What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Good point.



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Installed a Roc-Euro stabilizer bar. Installation was incredibly simple and took about 10 minutes including setting up the ramps and getting out the tools.

Not a massive difference but it seems to have lessened and smoothed out the vibrations introduced by the 034 insert. I've also noticed that starting smoothly in first seems slightly easier. Overall I am pleased. It's well made and was delivered quickly.

Installed my Roc-Euro stabilizer today. Completely eliminated the start up and low speed vibrations with the 034 insert. Worth every penny for me.


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Installed Driver Mode Selection including the button (5G0054809) at VW Service Center


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Installed APR turbo inlet elbow.


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Assuming the not located in the US? I want to do this on my US spec Golf so badly.

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Winter wheels are on the car.


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How much of a difference do you notice?

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It's going to be hard to tell, since I did mounts on Friday and no pulls since. The mounts transmit a fair amount of engine noise to the cabin, which is going to make me perceive higher performance regardless of the TIE. I do know where my turbo ran out of blow/couldn't hit boost targets over 5k rpm before, so I'll see if it can get closer now next time I hit the onramps hard.

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How do you get jack stands on both front and rear pinch welds to have the whole side raised for tire rotations?

I typically have used blocks of wood on specified jack points on previous cars. I feel a bit nervous about using it elsewhere. Glad it works for others, but I think I'm going with the retro fitted jack kit just for peace of mind. So just to confirm, there hasn't been any known issues using these jack kits?

For that I typically just jack up the front pinch weld (high enough to get the front and rear up), keep the jack in place, place a jack stand under the subframe for safety, and rotate tires front to rear

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Installed my deAutoKey H7 cornering bulbs this morning...they work, it's just way too bright out to actually test them review coming later on

they took quite a bit longer to install than any of the other bulbs I've done so far, but that was mainly because of having to zip tie the black box and heatsync/resistors in the engine bay away from wiring (the gold resistors get pretty damn hot)...I tried the install without the resistors to start, since according to deAutoKey, not all cars need them, but I got an adaptive headlight system error on the first start of the car so I went ahead and put in the resistors (which requires cutting a small hole in the water tight cover) and the error went away on my next startup...I did take out the airbox to do the drivers side as I don't see how you could really get in there without removing the airbox...I have high hopes for these...just like with all LED's, on these I do notice that there is a very slight delay in these turning on vs. the stock cornering bulbs...they also do not seem to fade out as nicely as stock, but most likely just because they're LED bulbs...can't wait for it to get dark out so I can see how these really perform

Got the wires all tucked away, didn't even have to remove the weather stripping, just separated that plastic paneling...thanks for the push, not sure if I would have bothered messing with it otherwise

Also installed my deAutoKey trunk LED light, glovebox LED light, color changing footwell LED's and vanity/sun visor LED's...was going to do the cornering lights today too (since that's really why I ordered all the LED's in the first place), but the engine was still pretty hot from being out earlier, so I'll have to do that tomorrow

all the lights were really easy, maybe 20 mins for everything going nice and slowly...I got a killer deal on these, wouldn't have normally bought them...I'm pretty happy with the brightness of the glovebox/trunk/sun visors, I'll have to update on the footwell LED's though as the white isn't as crisp white as I'd like (I probably won't go using the other colors too much) so those I'm on the fence on weather I like them or not, but everything else listed I'm really happy with...can't wait to install the cornering lights

if i have time maybe I'll take the car out tonight in my dark neighborhood and get some general cornering videos with the stock lights to see the brightness differences on video since it's tough to tell from some of the photos

Thanks for the support! We appreciate it.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback when it is dark, these cornering lights will light up an insane amount of space that would normally be left in the dark.

The cornering LEDs are popular, they are out of stock right now but will be back in a few weeks, ready to ship before 11/15/17:


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Installed some NGK RS7 plugs, oil/filter change with Liqui Moly.

Random shot during the process.