Help with 2.0 GTD going into limp mode frequently


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You wouldn't have a copy of the coding string before and after you made the change for door open lighting, or in some way indicate exactly which byte or bit was changed in the long code?

There may be a discrepancy in the way ODIS represents the bytes.

Not that important, but would be useful to understand what is going on.

Just answered my own question :)

Found a video and it shows this

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So from my coding, someone has turned ON all the lights on the door module "00111111" (ODIS calls this Byte 2).

Now to see if ODIS service can change coding, or if I need ODIS engineering, or VCDS.

I did think that "1" was active/ticked..& "0" was unticked i.e. inactive...

PM me the cars reg number plate...i want to look at a few things..I know the VIN is in the ODIS report but its easier to find some info via reg plate..


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original Reg has been sent via PM, is on a private plate at moment.

So far, since my last two "poke-arounds" car hasn't faulted :)

So either the camshaft position sensor was the fault, or the wiring around the crankshaft position sensor, or the water pump valve are dodgy (water pump valve connecto feels very dodgy and will replace that as soon as I can.

I also re-seated every fuse and relay on the car.

Its a waiting game now to see if problem returns.

Thanks again to golfdave for feedback (I am now a little more knowleageable about this car than I was previously), and will report back after our holiday with any news.