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I stumbled upon this PDF on the VW Partner Program website. I hadn't seen it posted anywhere previously but it is the official maintenance schedule for MK7.

Direct link: Maintenance Cards_USA_GTI__2.0T_August 2015.pdf?dl=0

I am also going to post the latest VW oil Compatibility Chart here since the poster of the oil thread isn't active here anymore.

Updated 10/24/2023

EDIT: It is important to note that for performance pack cars with the VAQ LSD, the service interval for your diff fluid is every 3 years/30k

2023 EDITS:
General rule for best longevity: Change your oil every 5k. Like clockwork. Just do it.

Change your brake fluid every 2 years.
Change your Haldex fluid every 15-20k miles for best longevity, don’t forget to clean your screens or even use a magnetic plug.

Not a bad idea to use a fuel additive to help combat ethanol in the gas we use either, something like
Driven’s Injector Defender is a good choice (not an affiliate link, not affiliated with the company.)


  • 2016 Maintenance Cards_USA_GTI__2.0T_August 2015.pdf
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  • VAG APPROVED OILS 10-24-2023.pdf
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I know there's a manual, but does anyone have the 1.8 maintenance schedule in electronic format. Haven't been able to find it anywhere.


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3 years 30k.

Agree it's strange the interval isn't listed there.

Where did the 30k miles/3 yrs service interval for the vaq diff comes from? It’s not listed on my maintenance manual.

Note: For 2017+ GTI, spark plugs replacement are now every 40k miles/4 yrs.