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  • Good Morning! Out of necessity, I am needing to buy a new turbo. I ultimately want an L450. I don't want to have to spend money on something I have to settle on and have to replace later anyway(IS38). So I am just pulling the trigger on this one soon. I talked to Dan at LITTCO and he told me you were a good source of information. I am looking at tuning options. I have ED Maestro, I don't have extra fueling yet, and I have a Water/Meth setup instead of inter-cooler (as of now). I want to start out with it at a lower boost level until I can get other items sorted. And just turn it up as I go. Sort of grow with me. Does that sound like a feasible plan on this turbo? How is the turbo as a daily. Have you ran it at lower boost levels? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Hey hoon I’m new to the forum and noticed in your dig you have the l450. I just purchased the l450 and have your basic boltons catless DP, I.e open intake and I.e intercooler and was wondering where you stand with the 450? And wondering if it’ll be good for my goal of 400whp?
    Hey Hoon, I was looking at your sig and saw your weight for your DSG GTI is 3300 lbs. I was wondering if this figure includes your weight, and how much gas in the car for that weight. I'm just trying to compare/understand the weight difference between the R and GTI. My Golf R with DSG is 3350lbs at 5/8 tank of gas. Thanks!
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