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  • Nice. I was gonna order mine from there too but the price was to high. i think it came out to 60 plus shipping. and the dealerships and shops charge 70-80 for a basic oil change. Walmart has great prices on oil right now. 5quarts of castrol syn for 19.50. can't beat that. But i went to 3 walmarts and none carry oil that meet the vw 502.00 standard. boo. I got some for my gfs xb and i found the correct oil at a local auto store but it was a mission to find it. i went to like 4 shops and only one had the oil. five 1quart bottles for 25 bucks. can't beat that. so i got 7 plus the filter at vw for 12 dollars.

    did u ever get your new rims on your bunny? i wanna see pics dude! i'm gonna get some miros in the spring.
    what up tony! wanted to ask you a quick question. what brand/type of oil are u putting in your rabbit and where r u finding it? I had such a hard time last weekend hunting down my oil at local stores and shops.
    probably nott... i dont have the money and i really dont wanna put the miles on the car. cause im a baby
    yea that was our exit. I was gonna call u but I didnt have your number, PM your cell. and yea ronald is on here. he is on my friends list, user name r0nni
    yea it's like a 2 hour and 15min drive from my place. We are gonna head out from my place but i think one of the dudes just bailed out. If you wanna tag along just let me know and we can meet up wherever. the show doesn't start til noon
    yo tony, you down for the VAG show in york, PA this saturday? Same group that we hung out with at dubs on delaware are going to the york show too. Let me know if your down to go as we can get a 4-5 car crusie down.
    haha. now i have a jack russell t. i just got him like 2-3 months ago. very k0ol dog.

    that paint idea for the rims sounds great. all expect for the fact that i would have to sand down the rim. because if i end up not liking the color i can rub off the paint but the rim would be all sanded and that would suck.

    yea i do live west from the rock away mall. i just helped my gfs sister move today. she has a 08 jetta wb edition. so its 2.0T. nice car. wish our rabbits had a 6th gear. hers has the exact same steering wheel as ours but its leather wrapped. its soooooo nice i wanted to pop it out and trade her steering wheels =X.
    yea dude, get those pics taken and posted!

    so as far is painting the rims yourself. what do you use? just a can of spray paint? or do you need to get good stuff? and if so, where at? because if thats the case, i wouldn't mind giving it a shot. and if i end up not liking it i can just rub it off with paint thinner?
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