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  • Did you ever mount your Sumitomo tires? thinking about pulling the trigger on them for my new wheels
    Melted, you seem to be the man to talk to regarding what I plan on doing. How do you like the IS20+ JB4 + APR stage 1 setup? My local shop is trying to talk me into doing the DP first. Do you have any idea what kind of power you are putting down?
    I'm still on the stock clutch and it's been handling it well. I suspect I might be one of the lucky ones though, so it would be a good idea to have the money for a clutch set aside.
    Hey I have a 1.8t and I'm planning on getting a bit more power. I'm APR stage 1 and have a neuspeed intake so my next step would be a downpipe. I saw you have an is20 so I was wondering how your clutch is doing with the extra power? or did you get a new one?
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