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i too live in sauga...should be picking up my gti this week from the same dealership!

Sweet! You're going to love the car. I work in Mississauga... I was up at Forks of The Credit in Caledon driving those curvy roads on Sunday, I'd like to get the MK7 owners for a meet in the GTA. Let me know if you're up for it!


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Updates have been coming thick and fast lately and I have another one today: car has been tuned by REVO

The drive to work after the tune left me quite flabbergasted. The car is fast......crazy fast. In fact I'd go as far as to say it might just be faster than my Stage 3 Scirocco. Amazing torque but it is the power distribution curve that really amazes me. Very linear and it pulls right after 2500rpm. Revo has advertised the tune with a 3.7 sec 0-100 claimed time....I am starting to believe that is actually true.



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Same here, mk4, mk5, mk6, right up until the Mk7.

The European built Mk7's do not have a dash brightness dial, it is a setting on the infotainment system under CAR.

I have no idea behind the logic, for a car packed with safety features it grasps me as very dangerous to adjust on the fly.
If on a motorway with no exits in sight you would just have to put up with a bright dash at night until you could safely pull over to adjust.

The reasons are very simple - production costs

Although just a cheap switch its the additional costs incurred having a LH and RH version, wiring loom etc etc. Adding this functionality to the MFD just requires an extra few lines of code in the software.


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Just collected this afternoon from the showroom, completely stock.

Next step: 30% tint (max by law) and side mirrors in piano black.
Still thinking about wheels...

PS: Sorry for the phone picture but I wasn't expecting the car to be delivered today and I had no other camera with me.


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