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    Absolute minimum Caliper 1mm too close? Yes, wheels do flex. How much depends on many variables. 1mm may be okay if you don't mind the possibility of your wheel weights being trimmed by the caliper. :D
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    2018 Golf Sportwagen S 4Motion IS38

    Never thought I'd ever prefer cloth seats.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Accuracy is all over the place on this model. Fortunately, I have one of the good ones.
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Finally have 100% in a few areas. What happens after I beat it? Can I still let my kids run around with a fully decked out Samus?
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Agreed. Finally up to Experiment No. 57. Wish me luck.
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    The correct size for our cars is 235/35/19, 255/30/19 is only 11.5mm[.45"] shorter.
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    On my first run and was tired. Picked it up a few hours later and didn't have a problem. I still have a Polaroid somewhere of me beating the original back around '86.
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Corpius is annoying AF. Otherwise, great game.
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    The Battlefield Beta was okay. Buggy in the way that Betas usually are, but it ran smooth on my machine otherwise. Will pick up as a few friends are as well.
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    Siebon carbon fiber hood- Removed

    How well do these hold up to rock chips/road debris vs. VW's very soft paint?
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    Turns out I bought a tuned CPO car

    If you can't get them to put what you want in writing, I'd either ask for a partial refund and enjoy my tuned car with no expectation of a warranty or have them take the car back.
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    Turns out I bought a tuned CPO car
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    DSG jumping out of gear on take off

    Any of these settings help?
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    RSB upgrade and clunk / loose noise

    You all are tightening everything up with the suspension loaded, right?
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    034 front sway bar issue

    Fortunately I kept it, give me a day or two.