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    What’s the thought on running engine mounts without trans mounts?

    Replace the engine, transmission and subframe bushing (at least the lower with a Powerflex hybrid) at the same time. If you don't, you're not solving any problems. Do not reinforce the rubber subframe bushings with metal inserts, this is a bad idea. "The whole engine and gearbox (the...
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    Blew 4th gear on my trans, 6spd manual DKM clutch

    No, they can both operate in tandem without any software modifications.
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    Pre-owned JB4 vs New

    Yes, and their tunes are responsible for blowing up engines. There couldn't possibly be any other explanation...
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    hissing, high-pitched noise

    What model year is your GTI?
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    GTI to Golf R?

    I love my A7 🙂 The dealership failed to do it’s PDI properly (rear bump stops were not seated correctly) and it’s front bumper ended up getting damaged by the dealership while it had less than 40 miles on it, but I’m passed that now. Crazy how comfortable it is and how easy it is to drive...
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    GTI to Golf R?

    You're comparing the cost of the highest trim GTI (which I also think is a waste of money) with the cost of a base Golf R.... The differences you described (along with the additional options found in the highest trim GTI) are not worth the price gap (from a performance perspective) to me and I...
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    GTI to Golf R?

    I completely agree with you. I was SO CLOSE to pulling the trigger on a TTRS but I couldn't justify the price vs. what it provided me from a performance driving perspective compared to my modded GTI. Granted it was stock and if I had modded it my GTI would be a joke, but it was just too hard to...
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    GTI to Golf R?

    I daily drive my car with and without passengers, no complaints. I've put 54,000 miles on my car in two and a half years. It's a great car, it's comfortable, it's reliable and it's certainly not something I would consider to be a race car. I don't track it (often), it's primary purpose is...
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    GTI to Golf R?

    (Opinion, don't get your little panties in a wad) The Golf R is not worth it's price tag from a pure modding/performance perspective. The haldex faux AWD system is not worth $10,000+ over the GTI unless you plan on upgrading it's clutches and running a custom haldex tune which, come on now...
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    Looking for a good detailer in CT

    Darien Detail
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    Best First Mods (2021 GTI S)

    Reinforcing the factory rubber (by filling it's voids) is a half-assed solution (so is using metal inserts). I get that most people do not want to drop their subframe and install a complete bushing replacement (or spend $250+ on one) but do yourself a favor and, at the very least, replace the...
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    Best First Mods (2021 GTI S)

    You're correct, a downpipe will not be adding much (performance wise) without software (stage 2 tune) that is accounting for it. I'm not sure what companies @It's Sam is talking about but I can confirm APR's stage 2 software isn't just a way to eliminate the P0420 cat efficiency CEL. In fact...
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    Best First Mods (2021 GTI S)

    Sell GTI, buy RS3.
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    Can a VW parts guy confirm a part number for me?

    I would think you're looking for this...