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  • Wow man, I'm lovin' those 18" Mesh Line wheels by Redline Motorworks. The Classix would also look great on your rabbit. Whichever one looks better to you is the one you should get. If it was up to me, regardless of what wheel I got, I would paint it UG to match your car, or maybe even gold lol.

    I just ordered a set of HIDs from Ebay and it should be arriving soon. It was rated at 5000K (the LEDs are at 6000K) so I'll see if they'll be okay or not. I just can't afford an HID kit right now lol. Oh, and you should see my car covers. They follow my red/black theme very nicely hehe.

    Well, I'm off to a meet in the Clifton Commons on Route 3. I'll see you later, man!
    Going to H20 is a 'given' for me lol. I'm always trying to go to a lot of meets now that it's getting warmer. I followed the DIY on the ROC for the S6-style LED fogs. Pretty simple install, and I think it's the best feature of my rabbit thus far. However, one of the guys I met at a local meet, Steve, argued that the LEDs can either be liked or hated - it's all about personal choice. Personally, I love them and that's all that matters hehe. I'm also thinking about getting HIDs to match the blue light LEDs but idk yet. You have the UG rabbit, right? That was my 2nd choice in picking out my rabbit lol. It's such a great color.
    I've been doing fine. Still in college and finishing up my last semester. Yeah, I've been working on my rabbit during the weekends. They're mostly aesthetic mods, like painted emblems, fabric interior trim, etc. I'm seriously considering C2's turbo kit in the summer lol. But I'll have to save at least $4500 for that PLUS install :(
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