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  • Thanks for accepting, only other person I know in the Middle East with such a sick build thread! I'll be taking delivery of my 2012 GTI in SBM tomorrow hopefully :)
    Unfortunately not yet...UR charges a ton for their resonated mid pipe and I haven't seen anyone outright selling theirs. The one guy trading his had such a low post count that I didn't feel comfortable sending mine to him without having his first to be safe.
    No idea
    Everyone says spray
    It doesn't make sense
    I always pull people from a 20 roll and he just killed me
    Yup and there are videos of this HR beating an E92 M3 DCT from a dig and a 20 roll
    All the way to 140
    The guy claims that HR is stock but I know it's not
    Now way..... The last HR I ran was I/H/e and I was next to him 20-130 and I have it on video

    Idk what happened
    My car is running fine
    I've been running people and it's still fast
    I ran the Blue S2k if you see and I pulled on him like I always do they looked 10 times better though. yea visibility sucks.i have the stock halogen bulbs as well. i think i will be buying the smoked s5 style led and retrofitting them with hid
    Did it myself and would HIGHLY recommend it. It takes some skill and practice but anyone can do it really.
    whoa man,a stock g35?:S me and nicoo have been raping those.i have some vids i can show you. it could be that you were heat soaked. i'm having some problems myself with the car, i made a thread.check it.
    yeah, the closed CF box probably keeps a lot of the sound in. Maybe look into the options from AWE or BSH, etc, but yeah, those will be significantly louder and noticeable to others on the road, where the APR is basically silent for the most part.
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