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  • Oh nice, you asked me just in time! My shipment of oil+filter came in today lol.

    I order the service kit from for $60. The kit is the ECS Tuning Oil Service Kit (with/without Magnetic Drain Plug). It comes with 6 Liters of Pentosin German Synthetic 5w-40 Motor Oil, and if you're committed to buying the oil from an auto parts store get the synthetic brand.

    I just hit 30k yesterday so it's time for an oil change. At 40k I think you need to replace the spark plugs or something cause I see a kit on Ecs for the 40k mark. Brakes will also need changing soon, maybe at like 50k or so. Cheers!
    Oh okay, cool. Just wanted to make sure. I didn't want to be an a$$hole for going on ahead if you needed to get gas lol. All is good.

    I'll friend him in a bit. My cell phone number is (973) 723-2535. Did you get a new phone? Oh and btw, that girl I texted this morning (thinking it was you) keeps texting me information about her haha. Looks like I gave her too much attention by accidently sending her a text message.
    Hey, did you exit to get gas? Cause I noticed that you put your hazard lights on multiple times. I assumed that that was the exit you needed to take to go home lol

    Anyway dude, is your friend Ronald on these forums? I want to friend him just for the heck of it haha
    I'm going to stay home. Driving for 3 hours+ just doesn't do it for me lol. Are you still going? Have fun and take lots of pictures if you are!

    EDIT: Wow, nevermind. I'm definitely going now. I JUST found an awesome set of wheels on Vwvortex from a guy out in Virginia. His last post said that he's bringing those wheels to VAG-Fair. I've GOT to buy those frickin' wheels!!! ARGHH!!!!

    Lol, where are you located? Give me your address quick so I can meet up with you guys and cruise on down to VAG-Fair.
    Eh, it's a 3 hour drive for me so I don't know if I'll go to VAG Fair. Where were you guys going to meet up to start the cruise? I'll think about going. I still have to paint the taillights and parts of the engine lol
    Hell yes I'm going to Dubs on the Delaware! It's a straight shot down 80 from the Mount Olive GTG. Are you thinking about going? If so, I'll get there at around 10:30AM on Sunday. I don't think I'll be on that cruise through the Poconos tomorrow.
    I do work on the Naval Base. It is Naval Air Engineering Station. Soon to be "super base" combined with Dix/McGuire/Lakehurst, and taken over by the Air Force. Where does your Uncle work?
    I'm not sure what paint you would need for your rims. It would obviously have to be somewhat weather resistant. Probably some sort of enamel paint or something. You can get the paint at a local auto body store, like Autozone or Strauss Auto. You'd probably have to sand the wheels down, wash em, sand them down, apply 2 coats of primer, 3 coats of paint, and 3 coats of cleat coat. That's the general rule of thumb when you want to paint exterior items on a car.
    Yeah, I live more towards the clifton/newark area. You can say that I'm a good 40 minutes from Jeresy's shoreline, so I'm located more towards the east. The Rockaway Mall is west of me, and the mall is probably more east to you so the mall is right in between us lol. I'm exit 42 off 80, and I believe the Rockaway Mall is exit 35 or something? Not sure.

    The seat covers are entirely leather, except for the back portions of them which is a stretchy fabric material. Yeah, it'll be pretty bad in the summer hahaha but whatever. What kind of dog do you have? I think I asked you this question at H20 but I forgot already lol.
    You can paint the rims yourself. Even if you mess up, I'm sure you could get some lacquer thinner and start all over again. Any drips, just wet-sand. It's a give-and-take process. Getting them painted at a shop will probably put you at around $200-$400 depending on the shop, but that's way too expensive for my taste lol.

    The seat covers will definitely help you with your dog hair problem hehe. They're stylish and they get the job done. All I have to do with them now is iron them out cause I hate seeing the wrinkles in the leather. If you do a search on ebay called "rabbit seat covers," the first item is the one I bought, only I got the red/black theme. They come in a variety of colors so you just have to state which one you want and bingo lol.
    Nice, so that's put you around 10-15 minutes from the Mount Olive GTG on 80. I'm a good 25 minutes from the Rockaway Mall in the OPPOSITE direction, and then it's like another 10 minutes to the GTG. You should definitely come join us. Every Tuesday night at 9:30PM they start up the karaoke lol...but we never sing ourselves, we just laugh at how horrible others are hahaha. Btw it was raining that night so I couldn't get any pics, but I'll get them soon enough. Maybe tomorrow at the PAR GTG, who knows. If there are GTGs in PA, I could just take 78 or 80 west to get there, pretty simple.
    Sorry I wasn't clear on the car covers lol They're actually car SEAT covers, and I got them off Ebay for a reasonably cheap price (around $35). The great thing about them is that they conform to our seats and hold up pretty well. Plus, I got the comment from one of the guys at the Clifton Commons meet that they look awesome cause they resemble leather, which they do =). I'll try taking pics of them tonight at the gtg.

    Definitely go with some gold rims. That would looking freakin' awesome on a UG, hands down lol. And yeah, when you get the chance come hang out at some meets...and if you have any local meets of your own, let me know. I'd be happy to drive on over there. Btw, where do you live now? PA?
    Yep, the meet is at the Clifton Commons on Route 3 (West) at the Starbucks/H&R Block parking lot. It's actually on the OPPOSITE side of route 3. I kept driving around that AMC theater looking for the starbucks, only to realize that it was on the other side of route 3 lmao. It was my first time going and I met some really cool dubbers there. Here's the link to that GTG on Vortex:

    The meets I usually go to originate from Vortex (the Tristate section). The closest meets to my house are the ones I attend, but since the Clifton Commons meet was so close to NJIT in Newark, I went straight there. Btw, there's a meet tonight in Mount Olive off of 80 West. It's from 7PM to whenever. It'll be my first time going there as well haha. There's also the PAR GTG in Parsippany off 46 West, which is the one I go to often.
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