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  • Hey, you can do it in iOS and Android mobile apps where you setup map 6 (save/load are the buttons I believe). The BMS Windows app doesn't have this feature.
    A golfmk7 forum member named Quebster is an admin for that page so message him to get added to the Facebook group.
    Cool. Good job with the installation. It's interesting how it feels more powerfull even at lower boost than fully tuned is12.
    So far, so good! I'm being conservative with a 16 psi map this week to make sure all is well and then I'll start doing some logging and will turn it up a bit. Getting used to having a much louder car with the DP! Car gets up and goes for sure. I just ran my USB cable through the firewall last night and bought the Android app for use with my phone/OTG cable. I got tired of hanging the cable through the window and logging on my Windows tablet. It just wasn't convenient and the Windows app isn't very touchscreen friendly. Should be much easier to manage things now.
    Thank you.

    I was able to do a successful run with the first place I went to. He put an optical sensor on the dump drum.

    But I will try your suggestion off I run again.

    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Hey man,

    If I remember correctly, we actually had to remove the plastic covering from the coil pack wires, and get the signal directly from there. Sorry that's no much help. I should have taken a picture of where we tapped into.
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