19 M2C, ‘05 Taco
…There's no reason they couldn't have had a good relationship with Ukraine, other than they couldn't get over the loss of USSR and the control they used to exert over the region.
This is the crazy part to me. Choosing to kill so many when he could get nearly the same results, with diplomacy. I know, I know, oversimplification. Kind of just sick of his choosing bad over complicated/ strategic.


Autocross Champion
This is the crazy part to me. Choosing to kill so many when he could get nearly the same results, with diplomacy. I know, I know, oversimplification. Kind of just sick of his choosing bad over complicated/ strategic.
Authoritarians don't do diplomacy very well. It's always me first, my country first.

Who wants a partner like that?


Virginia, USA

A Flying Wedge to Use Between Russia and China | Opinion (

Russian army grows weaker and covers up failures with fakes about capturing Bakhmut (

Russians prepare "evacuation" lists of civilians in Kherson Oblast (

Sudden army combat readiness check begins in Belarus (

World War 3 Fears as Russian State Media Asks Vladimir Putin to ‘Liberate’ Finland After NATO Vote (

Russians far from besieging Bakhmut – Armed Forces spokesperson (

What Will the Belarusian Armed Forces Do In Ukraine? Opposition Leader Weighs In (

Putin shuts off the gas? Europe is not only surviving the energy war against Russia — it’s winning. (

Retired U.S. Colonel Compares Ukraine Counterattack to Pivotal WWII Battle (

Russian Psychic Warns Ukraine War ‘Resolution’ Coming Soon In Chilling Prediction ( Uhhhh, yeah

Putin will soon face his Julius Caesar moment in the Kremlin (

Irish Government demands answers as Russian ships tracked off coast of Ireland (

Zelenskyy's wish for Putin: to spend the rest of his days in a basement with bucket for toilet ( That sounds a bit too posh, but I guess it’ll do.

Russia Threatens Big Military Buildup Over New NATO Neighbor (

Russia complains its journalists are under attack and facing 'witch hunts' just days after arresting an American reporter (

Stoltenberg says 'Ukraine will join NATO,' vows support despite Russia's 'reckless nuclear rhetoric' (

Vladimir Putin's Soldiers Accused Of Being 'Too Drunk' To Win War Against Ukraine (

Putin names US a ‘major risk’ to Russian security in latest foreign policy doctrine (

More than 5 million Ukrainians granted temporary protection in Europe – UN (

Kremlin plans Victory Parade this year ( Good luck with that

Moment bomb hits cafe, killing Russian military blogger | Watch (

Moscow blames Ukraine for killing propagandist Tatarsky, Zelensky says it's Russia's matter (

Russian Exile Who Vowed to ‘Finish’ Putin Claims Link to Deadly Café Bomb (

Navalny's Foundation responds to accusations: FSB killed propagandist Tatarsky by itself (

Russian Pro-War Figures Call for Revenge After Killing of Military Blogger (

Ex-Russian General Blasts Putin's Military Chiefs As 'Idiots' (

Russia Escalates Its War on Reporters (

Zelenskyy meets with UNESCO Director General, receives World Heritage List certificate for Odesa (

Russia Halts Sharing Information Regarding Nuclear Forces With the US | Watch (

What To Know As Finland Will Officially Join NATO | Watch (

Kremlin Targets 75% Victory in 2024 Election Strategy – Reports (

White House confirms preparation of another package of military aid to Ukraine (

"Not one step back": Russian soldiers issued with memo with justification for war in Ukraine (

Member of Putin’s Guard Flees Russia, Discloses Details in the Life of ‘War Criminal’ (

Opinion | The Russians Are Coming. There Could Be Downsides. (

Tatarsky was killed by Putin when he invaded Ukraine – Intelligence (

Ammunition shortage of Wagner Group quickly ends, Russians redouble attacks on Bakhmut (

Collapse and 'fragmentation' of Russia 'already underway', says Ukrainian official (

NATO Secretary General assesses situation on battlefield in Bakhmut (

Putin lives in an 'information vacuum' and never uses a cellphone or the internet, a Russian intelligence officer who defected says (


Autocross Champion
‘19 M2C, ‘05 Taco
Kremlin Targets 75% Victory in 2024 Election Strategy – Reports (
Sooo start with the numbers you want to report and work your way backwards. Cooking the books all the way? I suspect that this is done in many countries for many different PR objectives.


Virginia, USA

Ukraine-Russia war: Putin sacks top general over disastrous failed assault (

Russian Children's Commissioner says orphan from Mariupol who wanted to go home was not allowed to leave Russia (

Russian Commander Called 'Crazy Idiot' for Sending Troops to Certain Death (

Tensions rise between Russia and the US (

As Finland joins NATO, here's what it means and why it matters (

Finland joins NATO, creating a new geopolitical nightmare for Putin, one that he sparked himself (

Wife of Russia's Deputy Defence Minister spends time in Courchevel while her husband orders attacks on Ukrainian cities (

Ukrainian Presidential Representative on Russians in Crimea: Cross Kerch bridge and go home (

US embassy welcomes Finland to NATO with meme on Finnish snipers, a lethal force legendary for punishing invading Soviets (

Putin protection officer defects and reveals despot's intense paranoia (

In Russia's St Petersburg, locals say Finland 'making problems' with NATO accession (

Russian Teen to Be Given to ‘New Family’ After Dad Is Jailed for Slamming War (

St. Petersburg bombing stirs fear of new attacks within Russia (

Russian colonel and 2 soldiers raped Ukrainian woman in Kharkiv Oblast (

Russia warns NATO as Belarus sees nuclear upgrade on planes, missiles (

Russian anti-war protester pleaded innocence while she was arrested before 'confessing' to bombing | Daily Mail Online

Russia Furious As Finland Joins NATO, Warns Of ‘Counter Measures’ As Response (

Putin’s digital footsoldiers: How bloggers became a key cog in Russia’s war machine (

Russian fighters make further advances in central Bakhmut – ISW (

Zelensky congratulates Finland on NATO accession (

Russian children's commissioner rejects ICC war crime allegations as false (

Russian leadership seeks alternative to Wagner Group - UK Intelligence (

Russian state media: arrested WSJ reporter files appeal | Watch (

Russia's ultranationalists appear increasingly vulnerable after pro-war blogger's killing (

What Putin's partners gain from standing with Russia over Ukraine (

Biden pokes Putin as he welcomes Finland to Nato: ‘We are more united than ever’ (

Ukraine updates: Lavrov vows 'tough' reply to 'hostile' EU (

How Russia killed its tech industry | MIT Technology Review

Ukrainian soldier pleads 'partly guilty' at Russia's first war crime trial (

Medvedev wants to destroy Russian opposition like "mad dogs" after propagandist Tatarsky's murder (

Putin’s Götterdämmerung is fast approaching (

'War Criminal' Vladimir Putin 'Mortally Afraid' Of Catching Covid, Reveals Ex-Russian Secret Service Captain (

Putin 'to replace Wagner Group mercenaries amid ongoing power feud' (

Russia's economy (finally) feels the burn of sanctions (

Collected information about Armed Forces and tried to escape to Belarus: Russian spy caught on border (

Putin said Finland joining NATO didn't pose a threat, but now that it's a done deal, Russia is warning it will have to take action (

Russia takes offence at French ambassador for telling the truth about Bucha (

'You caused this': As Finland joins NATO, see the 1939 Soviet-Finnish War amid Russia's 'retaliatory' threats (

U.S. Keeps Critical HIMARS Ammo Supply Line Flowing to Ukraine (

Total collapse of Putin's Russia has begun, Zelensky official predicts (

Lukashenko will meet Russia's chief intelligence officer (

Norway issues new sanctions against Russia (

Russia has no ammunition shortage and never had it – Ukraine's Armed Forces (

Russian charged with war crimes: Ukrainian children can go home (

China's ambassador calls declaration of "no limit friendship" with Russia "nothing but rhetoric" (

Ukrainian Forces mount successful counteroffensive in Avdiivka – ISW (

Doctors rush to woman arrested in Russia after bomb killed pro-Putin blogger (

Explosion rocks Russian-occupied Melitopol (

Kremlin has problems with "military manpower" but fears new wave of mobilisation (

Putin convenes major Federation Council meeting to discuss occupied Ukrainian territories (

Ukraine Official Reveals 'Drone Army' With Video of Massive Stockpile (

Russian Activist Documenting Losses in Ukraine Says Fled Country (

Russian Defence Ministry building is on fire in centre of Moscow ( Whoopsie.

Inside the 'storm brigades' of Ukraine's counter-offensive | Watch (

US, Britain walk out as Russian envoy wanted for war crimes speaks at UN | Watch (

Is Putin Running Out of Money to Wage War in Ukraine? (

Ukraine urges citizens to flee ahead of major offensive as US announces new aid package (


Autocross Champion
Finland (and soon to be Sweden) joining NATO will be the lasting effects of this war.

It waits to be seen what will happen with Ukraine and NATO membership. It is possible the war continues to go so poorly for Russia that they lose the "Ukraine must not join NATO" fight as well, though I imagine any negotiated cease-fire will have that as points 1, 2, and 3 for Russia.


Autocross Champion
Finland (and soon to be Sweden) joining NATO will be the lasting effects of this war.

It waits to be seen what will happen with Ukraine and NATO membership. It is possible the war continues to go so poorly for Russia that they lose the "Ukraine must not join NATO" fight as well, though I imagine any negotiated cease-fire will have that as points 1, 2, and 3 for Russia.
Russia may not be in the drivers seat for those negotiations.


Virginia, USA

Russian businessman back after fleeing house arrest in Italy (

Kremlin says Finland’s NATO membership »will greatly aggravate the situation» (

EU lashes out at China for support of Russia in Ukraine war (

"The woman who never sleeps": how Ukrainian ambassador to the US talks about war (

Washington trying to wreck Russia-Africa summit -Russia's Lavrov (

Putin says relations with US are 'in a deep crisis' during national address (

Ukrainian Pilot Nabbed After Crashing in Russia, FSB Claims (

Russia appears to be preparing for Ukraine counteroffensive | Watch (

Putin gathered collaborators and demanded they "fight neo-nazism" in occupation (

Bill Clinton: My Nuke Deal To Blame for Russia's Invasion of Ukraine (

Russia is looking for money from 'friendly' nations to indirectly support its war in Ukraine, UK intel says (

Russian girl who drew a picture against war faces custody battle (

Finland’s Nato membership poses ‘real dilemma’ for Putin, western officials warn (

National Anti-Corruption Bureau conducts search in Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration (

Vladimir Putin investigated millions of civil servants to test their 'loyalty' and weed out 'threats': report (

Russians threaten Melitopol residents with deportation to Russia – General Staff (

SBU seizes land plots owned by Medvedchuk's wife in Lviv Oblast (

Putin ‘is in good health’ but ‘is cut off from the world’ (

Putin Crony Igor Shkurko Found Dead, Latest Oligarch To Die Under Mysterious Circumstances (

Russian Foreign Ministry claims Ukraine is "trying to affect" Russian satellites (

Ukraine Latest: Putin Blames US for Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday told the new US ambassador in Moscow that Washington was responsible for the "Ukrainian crisis" while accepting her credentials in a Kremlin ceremony. (

A new world order: Why Europe risks losing much more than the war in Ukraine | Watch (

Zelenskiy: Ukraine could pull out of Bakhmut if cut off | Watch (

Russian Couple Detained for Allegedly Spying on Defense Enterprise (

49 countries condemn Russia's attempts to justify deportation of Ukrainian children (

Zelensky: Ukraine can't lose soldiers as it risks Russian encirclement in Bakhmut (

Putin Claims Western Intelligence Behind ‘Terrorist Attacks’ in Occupied Ukraine (

Russia Probes Stand-Up Comedians for Mocking Pro-War Blogger’s Assassination (

Blasts Hit Russia-Controlled City in Ukraine on Supply Route to Crimea (

Wagner Group founder: Ukrainian forces not retreating from Bakhmut, Russian offensive 'out of question' (

Wagner Boss Contradicts Own Claim of Victory in Bakhmut (

Putin Secret Agents Accused Of Assassinating Pro-Kremlin Blogger As Warning To Mercenary Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin (

Cisco Moscow trashed offices as it quit Putin's putrid pariah state (

Macron has humiliated himself – and the EU (

Intel officer for Putin defects. Hear what he revealed about Putin in new interview | Watch (

Sweden: State actor likeliest culprit for pipeline sabotage (

Putin Is in Trouble: 49 Nations Object to Russian Claims Over Child Abduction (

Russia gains 'key intelligence' after pulling up wreckage of US Reaper drone | Watch (

Macron Urges Xi to Bring Putin ‘Back to Reason’ Over Ukraine (

Moscow is trying to play it cool, but its military moves hint at growing concern over NATO's newest member (

Documents Detailing Secret U.S.-Ukraine War Plan Against Russia Leaked on Social Media (

Why Putin's Returning to Black Sea After Significant Losses (

Intel Signals Putin on the Verge of a Military Firing Spree (


Virginia, USA

Putin's Forces Are Surrendering at Surging Pace: Ukraine Official (

Ukraine's Chief Intelligence Directorate intercepts occupiers' conversation about hits in Russian Zapesochye (

The Decline of Sergey Lavrov (

After the next round of major fighting with Russia, Ukraine may be living 'paycheck to paycheck' with Western gear, expert says (

Blogger and priest of Russian Orthodox Church urges Russian military to kill Ukrainians (

Russia: West must remove obstacles to its grain exports (

Another top-level Russian manager dies under mysterious conditions ( Oh my…..

US sanction officials plan missions to clamp down on Russia (

Zelenskyy should consider will of Ukrainian people regarding liberation of Crimea – US Secretary of State (

Ukrainian forces shell Donetsk, officials say | Watch (

Ukrainian Reserve Officer Says Russia Is Forming Special 'Storm Z' Units (

Putin Mocked After Speech Met With Awkward Silence (

Russia swings to $29 billion first-quarter budget deficit (

4 ways the Ukraine war is coming home to everyday Russians (

Russia loses election to three UN bodies over Ukraine (

Zelenskyy takes part in Muslim iftar and declares it an official tradition (

Ukraine war: Multiple people killed in Donetsk as more spring offensive details trickle in (

Ukraine's Security Service detains bot farm owner who sold "Ukrainians" to Russian propagandists (

After Burkina Faso ousts French, Russia's Wagner may arrive (

Russians force drug addicts and alcoholics to build defence structures in Crimea (

Russian passports found on Metropolitan Onufrii and over 20 other priests of Moscow-linked church (

Russia's 'Merchant of Death' Warns Donald Trump His Life Is in Danger (

Ukrainian tank storms Russian trenches near Bakhmut (

Russian technicians appear to have sabotaged MiG-29 fighter jets headed for Ukraine, Slovakia says (

Prior to the war in Ukraine, Putin was planning to attack Japan per leaked documents (

Cardboard drones running open source flight software take off in Ukraine and beyond (

Ukraine at Risk of Losing Critical Town to Russia as Personnel Losses Mount (

Secret train network, no mobile, identical offices: Russian defector says Putin is 'pathologically afraid for his life' (

Peace talks must have ‘Russian interests, concerns’, says Lavrov (