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Hi, I've been trying to get a shipping quote for the past couple days and haven't been acknowledged as yet. I've tried emailing and and haven't gotten replies from either. What's up?

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Hi, I've been trying to get a shipping quote for the past couple days and haven't been acknowledged as yet. I've tried emailing and and haven't gotten replies from either. What's up?

We are sorry this email was missed, if you PM me your email here they will quickly reply. We are positive this email could have been lost in spam as they reply quickly to all emails and shipping quotes.

Thank you and sorry about the inconvenience

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LEDs are an investment.
Check out to see all our LEDs available!

-Are an upgrade to any car
-Creates a more appealing & modern look to your car
-Are safer and creates a more enjoyable riding experience

-Our LEDs come with a Lifetime Warranty!

This is one of the few mods that will normally add to your car’s resale value!

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Being a copy cat is a good thing - check out our most popular seller - 48 bright LED trunk Strip with plug and play adapters/3m tape - everything you need for a clean and quick install!

And while you are at it - check out our interior LED kits - all broken down on top header of the site (includes puddle LEDs (if your car has them installed - and you can choose from red blue or white footwells!!):

So I'm a copy cat...

And new puddle lights...

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These new brighter reverse LEDs will light up more of the ground and create more visibility on your reverse camera!

After testing we feel these will be the brightest options available for the reverse LED housing.

To get in on this you must have a forum name and email us at with your forum name and email to send the invoice.

Pricing will be:
$35 for a pair (Includes shipping within the US)
$25 for a pair if you purchased the older model euro reverse in the past(Includes shipping within the US) (please send your address/email/order # with request to the Group buy)

We have the same bright LEDs for the non-euro tails ready to ship (no group price):

You can browse all LEDs for your MK7 here:

Contact us for a Canada/international shipping quote

We are also offer 15% off all other items on our website, these will all ship out in ~1.5 months all together!

Group buy runs until the max number is reached! Do not wait!

We will keep you updated with progress of the LEDS but we feel these will not go over 1 month in production time.

Please note you DO have to trim the opening of the housing but this does not affect how the bulb sits or locks into place:
-The housing should have really came from the warehouse like this but we feel they did mold this correctly, the non-LED tails have the larger opening you have to create on the LED tails.
-Trimming the housing does not affect how the LED locks into place
-You won't be able to see this from the outside of the housing
-This does not affect your taillights!

Here is a review from forum member: torlige
Lux illumination test - amount of light reflected from garage door from 3' distance:
Stock bulb:

New LED:

Beam scatter test - using fixed camera exposure settings:
Stock bulb:

New LED bulb:

Rear camera view:
Stock bulb:

NEW LED bulb:

Field test: unfortunately we have a snow piled up from our parking lot so we can't get a good linear distance view but hopefully you can get a feel for it. These images are also using a fixed camera exposure setting.
Stock bulb, near view:

New LED, near view:

Stock bulb, light throw view:

New LED:, light throw view:

The NEW LEDs is a big improvement over the stock bulbs in nearly all measures. They offer a brighter and even light and short to medium distances and offering reasonable distance light. I'll give these a try in more real-life environments. But overall I think these are a significant improvement over the stock bulbs which is the goal for many. For those willing to trim their tail light housing to accommodate these bulbs will be rewarded nicely in the new bulb's performance.

Shaving/cutting housing to accommodate the LED:
Yes getting a larger and more powerful bulb is a challenge, and I accepted that challenge! It turns out its quite an easy mod!

All that is needed is to trim the top part of the entrance of the reverse bulb to the housing between about 11 o'clock position to about 1 o'clock position and the bigger and much brighter bulb that deAutoKey has and will be having a group buy on shortly will make it fit!!! Using a Dremel or trimmer is all that is needed:

Here is a comparison between the stock bulb and deAutoKey's new larger bulb:

I'll have a video posted on the trimming process shortly for anyone to reference. If anyone has any questions about the trimming let me know.

Meanwhile stay tuned for an announcement by deAutoKey on this new LED bulb!

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4 Red brake/tail + the 2 rear turn amber in this listing:

If you already have the 4 Red LEDs you can purchase just the 2 rear amber turns here:

Or just 4 brake/tail/turn all in red - bright contrast between brake & tails with NO CODING:

Plug and play / error free

These have been tested and proven to be insanely bright and can be easily seen in direct sun light: