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Big and bulky HID kits are in the past.

Thin but NOT lacking any of the essential components that make our HID kits great:
-quick start
-plug and play
-no misfires in extreme cold or hot weather
-works without errors without any additional relays or wiring
-no need for any coding or disabling DRLs, runs on a complete stock OEM setup

Our HID H7rc kit is made for your reflector housing - clean thin ballast - easy install:

SIZE of ballast:
2.75 inches x 3.54 inches x .47 inches

SIZE of playing cards for perspective:
2.25 inches × 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
4 Red brake/tail + the 2 rear turn amber in this listing:

If you already have the 4 Red LEDs you can purchase just the 2 rear amber turns here:

Or just 4 brake/tail/turn all in red - bright contrast between brake & tails with NO CODING:

Plug and play / error free

These have been tested and proven to be insanely bright and can be easily seen in direct sun light:



GolfMK6 Official Vendor

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
We want to share a deAutoLED facebook group created by some of our amazing customers! You can ask questions, find DIYs, and be the FIRST in on the best deals and new products!

//New testing of product will be going on and shared in the FB group
//Promos and discounts that cannot be found anywhere else
//New join discount code (instructions on how to receive it in the group - just ask if you do not see it and one of the admins can help you)
//DIY easy to find and listed in the group and have access to ask questions from actual customers that used and installed the product themselves
//We are not in the group but can easily be emailed with any questions if you cannot find an answer within the FB group

Join here:

We always have email support during the weekends - We know many do their LED installs on the weekend and we are around so you can ask any questions you may have. Email:

Thank you for the support!

GolfMK6 Official Vendor

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
real customer feedback - DON'T waste your time on gimmick overclocked headlight halogens. They die quickly, they blind others and are not a clean white.
Your time is important - DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Trust us!
I ran Osram's Night breakers and Philips X-treme.. problem with these bulbs are they get burned up and diminish light output over time.. They usually last me 6 months for the amount of night driving I do..

I just switched to the Deautokey Slim Digital H7RC 5000k version and they have been 10x better. I was amazed as to the difference in the way they light up road (white with bluish hue). Also with the higher powered H7s I noticed the light reflecting back from street signs was very blinding.. Keep in mind I travel roads with hardly any light on them. But with the H7RC's I hardly notice any blinding reflection back from street signs. I also noticed in rain and in foggy the higher output bulbs glare cut down on visibility.. Whereas the H7RC were less glare and better visibility. They are truly designed specifically for MK7 composite headlight. The cut off is the same and I've never been flashed back for them blinding other drivers. I have purchased the H15 LED's due to now the high beam looks really yellow compared to the H7 and those are not as bright either.. I have probably purchase 4 sets of Night breakers and 2 Philips for that cost I wish I would've just went with the H7RCs. I've been running them for a month now.

Here is a list of bulbs we offer - the LED is easiest to install and is using bright diodes. There is no wiring/ballast like the HID but it is not as bright as the HID kit.

H7RC HID for 2015-17 (brightest):

High Beam LED for 2015-17:

Low Beam LED kit 2015-17:

H7rc HID for 2018+:

Low Beam LED for 2018+:

Customer feedback - H7RC matching fog LEDs:

cut-off mimics halogen and we never seen any glare - look up the many reviews: