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    WTS: Cobb AP Golf R - SOLD!

    yes, but only if the next car has the same ECU generation as yours. a 2019 tune does not work on 2018's and below.
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    Dyno mode

    I unplug the haldex on a 2wd dyno.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Thanks all, I'll assume "race" or "dynamic" modes are the 7.5 Golf R versions of sport mode. Sounds like I found what I'm looking for.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    how do "burbles in sport mode" work for those with a MT?
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    EDIT: Found, thx all

    I have one in NJ, can bring it to you in NYC.
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    Wtb intercooler for fwd sportwagen

    I have an OE 7.5 Golf R IC if you're interested.
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    Golf R Mk7 Help

    sounds like a DMF going south.
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    Driver Assistance Sensors

    thr ACC sensor behind the emblem is near impossible to dislodge without a direct hit to the front grille. it does self-calibrate as you drive and it is possible your car's alignment was thrown off by bumps. it will go away on its own in 100 miles or so but if not a trip to the dealer will be...
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    euro switch

    thanks, I mention the mk7.5 R as we don't have fogs at all, and retrofitting them would require sacrificing the air ducts to the engine bay, as well as running a fog light wiring harness to the BCM. what I'm looking to do is to be able to manually turn on the cornering lights in the headlamp...
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    MK7 R Manual Clutch DIY Tips and Thoughts

    a couple of tips from my experience changing out clutches on VAG cars- -a screw driver wedged into the brake rotor against the caliper is a great counterhold to loosen inner and outer axle bolts. throw a piece of wood between the driver and caliper if you're concerned about damaging the...
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    euro switch

    for the mk7.5 R folk- has anyone coded/wired the euro light switch with both front/rear fogs (5G0941431BDWZU) to enable the front fog setting to turn on the cornering lights? this is what the "fog" switch on the B9 Audi does.
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    Golf R 7.5 - Front assist not available

    I ran into this problem one week after picking up my R, I had removed the front upper grill to clean out leaves trapped in front of the IC and the message came on even though I am 100% sure the grill was reinstalled properly and the sensor wasn't touched. 1000 miles of driving later did not get...