StopTech 328 mm BBK


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Well, decided that a TSI at GTI power levels should have similar brakes, so I ordered a StopTech ST40 kit. I don't want to run wheels larger than 17", so the 328 mm kit fit the bill nicely.

I decided to tackle the job myself and immediately got off to a poor start with the lug bolts nearly welded in place. Mr. Tire used an impact wrench to mount the wheels. Once I got the wheels off of the car, I had an issue with the clip. StopTech provides instruction, but they recommend using needle nose pliers. I couldn't get any purchase with pliers and asked for help yesterday, but I found a solution. I used a straight pick to leverage the clip out of the bracket. The rest of the instructions had minor issues with regards to wrench size needed, but worst was how it explained the method for attaching the caliper mounting bracket. Both the words and the pictures were incorrect. The tabs of the bracket need to go outboard of the stock mounting location, whereas the instructions said and showed them being mounted inboard.

Being my first time swapping calipers, the first side took many hours, but the second side went much, much quicker. Overall, the job wasn't all that difficult. Even bleeding the brakes went smoothly. Break-in was a little challenging considering where I did it, but the process itself was simple enough.

The brakes don't grab as quickly as I like, but respond better when they get some heat into them. I am also impressed with how light the calipers are. I swear the stock calipers felt like they were twice the weight.


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I really like those wheels, what are they?


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After driving on the new brakes for some time, I felt the brakes didn't respond as well as I would like. I discussed this with a friend that had done a similar swap in the past and decided that I should bleed the brakes again. Last weekend I put her back on the lift and had my uncle help hold the brakes. When I called out what I was doing, he immediately corrected me. Seems as by bleeding skills were weak as following his instruction greatly improved the feel of the brakes. Now they grab much sooner and the pedal is much firmer. I really should have known better, but at least I learned something.

Anyway, here's another pic.


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I didn't weigh anything. The rotors felt comparable in weight, but the new calipers felt like they were clouds in comparison to the lead weights that came with the car.

I paid less than $1700.


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Weight savings is usually around 5-7 lbs. depending on how large the stock brakes are.

I have the Stoptech BBK on my BMW with 6-piston, 355mm fronts and 4-piston, 345mm rears. They were 9lbs. per corner lighter. The one-piece stock cast iron rotors are HEAVY compared to the two-piece Stoptechs. The calipers, even though they are much larger and forged aluminum and still a few pounds lighter than the stock ones.

Changing pads is a snap with the Stoptechs as well. You only need to remove the wheel and the caliper bridge and just pull the pads out.