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Hey ya' make it easier, I converted the member list to a google doc that is open to everyone.

Please click the link below to view the most up to date list. I will still receive PMs from members who want to be added, and will update the doc.

So over on clubB5 back in my Passat days, we had a master list of all the members by state and then city....which was a sticky thread for quick reference for those traveling. It helped multiple folks that needed an extra coil pack on a family vacation, VCDS help or even for those that had a massive break down away from home and their tools and needed immediate help. It was completely voluntary for those that didn't mind being reached out to, especially for those that have automotive tools and know-how.

I'd be the collector through PMs of those willing to participate and will transcribe everything below in a format like this:

city - screenname (real name); level tools and skills; notes

So the ranking will be slightly subjective, but some general guidelines to see where you fall (open to suggestions):
Basic tools - standard stuff like sockets, wrenches, metric and SAE, jack stands, low profile jack
Mid-level tools - same as basic plus air/compressor, impact wrench, VCDS, OBDeleven Pro, etc
Advanced tools - mid-level plus service specific tool sets, MIG/TIG weld, engine hoist, etc
Basic knowledge - must consult YouTube/Google, maybe can do brakes without assistance
Mid-level knowledge - basic plus suspension experience, wiring and fuse knowledge, stereo install knowledge, clutch swap
Advanced knowledge - mid-level plus professional experience (job), fabrication experience, successful engine rebuilds or just an old guy who builds classic cars

Up front notice - those that are listed below are offering their assistance/tools/skills when they are able. They are not your "on call" indie shop - you should not expect to get a free clutch job. These are members offering their time and expertise; please consider payment as a "thank you" for saving you from going to a dealership.

Also - no member who assists you shall be held at fault should anything happen for said service after the fact. You may not hound them to fix anything afterwards, should something happen...that's on you.
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- diggs24 (diggs24, yes you will call me that IRL); no tools and no knowledge; no garage, You really want me working on your car? lol.

I guess its good ill never be in kansas then :/ be sick to do some 3rd gear pulls just to see my iats go through the roof with the legend himself

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