Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


Virginia, USA

Putin ally Lukashenko turns on him and urges fighting in Ukraine to 'stop' immediately (

ISW: Ukrainian troops advance in Bakhmut (

Zelenskyy receives bipartisan delegation from US Congress (

Another group of Ukrainian soldiers starts training to operate Patriot missile systems in Germany (

Frozen RU assets for Ukraine, interview with Auschwitz director, how Ukraine makes decoys (

Finland intends to allow U.S. to use several of its military bases (

ANALYSIS-Russia's weaker hand undermines case for Power of Siberia 2 gas link to China (

Russians robbed of raccoon they had previously stolen from Kherson Zoo (

Kuleba announces positive news regarding Ukraine's progress towards EU (

Peace initiatives demanding Ukraine give up territory disappeared from information field (

Russia’s Military Crisis – A Wave of Convictions as Soldiers Refuse To Fight and Morales Are in Tatters (

Moscow appoints new commander of forces in southern Ukraine (

Will Sweden join NATO and what steps are blocking the way? (

Over a thousand Kamikaze drones for Ukraine. "Their effects will unpleasantly surprise the occupiers" (

Putin blames West for Gaza crisis, says US needs global chaos (

Growing up Putin: how the Russian leader's childhood made him the man he is today (

Ethnic conflict brewing in Russian army between Tuvans and ethnic Russians (

Major Russian losses in recent offensive around Avdiivka likely to be among the worst of 2023, UK intel says (

Putin Ally Belarus Warns It Has 'Every Reason' to Attack NATO Country (

Air-raid warning in south of Ukraine: explosions in Odesa (

Ukraine confirms strike on Russian air-defense site in Crimea, S-400 destroyed near Luhansk (

Women's Veterans Movement Leader explains why military aid for Ukraine matters (

Ukraine's Special Operations Forces behind attack that claimed lives of 400 Russian soldiers (

Vladimir Putin's Doctors Freed From 'Corpse-sitting' Duty as Russian Leader's Rumored Death Declared 'State Secret': Report (

NATO reacts to events in Russia's Makhachkala: these are the consequences of Russian propaganda (

Putin Calls Meeting to Discuss Anti-Israel Mob in Dagestan (


Virginia, USA

As fighting rages, Ukraine takes its battle to the diplomatic arena (

Fears of war. They are requesting assistance from the United States (

WATCH: 'Russia has benefited from our attack,' claims Hamas leader (

Zelenskyy's belief in victory and challenges with Ukrainian counteroffensive: Key takeaways from Time article (

Kremlin Eases Quarantine for Access to Putin as Presidential Elections Approach (

Czech military delegation visits Ukraine, inspects captured Russian equipment (

EU to impose sanctions affecting $5.3B in trade with Russia, Bloomberg (

Japan reports violation of airspace from Russia's side (

Putin's aggression won't stop at Ukraine, Sec. Lloyd Austin warns senators at aid hearing | Watch (

European politicians plan US road trip to shore up support for Ukraine (

Kadyrov Unexpectedly Sides With Israel After Russian Airport Riot (

ISW: Ukraine makes confirmed advances near Bakhmut (

Russia completes troop withdrawal from Belarus (

Hamas uses Russian equipment against Israel's gear (

Increased Pressure on Moscow: New Commander for Putin’s Troop Grouping (

Occupiers execute prisoners and own troops in Zaporizhzhia direction (

Feds accuse 3 people of illegally shipping weaponry tech to Russia (

Fire breaks out near Simferopol airfield in Crimea (

Russia Responds to Proposal for UN Alternative (

Russia’s defense minister accuses US of fueling tensions, warns of clash between nuclear powers (

Russians apply for visas to popular EU country despite sanctions (


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Kazakhstan welcomes France's Macron under Moscow's disapproving gaze (

Air-raid warning issued in Sevastopol, Crimean Bridge closed once again (

South Korea spies claim North Korea shipped vast number of artillery shells to Russia (

Russian Disaster: Putin’s Tank Column Advances – Then Comes the Ukrainian Strike (

Moscow’s diminished influence in Central Asia (

Russia Detains Two of Its Soldiers in Killing of Ukrainian Family (

Ukraine bolsters air defenses, but danger remains significant: Zelenskyy urges vigilance (

Russian soldier’s curiosity is severely punished in latest Russian soldier submission for Darwin Award – video (

Russia Has Lost 300,000 Troops In Ukraine War: Kyiv (

Ukraine initiates meeting with Poland and European Commission due to threat of border closure (

Situation “Fully Under Control”: Russia “Withdraws All Units” (

Former Wagner mercenaries among new National Guard unit being formed at 10,000-tent camp in Zaporizhzhya Oblas (

Heavy fighting for Avdiivka, advancement near Bakhmut, General Staff's report (

Pentagon calls Russian offensive on Avdiivka operations with limited effect (

Russian OSCE observers not accredited by Moldova: Russia is outraged (

North Korea ‘sending one million shells to Russia’ in return for help launching spy satellite (

Defence Intelligence fighters strike at rare radio relay station in Belgorod region - Video (

3 arrested in NYC for sending $10 million in technology to Russia to aid war against Ukraine: feds (

Russians want to recapture Kupiansk, but have no strategic success – Ukraine's Ground Forces Commander (

Deadly HIMARS Strike on Russian Convoy 'Wiped Out Battalion': Video (

Ukraine’s GPS-Guided Bombs Work Even When You Jam Their GPS (


Virginia, USA

EU approves income transfer from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine, Justice Ministry states (

Zaluzhnyi warns F-16s may arrive too late, as Russia’s modern S-400 air defense system can reach past Dnipro (

Russia ‘has crossed all the red lines already’ in war between Israel and Hamas, says Israeli analyst | Watch (

Who Is Nikolai Patrushev? Putin Loyalist Touted As His Successor | Watch (

Large-scale blackout in Sevastopol: What is the reason (

Ukrainian drones once again breach occupied Crimea's ‘impenetrable’ air defenses (

Moldova preparцф to withdraw from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) (

Putin's Clout on the Decline? Strongmen in Russian Region Signal Power Transition: Report (

Russia’s Wagner Group Plans to Send Air Defenses to Hezbollah, U.S. Says (

Germany ramps up tank deliveries to Ukraine, sending 25 additional Leopard 1A5s (

Germany boosts Ukraine’s defenses with radar systems, APCs and drones (

Ukrainian ATACMS attacks force rapid pullback by Russia as deeper strikes loom with longer-range arms (

What the TIME article means for Ukraine — opinion / The New Voice of Ukraine (

Former NATO head urges Ukraine’s admission before the war's end / The New Voice of Ukraine (

To Save Avdiivka, The Ukrainians Could Boost The Battle-Hardened 110th Brigade (

US imposes sanctions against manufacturer of Russian Lancet drones and Putin's gas projects (

Johnson says House GOP will consider Ukraine funding, border security together (

US prepares new US$425 million military aid package for Ukraine (

Ukraine pressuring occupiers and repelling attacks near Bakhmut and Maryinkа (

Call to 'Eradicate Rotten' Putin Opponents Triggers Russian Police Probe (

'Anti-Russian gesture': Russia is offended by Armenia's participation in the Peace Formula summit (

Swedish vehicles in Ukraine. The Camouflage that makes them 'invisible' (

Russia fumes at the West's charm offensive in its backyard, saying it's 'luring' its friends away (

Ukrainian Armed Forces have more weapon models than NATO: General Staff states (

Russia dismisses new U.S. sanctions: 'You will never defeat Moscow' (

Russia's Dnieper Headquarters Struck By Missiles As Problems Deepen | Watch (

Putin claims Mongol invaders were better for Russia than "Western conquerors" (

Moldova bars pro-Russian party from taking part in local elections (

Setback for Moscow: No Drones from Kazakhstan (


Virginia, USA


Virginia, USA


Virginia, USA

Russian naval ships struck by exploding drone boats in the night sank to the bottom of the Black Sea, Ukraine says (

Skadovsk incident: Russian officers targeted, media uncovers losses (

HIMARS strike by Ukraine targets Russian drone pilots at training school in Donetsk, say reports (

Zelenskyy speaks with Polish President: Together we are at least twice as strong (

Ukraine is expanding its bridgehead along the Dnipro River and have taken across armored vehicles for the first time, reports say (

Explosions at Russian plants: Ukrainian intelligence's reaction (

North Korea, Russia condemn Blinken's comments about military ties (

Devastating Ukrainian artillery attack takes out Russian supply convoy in Kherson Oblast - video (

Official: Russian ballistic missile downed on approach to Kyiv (

Ukraine ‘strikes Russian gunpowder factory and missile plant in drone attack’ (

German Defense Minister - We Are the Pillar of Europe's Defense (

Yellen to 'intensify communication' with China's He, warns on Russia support (

Zelensky: We Will Fight Even Without the Help of the US Until We Liberate Our Country (

Russian troops enter outskirts of Stepove near Avdiivka (

World order in danger: Scholz declares an increase in defense investments (

Russia-Ukraine war: Situation on the front as of November 11 (

Moscow Denies It Stole Carlsberg’s Subsidiary in Russia (

Suspected sabotage derails freight train deep inside Russia (

Ukraine War Maps Show Gains, Losses This Week as Avdiivka Teeters on Brink (

Russian warship sails near Portugal amid surveillance (

Canadian government asks parliament to allocate US$385 million for military aid to Ukraine (


Virginia, USA


Virginia, USA

The Russians Have Developed A New Super Drone "Izdeliye-53" That Attacks In Swarms (

Moscow Accuses Kyiv of Attacks on Border Regions (

Russia moves soldiers from Siberia to Rostov using civilian aircraft (

Chechen Leader Snubbing His Eldest Son: ISW (

Deep in Russia: Kyiv’s Intelligence Service Involved in Sabotage Against Russia (

Germany Doubles Its Aid to Ukraine: A Huge Sum of Money to Fight Against Russia (

Finland supplied Ukraine with over €2 billion of aid since beginning of war (

Ukraine inflicts severe damage on Russia's fleet, destroying key assets (

Finland sees increase in attempts to enter the country from Russia without appropriate documents (

The winter war: Ukraine with Western equipment versus freezing Russians (

Ukraine successfully adapts Soviet-made Buk missile systems to fire U.S.-made missiles (

Russia prepares for winter, but Ukraine's air shield stronger than last year (

North Korean ammunition utilized by Russians against Ukrainians: A product of the "axis of evil" (

Russia deployed former Wagner mercenaries near Skadovsk (

No Russian surrender agreement in near future, reparations unlikely – Ukrainian diplomat (

Ukraine delegation lands in US for talks with Congress, White House (

Ramstein meeting in November: Preparations for Ukrainian winter defense (

Ahead of Elections: Russia Desperately Attempts to Recapture Kupyansk (

Ukraine attempt to disrupt Russian supply lines as it waits for help from adverse weather (

Russia's military is about to experience a 'renaissance of infantry combat,' milblogger says (