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    hey man.....I like your setup. wondering if you can help me out? ive got a 16 mk7 w/ PP. ive got bc racing coilovers. the car is pretty low.... 3/4 down-ish. I want some wheels that are 19x8.5 w/ 45 offset. the tires im looking at are Michelin PSS 235/35/19. I do have the fender clip mod & a slight roll too. do u think ill have a prob with the low set up & 19x8.5 / et45? did you do any camber/toe adjustments?
    Hey there, I'm new to the forum. I live in FW, and I am shopping for a 2016 GTI. I was curious where you went in the DFW metroplex to have your springs installed ? Or did you do the work yourself ? Your car looks great!
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