Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Russian Black Sea Fleet's Top Marine Dies After Being Wounded in Combat (

Russia's withdrawal from Kherson region: Defense Forces on purpose of statement and its cancellation (

Cancellation of Russian withdrawal in Kherson: ISW experts explained (

War's course hinges on number of Russian losses: Zelenskyy on Avdiivka (

Ukrainian Armed Forces reclaim 50% of Russian-occupied territories — Yermak (

Sanctions against Russia: 30 airports and 15 airlines to be cut off from aviation domain zone (

Japanese Ambassador on providing Ukraine with lethal weapons (

Putin Signs Changes to Russia's Presidential Election Laws (

Slovakia to finance production of two mine clearance vehicles for Ukraine (

Russian man sentenced to 7.5 years for criticizing Ukraine invasion, Stalin (

Military restraint isn’t working — peace through strength is the only option (

Politico: Western training for Ukrainian soldiers adjusts after criticism (

Retired US General Hodges calls for decisive action to help Ukraine defeat Russia (

Military training efforts for Ukraine hit major milestones even as attention shifts to Gaza (

Ukraine’s Allies Worry US Domestic Politics Threaten Kyiv Aid (

Lavrov: The USA unfortunately suffers from a complex of higher values (

Ukrainian ‘de-Nazification’ ideologue, Gasparyan, sentenced to 10 years in absentia by SBU (

Ukraine's Defence Forces destroy Russian ammunition storage point and air defence system (

Russia-Armenia relations keep getting worse - ISW (

Media: Ukrainian oligarch Akhmetov borrowed $400 million from Russian bank (

Ukraine says it now has a foothold on the eastern bank of the Dnieper River near Kherson city (

International Olympic Committee urges countries not to participate in Russian Friendship Games (

Russia reports second drone attack on gunpowder plant in Tambov Oblast in one week (

U.S. Needs to Be Ready for War (

A record Russian budget will boost defense spending, shoring up Putin's support ahead of election (

Zelenskyy and Trudeau discuss strengthening air defence and situation at front (

Moscow 'Regrets' Finland's Move to Consider Closing Border With Russia (

German journalist accused of receiving payments for supporting Putin (

People are running away from Putin: Tens of thousands of soldiers desert (

Russia's Foreign Ministry would not be happy with even "partial" accession of Ukraine to NATO (


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Russia's Former Top Air Defense Commander Dies Mysteriously (

Ukraine implicates 3 Giuliani allies in plot to help Russia meddle in 2020 US election (

Ukrainian assault brigade says it stormed Russian trenches near Bakhmut | Watch (

Moscow airport claims to have AI-powered radar system that can jam drones, but developer says it's not true (

Russian Carlsberg staff arrested after business seized (

Bakhmut 2.0 for Putin and Ukraine's maneuvers on Dnipro bank: Frontline update (

Ukraine deploys three brigades across Dnipro River — report (

Ukrainian triumph – Russia withdraws (

Ukrainians conduct larger-scale operations on Dnipro's left bank – ISW (

Finland plans to close border crossings in the east based on intelligence warnings (

Media report Western officials' estimates of Russian losses (

Ukraine starts mass production of Shahed analogs, producing dozens per month (

Ukraine starts mass production of Shahed analogs, producing dozens per month (

Leak at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant: Russians cause chemical spill (

UPDATE 2-Russia detains two senior employees from Carlsberg's Russian breweries (

Border guards of Offensive Guard capture Russian intelligence officer (

Zelenskiy Says Shell Supply to Ukraine Slowed by Israel-Hamas War (

U.S. tightens sanctions against Russia: Tankers came under restrictions (

'Impossible to Intercept': Russia Loads Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Ballistic Missile Into Launch Silo (

Ukrainian troops establish positions on the Moscow side of the Dnipro (

Ukrainian Special Forces strike Russian terrorists with HIMARS (

Dramatic battle video shows Ukrainian raid on Russian trenches near Bakhmut | Watch (

Moscow warns: Relations with the USA can be terminated at any moment (

Russian Officers Suffer Devastating 'Revenge' Attack in Occupied City by 'Local Resistance,' Ukraine Claims (

Russia's 6th Air Force Army commander found dead under suspicious circumstances (


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Examining Long-Term Economic Impact: How a Conflict’s Aftermath Might Shape Russia’s Future Economy (

SBU eliminates traitor in Russian city — NV sources (

Russia Forced to Submit to China on Key Project, Report Says (

Avdiivka front: Ukrainian forces showcase defense of positions (

Putin Rejects Notion of U.S. Preparing for War With Russia and China (

'Russia Started This': Finland Closes Border Crossings (

Fire broken out at a power substation in Moscow (

US Defense Secretary Affirms Continued Support in Ukraine Visit, Announces Additional Military Assistance (

Russia-Ukraine war: Situation on the front as of November 24 (

Explosions in Dzhankoi: Partisans report hitting Russian military unit (

Kremlin says NATO's desire for a 'military Schengen' zone in Europe ratchets up tensions (

Saudi Arabia and Russia no longer set global oil prices (

Greece's largest companies halt oil transportation from Russia - Reuters (

A 2-year-old girl who was seized from a Ukrainian orphanage was adopted by a Putin ally: BBC (

French MFA urges China to avoid any support for Russia (

After A Six-Month Lull, The Ukrainians Are Lobbing Tochka Ballistic Missiles Again (

Russian consumers feel themselves in a tight spot as high inflation persists (

Russia-Ukraine war – live: Putin’s forces suffering major losses says Kyiv as fighting rages around key city (

Russian Propagandist Sent to Ukraine Front Being Held in 'Punishment Pit' (

Putin Hails Russian War Dead at Giant New Army Cathedral - The Moscow Times

Russia puts Ukrainian winner of Eurovision Song Contest on wanted list - ABC News (

US Arms Makers Dominate Top Expo As Russia Fails To Sell (


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Ukrainians withhold use of Abrams tanks, awaiting "the right moment" (

Nearly half of Russians want Putin to make peace poll finds (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of November 25 (

Belarus tests its own vehicle, potentially superior to any Russian equivalent (

Liz Truss heads to Washington DC to galvanise Republicans on Ukraine (

North Korean ammunition proves fatal for Russian soldiers (

European Union to allocate €50 million for port repairs in Ukraine (

Ukrainian forces capture Russia's most advanced vehicle as crew flees (

Sweden to provide millions of euros for Grain from Ukraine (

Liz Truss’ Surprise Return: Spearheading Ukraine Mission in Washington (

After chasing Russia’s Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol, Russian logistics causing delay in further missile attacks (

Unforeseen assistance: Azerbaijan supplies Ukraine with demining vehicle (

Blinken to participate in first meeting of NATO-Ukraine Council (

Russian Military in Turmoil: Low Morale Leads to Soldier Resistance in Combat Duty (

Latvian President says EU should postpone ammunition sales to third countries and divert ammunition to Ukraine (

Modern electronic warfare systems allow Ukrainian Armed Forces to advance south of Bakhmut, ISW (

Tension rises between Tokayev and Lukashenko over misinterpretation (

Russian proxy in Donetsk laments partial power outage in occupied territories amid attack on thermal power plant (

Russia moves air defence systems from "NATO-encircled Kaliningrad" to battlefield in Ukraine – UK intelligence (

Bulgarian vegetable oil producers lobby government to end ban on vital Ukraine imports (

Ukrainian Defense Minister talks with Pentagon on strengthening army (


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Commander of Joint Forces on possible escalation of war in Ukraine (

M-1 Abrams tanks finally on the front in Ukraine (

Russians export 1 billion dollars worth of grain from cccupied regions, Ukrainian Prime Minister (

NATO chief warns of escalation risk amid ongoing attacks (

Russian Barges Shipping 'Stolen' Ukraine Grain Collide in Black Sea (

Grot rifles win praise in Ukraine: a modern assault weapon triumphs (

Czechia turns to export licenses as arms for Ukraine run low (

Leader of pro-Russia DDoS crew Killnet 'unmasked' by Russian state media (

Hungarian PM reports on "useful" negotiations with EU Council President after his ultimatum against aid for Ukraine (

House Speaker names aid to Ukraine a U.S. priority (

Russian Soldiers' Wives Protest Against Putin: 'We Got Screwed!' (

Ukraine Gives Russia Taste of Winter Payback After Drone Blitz (

Zelenskyy discusses Peace Formula with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (

It’s time to give the Ukrainians the best Christmas present of all – precision strike (

Aircraft Downed Inside Russia By Patriot System: Ukrainian Air Force (

Western sanctions significantly harm Russia's oil sector, Reuters reports (

Ukraine's anti-air defense shakeup: Patriot missiles moved post-attack (

Massive fire destroys key Russian military factory, faces sanctions (

Russia puts spokesperson for Facebook owner Meta on wanted list (


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Ukrainian Forces Advance in Crimea as Moscow Grapples with Military Unrest (

Russian consulate building to be demolished in Finland (

This $50 million yacht may be linked to Putin, according to Russian investigations group | Watch (

'At what cost?' Ukraine strains to bolster its army as war fatigue weighs (

Ukrainian and European Parliament sign considerable memorandum: Key highlights (

Ukraine forced to retreat in key battleground after being 'completely destroyed' by Russia (

Ukrainian defenders strike Russians in Kherson Oblast's eastern bank – General Staff (

EU Commission approves ban on Russian diamonds (

Ukraine strikes Russian aircraft factory 200 miles behind enemy lines (

NATO's newest member says its shutting down its border with Russia, accusing Moscow of cruelly working to create a migrant crisis (

Moldovan politician who assisted Russian military deprived of citizenship (

Russia's huge Air Force is still mostly intact, but it hasn't been building the jets it needs to win on the ground in Ukraine (

Ukraine to employ commercial firms for more focused military draft (

Ukraine Hackers Break Into Key Russian Defense Ministry System (

Russia's oil deals with India should terrify countries trying to abandon the dollar (

Ukraine urges EU to sanction suppliers of drone components to Russia, MFA states (

Ex-Rosneft chief says he owns seized yacht, seeks to block US forfeiture (

Iran and Russia agree on purchase of Su-35 fighter jets (

Putin ready to sacrifice his people in Ukraine war, says retired Marine Corps Gen. Jones (

Russian Tank Factory Goes Up in Flames Following Massive Fireball Explosion (

Sweden backs Finland in securing EU’s external border to combat illegal migration from Russia (

Ukrainian Special Forces annihilate Russian artillery system in single strike (

Russia's attempt to engineer migration crisis on Finnish border collapses (

UK Defense Minister: 'Putin is stepping up his invasion' (

Russian Stock Exchange Hit by U.S. Sanctions Files for Bankruptcy (

Tusk accuses Polish government of 'inaction' on Ukraine border blockade (


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Putin is trying a new scheme to destabilize NATO (

Putin's Latest Tactic To Shake NATO Backfires Spectacularly | Watch (

Take A Surplus Anti-Sub Rocket-Launcher, Bolt It To A Truck And Brace It With Lumber—Voila, The Latest Russian Panic-Weapon (

Russian Soldier Talks of 'Sure Death' on Flooded Dnieper Islands (

Russia Loses Thousands of Troops As Military Struggles in Avdiivka (

Putin May Be About to Catch a Big Break in Ukraine War (

Greatest threat to Europe: Czech President believes Russia ready to annex part of EU countries (

Ukraine War Disrupted by Powerful Blizzard (

Putin accuses the West of trying to 'dismember and plunder' Russia in a ranting speech (

Leaked documents reveal Russian airlines are slowly collapsing (

Turkey’s condition to let Sweden and Finland join NATO: Extradite ‘terrorists’ (

Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminate high-ranking Russian officials near Kherson (

A Russian oil ship has been floating 1,600 miles off the shore of India for over a week as officials mull whether to let the sanctioned tanker dock (

Ukraine's rapid membership in NATO to make war continuation pointless for Putin (

Russians classify minefield maps, occupiers explode on their own mines - General Staff (

Russian Minister suggests possibility of direct military conflict with NATO (

Ukraine's accession to NATO : Minister reacts to proposals to give up territory (

Discontent Among Putin’s Soldiers Leads to Alleged Cooperation with Ukraine, Raising Questions About Black Sea Fleet’s Stability (

'We Got Screwed': Kremlin Rushes Payments to Russian Soldiers’ Wives Amid Fears of Protests Over Putin’s War (

Russia's navy could be open to a sea-drone attack after a huge storm (

Three Russian vessels collided in the Kerch Strait during a storm (

Russian attacks humanitarian aid point in Zaporizhzhia region - Dead and wounded reported | RBC-Ukraine

Avdiivka will become trap for Russians - Overview of frontline by military expert | RBC-Ukraine

Hungary's Foreign Minister confirms refusal to supply weapons to Ukraine 'to not prolong war' (

Ukraine insists it sees no sign of NATO war fatigue even as fighting and weapons supplies stall (

Russia Claims Capture of Village in Ukraine's Donetsk Region (

Russia to require foreigners to sign ‘loyalty agreement’ (

Ukraine's Defence Ministry implements new NATO standards (

As Russia Relations Sour, Armenians Prepare to Defend Themselves (

Explosions in occupied Sevastopol: Russians report 'training' (

Ukraine sitting at its place at NATO table - U.S. State Secretary | RBC-Ukraine

Russian industrial output growth slows as unemployment drops to record low (


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Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of November 30 (

Dubai Airshow 2023 ends in disappointment for the Russian delegation with no deals (

Russian Television: Propagandist Demands Attack on the USA (

“Fire and Standstill”: Sabotage Attacks Cause Chaos in Moscow (

Finland strengthens Russian border with dual barriers (

Putin to Hold First Large News Conference Since War, Tass Says (

Zelenskyy on de-occupation: Crimea is waiting, situation with Donbas is complicated (

Russian TV hacked to broadcast Zelensky’s speech vowing to liberate Crimea (

Russian deserters tell of blood, betrayal and hope in escaping Ukraine war (

10 Russian soldiers killed after lighting a fire near ammunition while training near Rostov (

Russia’s air defense reshuffle may signal Moscow is overstretched (

Lavrov faces western critics at security meeting and walks out after speech (

Ukrainian troops advance on Kherson Oblast's left bank and deploy reinforcements – ISW (

North Korea ships nearly 2000 containers of weapons to Russia, Reuters reports (

Ukraine Behind Rail Explosion in Russian Far East, Official Says (

Triumph for Ukraine: Massive Fireball in Russian City (

Putin Claims Russia Building A New World Order | Watch (

OSCE to ratify new president after Russian blockade (

U.S. imposes sanctions on tankers transporting Russian oil (

Boeing-737 with 422 passengers on board crash-lands in Russia (

Switzerland freezes Russian assets worth $8.8 billion (

Kremlin critic Navalny says Russia has handed down new criminal charges (

SIM card of Ukrainian operator found in Russian drones (

UPDATE 1-Russia assumes Western sanctions will last for many years - Kremlin (

The ‘no limits’ Russo-Chinese alliance is taking flight (

Ukrainian special forces ‘bomb two Russian trains on Siberian railway’ (

A Russian stock exchange descended into chaos this week after fraudsters declared it had filed for bankruptcy (

Europe unprepared for war with Russia and could be dismantled like the Holy Roman Empire – The Times (

Ukraine destroys Russian R-330Zh Zhitel system worth millions (

Finland to instruct citizens on adhering to sanctions against Russia (


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Dutch Defence Minister urges Europe to be prepared to fight (

Rail havoc in Russia after second explosion in as many days destroys key ‘Devil’s Bridge’ – NV souces (

Ukrainian official predicts Kyiv airport soon to reopen (

Putin moves St Petersburg airport to sole Russian control (

Russia wrests control of St. Petersburg airport from German and Qatari investors: report (

Orbán disrupts EU over Ukraine aid – report (

Lithuania believes Russia not ready for war against West yet (

Finland believes Chinese ship deliberately damaged the Balticconnector gas pipeline (

Ukraine Army's Ex-Chief Wants Five Changes to Beat Russia (

Ukraine's former president planned to meet with Hungary's PM, Russia sought to use it against Ukraine (

Russian media: Two incidents involving civilian aircraft reported in one day (

EU already has 'strategic partnership' with Ukraine, Michel states (

Russia appears to be putting jamming tech on its tanks as exploding drones chase down its vehicles to deadly effect (

Germany closes Consulates in two more Russian cities after Kaliningrad one (

Second Buryatia Blast Targets Russia's Major Rail Link to China (

White House once again urged the U.S. Congress to allocate funds to Ukraine (

Police raid Moscow gay bars after top court’s LGBTQ ‘extremist’ designation (

Debate on Russia's exclusion from organization exhausted, OSCE Chief states (

Demining coalition concept from Lithuania – Key components revealed (

Russians to take Ukraine's state officers from occupied Kherson Oblast to exhibition in Moscow (

EXCLUSIVE-U.S., allies pressure Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama over Russia oil sanctions (

Singer Chicherina to be prosecuted for supporting war and Russian propaganda (

Russia’s ominous warning about ‘next victim in war’ (

Tavria front update: Russian infantry attacks with air cover, suffer losses (

China's Xi Under New Pressure To Stop Aiding Russia's Ukraine War | Watch (

Russia's immigration law sparks fears of Finnish refugee crisis (

Black Sea storm damages Russia's Kerch Bridge defences (

Ukrainian sniper: 'Selecting targets is not necessary in modern warfare' (

Russia ‘will not review its goals’ in Ukraine, says Lavrov (

Patriot system for Ukraine: Second group of operators trained in Germany (

Russian President Putin Raises Concerns Regarding Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Plane Crash, Considers Possible Involvement of Explosives (

Tensions soar as Lavrov accuses NATO: Moldova at risk of aggression (

Russia-Ukraine war: Situation on the front as of December 2 (

Training for Ukrainian military psychologists concluded in Britain (


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Vladimir Putin on the brink as Russian support for Ukraine war collapses (

Russian infantry surges in southern Ukraine: Ukrainian Armed Forces (

Bolton argues US must ‘act quickly’ on additional Ukraine aid or ‘Russia will win’ (

Key flaw in Russia's Tor air defense system: British intelligence (

Is Russia out of UEFA Euro 2024? Ban on national team, clubs in effect after invasion, war in Ukraine (

Ukrainian cyber experts lend skills to NATO's largest-ever digital warfare drills in Estonia (

Expert anticipates potential winter crossing of Dnipro in Kherson Oblast (

Stoltenberg: NATO Must Be Prepared for Bad News from Ukraine (

Zelensky's strong appeal: "The West will have to decide" (

Sweden is confident it will finally become a NATO member (

Russian electronic warfare complex discovered in occupied Yevpatoria (

Russian guided bombs become real problem for Ukraine: Ihnat's solutions (

Russia's 'Critical' SA-15 Tor Defense Systems Face Key Limitation: UK (

"Ploys with Orbán" accusations surface: The Kremlin's devious plan (

Russia attempts to sow discord in Moldova again: ISW reveals details (

Russia's Military 'Badly Weakened' As War Drags On: Pentagon (

Putin believed he could act with impunity. Powerful remarks on the conflict in Ukraine (

Ukraine Has Formed A New Tank Brigade (

Lukashenko travels to Beijing while Xi Jinping extends hand to another dictator (

Former Volkswagen factory in Russia begins test production of Chinese Chery cars (

The future of Wagner Group uncertain following new reports on mercenaries (

Russians escalate activities in Crimea with increased reinforcements (

British Intelligence exposes Russian strategy to suppress protests (


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Russian provocation: Banner featuring Putin appears at the border (

Unjustified actions of Russian forces warrant deserved consequences (

Kyiv investigates allegations Russian forces shot surrendering Ukrainian soldiers (

Putin's approval rating up to 85% in November, Russians happy with the country's direction (

US-Ukraine arms conference set for historic debut next week (

Ukrainian President's Office chief briefs US National Security Adviser on weapons requests from soldiers on contact line (

Key challenge of Russia-Ukraine is overcoming ground-based air defence – UK intelligence (

Russia says it hit air defence HQ in Ukraine's Dnipro (

Putin Ally Predicts Baltic States Will Fall to Russia in 15 Minutes of War (

If Putin isn't stopped in Ukraine, he'll be back for more - Cameron (

Watchdog: Western arms companies failed to ramp up production capacity in 2022 due to Ukraine war (

Pentagon head on what Putin is wrong about (

A Brand-New Ukrainian Drone Blasted A Russian Machine Gun From 1910 (

Stoltenberg: We must support Ukraine in good and bad times (

Outcome of Russia's invasion of Ukraine ещ determine global security for decades (

Hint at arrest? President of Brazil warns of consequences if Putin visits (

Unprecedented -58 degrees Fahrenheit hits Russia, leaving Moscow paralyzed by snow (

Korea’s Hanwha signs $2.6 billion arms deal with Poland (

Rheinmetall to produce tens of thousands more munitionі for Ukraine (

Russia’s Shadow Fleet Is an Environmental Disaster Waiting to Happen (

Zelensky is on his way out, Kyiv's mayor Vitali Klitschko claims (

Black Smoke Over Moscow: Mega-Fire Spreads ‘Rapidly’ (


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Ukrainian military destroys Russian ammo depot and missile system in occupied Donetsk, video (

Russia responds to Moldova’s pro-EU steps with warnings of “hybrid war” (

Ukrainian HIMARS system guided by Special Operations Forces strikes Russian Sinitsa radio jammer (

Armenia not to attend CSTO parliamentary meeting in Moscow (

Vladimir Putin nominated for Time's Person of the Year (

Russian Drone Found with Ukrainian SIM Card, Implicating Ukraine in Explosive Attacks (

Ukrainian Forces advance near Avdiivka, heavy fighting ongoing near coke plant and in industrial area – ISW (

Ukrainian defenders repel Russian attacks near Avdiivka, Klishchiivka and Marinka – General Staff (

Avdiivka Video Shows Hodgepodge Rebel Unit's Sneak Attack On Russian Troops | Watch (

Ukrainian drones strike oil depot in Feodosiia, Crimea (

Russian oil price cap reduced Kremlin's revenues by 34 billion euros (

Crimean Bridge closed again after series of early morning explosions through occupied Crimea (

Putin Ally Turns To China To Balance Reliance on Russia | Watch (

Estonian experts assessed Ukrainian refugees' contribution to economy (

Russian general killed in Ukraine by friendly fire, official confirms (

Olympic sports leaders push IOC for a clear policy on Russian athletes (

Putin threatens Latvia with consequences over Russian minority policies (

Putin Bemoans Severed Ties With Western Nations: 'Times Are Not Easy' (

Russian Media: Putin to Travel to UAE, Saudi Arabia | Watch (

U.S. imposes new round of sanctions over Russia's invasion of Ukraine (

Latvia seeks to ban import of Russian agricultural products into EU (

Ukraine will not wait: Intelligence on Russia's post-storm defense restoration of Crimean Bridge (

This is the life of Sergey Lavrov, Putin's top diplomat (

Russia rebuilding its potential: NATO General on risks to alliance (

Russia secures deal with Iran to counter Western sanctions (

Finland to start producing shells for Ukraine (

The Violent Homecoming of Russian Convicts Freed to Fight in Ukraine (

Exclusive: Russia Has Recruited Over 100,000 Convicts Since Ukraine War Began | Watch (

Russian propaganda sparks iPhone fury: Putin supporters smash devices in bold protest (

Russian State TV Suggests New Empire in Europe (

Dehumanization in Russia. Children targeting Zelensky (

Russia launches its Mir payment cards in Cuba (

Polish official: Russia could attack NATO within 3 years (

Russia circulates lies about mandatory mobilization of Ukrainian women (

War impacts Russian companies, leading to massive monetary losses (

German carmakers accused of supplying Putin’s Russia through the back door (

Monday, December 4. Russia’s War On Ukraine: News And Information From Ukraine (

Ukraine is changing how it mobilizes as war with Russia drags on (