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***** Official Southern California Spotted Thread *****


Ready to race!
Los Angeles
I knew I’d seen it on a board somewhere. From a fellow tdi owner, It’s kinda perfect.
Thanks. Cosmetically all I have left on my list is to get the roof painted black (instead of the vinyl, this is LOW on my list) and install the Maxton front lip and sideskirts, which have been in my garage for a while now. Lots of other mods/retrofits done and planned though... at some point I'll start a journal. Eventually want to pick up the GTD CR190 kit from Kerma, since it keeps full emissions equipment.

I can only remember seeing a handful of Mk7 TDI's around LA, see more of the Passat wagons and the occasional Audi SUV. There was a blacked out Golf TDI in my apartment complex back when I lived in WeHo. That car convinced me to buy mine, along with my Mk4 turning over 220k, and behaving accordingly, haha.