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  • No doubt it has been asked before, but I cannot find it in the Forum.

    What is the normal operating oil temperature for the Mk7 GTi? Perhaps 100 c?

    I suppose that "normal" speed is 60-70 mpg. Therefore, speeds above that will cause oil temp to rise to 110 - 120c?

    I have just started running my GTi in. When I start the car, the oil gauge is "----". After a few minutes driving it goes to +- 55c. Then 90c, then 103-105.

    Is this usual?
    Hi there
    I had a T5 California Beach, e mail me if you want more advice

    happy to offer any advice :)
    Hi. I noticed your profile photo. Do you have a VW T5 Camper? If so which model. I have been looking to buy a T5 Camper, either a California or perhaps a Danbury Conversion - Surf model. Can you offer any advice.
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