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  • Hey Ian. I just purchased a Cobb AccessPort from a fellow forum member with the MAP tune. After I installed it, all the Cobb files are unlocked, but there are two files that are locked. Are these the MAP files? I thought tunes weren't locked on the COBB. Would appreciate any help you could give. Would hate to have to repurchase the MAP files. Only needing Stage 1, 93 octane. Again, we thought the files would not be locked.I
    Thanks again,
    Brian Mauk
    Will you be doing another group buy for your downpipes? Looking to buy one for a 2017 GTI with gesi cat and no resonator.
    hey. I saw your thread about the cobb tunes and was curious what you charge to purchase the accessport along with the stage 2 93 tune. im currently running an apr stage 1 but want the features of cobb and your numbers are super impressive. let me know. thanks!
    Hi. I'm looking to get a dyno run again. The last time I tried the place I was working with could not get an RPM signal.

    So you know where they got the RPM signal from when they tested your car?
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