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    hoa khai trương hoa khai trương đẹp
    those would be sweet...probably last thing i will do...maybe send my headlights to this guy sukanas on here who does retrofits...he makes nice stuff
    how in hell do you drive at night?? LOL

    I tinted my heads and fogs and i couldn't drive more than 30 mins at night...peeled off the heads and left the fogs..we need to find a solution for these ugly lights..

    yah it's probably the heatsoak, the car pulls A LOT harder when i just home at say 80C compared to when it's over 100.....i hope the ic will do

    but if you have videos post them up definitely haha
    man have u tried with a g35 yet?

    from 80km and high oil temp (106) and stock fmic..pulled on him a little then he started pulling little by little every gear, until he was like half a fender ahead where we had to shut off right not happy...maybe it was the oil temp? or the high speed run?

    we have ordered them some time ago from finetune,so give wael a call and tell him you need one as well
    I know i was suppose to change but i realized it would be pointless. So now all the mods are back on. First off air intake and maf, I already went to abt today to get the wing and front back.
    I saw u live in lebanon.. just asking if u have done stage 1 to ur gti yet and if so were if u dnt mind me askin
    Dude... Had my first true run yesterday night (check the thread)..sorry I did not have your number on me:(:( wanted so much to call you to join cause there was a nice crowd, plus it would have been really interesting to see hw your car would perform. My bad, a beer on me next time (after the run;))
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