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The Mk7 OEM wheels thread

Zach L

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Austin, TX
This was a pretty popular thread on GolfMk6 and I think there's a ton of OEM wheel options that would look great on Mk7 models. Post up OEM wheels from any manufacturer, no reps, that did not originally come on your Mk7.

Specs for width, offset, tire size and suspension setup always help! Here's some to start...

TarmacDaddy's awesome setup
Audi B8 S4 or C7 S6 "Peelers"
19x8.5 et43
235/35 Michelin Pilot Super Sport
VWR Sport springs

TopBoy's GTI
VW Glendale wheels
19x7.5 et51
VWR Sport springs
Eibach Pro Spacer Kit (12mm f&r)

AdamSheikh's GTI
VW Helix
18x8 et48.
Michelin Pilot Super Sport

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Zach L

VR junkie
Austin, TX
It'd look fairly similar to the Peelers on the first car above I think.

I'd like to see someone run a set of the 18x8.5 wheels from the Audi A5. The offsets are in the 20-ish range, which is slightly too much poke for a Mk5/6, but I think it'd look perfect on a Mk7. You guys can handle the lower offsets much better.


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I'm going to be that guy that plays jesus and revive this thread, instead of creating a new one. Recently became curious as to how Porsche wheels would look on our cars. Did a search and most all the cars I find are slammed, I know it's a trend that usually goes hand-in-hand. Found this thread and I'm curious to see if anyone has any on springs or similar setup.


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Yes, they are 20" on the Beetle. Here the 18" variant are factory equipment for the Passat. Perfect specs for the Golf though.